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Cage in public?

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Has anyone shown their cage in public - such as at a nude beach or resort?  If so, what was the reaction from others?

My Love and I were in Australia and went to a nude beach.  We had the intention of me wearing my cage, but when we got there it was busier than expected and she decided to take it off while we were naked. 

In hindsight we are both a little disappointed in that decision.  We find nudiusts tend to be an accepting lot in terms of orientation and lifestyle and it is not as if we would know anyone there.  We aren't looking to flaunt or put my cage on display, and it isn't about humiliation as I am very proud of my cage.  We want it to be a natural part in as much of our lifestyle as possible without offending others or causing conflict.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from others.

Posted : 15/11/2019 8:13 am
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We've discussed it but decided that many nudists still consider chastity to be a fetish/bdsm and not something that is a part of us. Many of them have clauses saying that they forbid "excessive body jewelry" which is their classification for cages. If in doubt, wear your speedo over it. 


There really aren't that many nudist/naturist resorts around. We are on the west coast, there is a beautiful but extremely expensive hotel in Big Sur, CA and a couple hotels that actually look quite fun in Desert Hot Springs, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Otherwise, not too much that I've found. So, we haven't tried it yet.

I did ask Kevin to show his cage to a friend of mine while we were having a conversation about it with she and her husband. She didn't believe that he was wearing a cage, I told him to take it out. He did, her jaw dropped. He confessed to me afterwards that he found it somewhat humiliating but also enjoyed showing it off. He too is proud of his dedication to our relationship and sees the cage as an extension of his commitment to me.

Posted : 15/11/2019 8:57 am
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Yes, nudists can be prudish.  We went to Hidden Beach Resort once (pre chastity and concensual non-monogamy) and even sexy dancing was given the stink eye.  We have heard that Hedo in Jamaica would be fine with me in a cage.  People in the Lifestyle (i.e. swingers) are a very accepting bunch. 

But, Miss Emma, the most facinating part of your post is your openness with your friend(s).  How does it even come up in a conversation? 

Posted : 15/11/2019 9:21 pm
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I have gone to Haulover clothing optional beach in Miami a few times.  I do see some men wearing cock rings but never saw anyone with a chastity device.  I agree that nudist can be prudish.  Sex must never enter your mind when looking at all the nude people lol

Posted : 30/12/2019 6:59 am
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Try Blacks beach in San Diego.  Go during the week - Its a bit less traffic then on the weekend.  You can wear your gear and few would bat an eye.  Usually I wear my shorts till I find my spot and we lay naked for anyone to see....cage and all.  I am almost numb to anyone seeing it at this point....

Posted : 16/06/2020 8:46 am
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My wife has made me wear my Kali cage many times on nude beaches.  At Haulover in Miami I wear a thong while laying on my chest but when I turn over I'm made to unhook the sides and expose my cage.  Usually the folks close by see it and tell their friends and look.  But no one has ever spoken to me about it except a black guy that picked up my wife once.  I don't walk around the beach naked so it's only the folks close by that see it.

While at Desire Resort in Mexico (Lifestyle friendly) I do the same.  Once while sitting on the upper deck that connected all the upper rooms I was naked and a lady sitting at the table admired that my wife had me restrained.  Jenn (my wife) told her that I wasn't getting any relief (Removal of cage as part of relief) until she had found a couple to play with.  Thankful the next day Jenn hooked up.



Posted : 15/01/2021 7:29 am