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What are some of the expectations that a guy in chastity should be held too? Should denial be kept until all expectations met or improvement is showing. How about his willingness to change things in his life?

Fitness = maintaining body weight and muscle mass? 

Diet = maintaining proper diet? 

Grooming = required manscaping? Supervised or unsupervised?

Clothing = wear inside and outside of the house?  Tights when running, speedo at the beach, nothing in the house?  Should he be allowed to even choose what he’s able to wear?  


Should any of these changes be his suggestion?  Do you like leaving hints about things you want him to do just to see if he suggests it or do you simple prefer telling him to do it? Do you feel he needs to ask permission for any change?  Do you have his expectations written down?  

Does he get excited showing his cage when told?

Do you feel pride when he shows off his cage?

How has your choices in the expectations you have improved him?  What expectation you have in a guy attracted your interest in him first?  Did he hesitate on any expectation and if so which one?  What is your biggest exception?

Posted : 20/02/2021 8:43 am
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A Dominant Lady told me some of her expectations of me were that I would have to get a tattoo on my lower backside and on my inner forearm of her name showing that she was my Mistress/ Dom. I was also to be required to wear a butt plug full time and wear a collar around the house.  Plus be kept in a chastity cage 24/7.  She would decide the clothes I was to wear and when to wear it and my diet.

Posted : 21/02/2021 6:34 am
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My wife expects me to wear my Kali cage prior to her playing with her lover.  Usually it's three to four days prior.  When we're at the beach in South Florida and we're at Haulover, the nude beach, she makes me wear a thong that barely covers my caged cock.  We walk the beach like that and once back to our chairs she insists I remove the thong when on my back.  She likes the tan lines on my ass so when on my chest I'm to wear the thong.   No one has ever said anything to me or the Mrs. about the cage but I know once noticed that person then tells whomever they're with.

We stay at a hotel in South Beach that has a roof top jacquzzi and I've worn an unlined white speedo and people have noticed the cage as I get in or out.

I wear tight jeans and the cage makes a fairly large bulge in my pants which I like.  We'd go to hot yoga together, me in my cage and an unlined speedo and I'm sure people would see the cage then.


Posted : 23/02/2021 8:52 am