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This is a long one. Enjoy!

Once we were in the privacy of our hotel room Emily started to make out with him. There was no need for the casual flirting anymore. It was clear where this was going. Clothes began to slowly come off and soon my wife was standing half naked, kissing another man, while he explored her body with his hands.

More than anything else the whole situation in those moments just seemed... surreal. Watching her remove her tank top. It had been selected earlier that night after much anxious fretting on Emily's part. She had tried on virtually every piece of clothing in her suitcase before settling on the top for its cleavage enhancing properties. She surmised that he had seemed to admire her breasts during their conversations by the pool over the previous few days. I couldn't deny her logic, and the red bra that she had selected to go underneath it had served to create a tantalizing canyon between her large breasts as it held them up and pushed them together.

This was the bra that I had just watched him remove. Unlike in the movies it did not just flick off and disappear like magic. The four clasps were responsible for a considerable task and he methodically undid them until they were released from their responsibilities. Her large boobs dropped down to hang naturally as she pulled the cups from her breasts and dropped the garment to the ground.

I had a momentary view of her spectacular chest before he wrapped his arms around her from behind, lifting, squeezing, and kneading her boobs. Something which I had done myself countless times over the years.


As they returned to kissing passionately my wife's panties were soon drawn down her legs until she was stood entirely nude in front of him. His tie was gone, shirt unbuttoned, and her hands had been exploring eagerly around the outside of his pants. Things appeared ready to progress further.

However, she broke from him and turned to me. She said nothing to him but held up a finger, silently asking him to wait and be patient for a moment. As she crossed the room slowly her eyes fixed on me and she gave me a knowing look.

I had been unsure that she would even go down this path. Just the sheer intensity of the evening so far had caused me to assume that perhaps she would skip this part of the encounter. It was her first time after all...

However, as she crossed the room towards me the look on her face made it very clear what she wanted me to do... and I wouldn't argue.

I walked over to my travel bag and reached for a small case in one of the inside pockets. I opened it and retrieved the contents. Running my hand over it I marveled at the fact that this was ACTUALLY happening. Returning to my wife I passed the small plastic cage and lock into her outstretched hand. From across the room he watched in surprised curiosity. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants and allowed them to drop to the ground. I slid my underwear down to follow them. Watching my wife being stripped naked in front of me had caused my penis to begin to swell under my clothing. The sudden rush of cool air and the fact that he was watching me get naked served to undermine that and I felt it quickly decreasing in size. I pulled my shirt over my head in order to get it out of the way and provide unfettered access for my wife.

Emily reached to the bedside table and exchanged the cage for our bottle of lube and dripped some into her hands. I gritted my teeth and began to shrink some more as I felt one of her cold hands reach down, lift up my balls, and begin massaging the lube around them. Her other hand performed a similar task on my now flaccid dick. As she coated my penis in slick lube she held it up and pointed it towards her naked vagina, just a couple of inches away. The tuft of blonde pubic hair which traditionally adorned her mound was gone. It had been shaved off in the bath the prior evening as our fantasies of this happening started to feel more like a potential reality. Our lovemaking over the previous nights since she had met him had been spectacular. Each night became more exciting as we explored the fantasy further... and eventually considered it as an actual possibility. Despite how great our sex had been I knew that my efforts were surely about to be eclipsed by the eroticism of her being fucked by another man.

Emily's right hand left my balls and slowly rubbed it's way down her now bald and smooth pussy. The remaining lube was sexily, and slowly rubbed into it as I watched, entranced. She continued to hold my small penis between her two fingers and then lifted her gaze to catch my eye. "Uh uh" she murmured quietly shaking her head. As she did this she comically wiggled my dick back and forth in front of her entrance. So close! As she teased my penis in its smallest state I marveled at how it could look quite serious when it was erect, but so... silly... when it was small.

Retrieving the cage Emily unlocked it and took the horseshoe shaped ring in her hand. Smiling slyly as she worked, she lifted my balls high and encircled the base with the ring. One by one she inserted the plastic pegs through base. Once complete she expertly fit the top closure onto it, completing the circle which now wrapped snug and tight around my balls and the base of my cock.

The fidgety work, made more difficult by lubricant and the pressure of someone else observing, did not seem to phase my wife. She completed it coolly and with ease, the result of many nights spent fooling around with it in our bedroom. Her locking my dick into the chastity cage. Fantasizing and roleplaying different scenarios. Ones that usually resembled something quite similar to what was actually transpiring in real life at the moment! I still struggled to compute that it was ACTUALLY happening. Thankfully my role in this required very little performance or activity. My nervousness would have surely shone through. In contrast, my wife was handling herself in a confident and seductive manner which far belied the fact that this was actually HER first time doing something like this as well.

The clinking ice cubes in his glass drew my attention. He had shifted to the bureau and retrieved his drink. He now seemingly understood the unexpected surprise and brief interlude and he leaned casually against the corner, giving Emily her space, but watching with curiosity.

With the ring in place Emily now retrieved the clear plastic tube and rubbed a generous amount of lube around the inside. She took a step back from me so that she could more easily asses her task and then pressed the base of the tube up against my lubed up dick. Even slick and in its smallest state my head was still larger than the entrance. Em and I both watched as she applied some pressure, relying on the sponginess of my head to give way which it soon did. It popped into the tube, smooshing out tightly against the clear plastic. With more pressure and the prodding encouragement of a couple of fingers she had soon shoved the entirety of my penis into the tight restraint. As my head pushed into the larger cavity at the end it began to regain its shape, albeit smaller. It rendered my endowment so that it appeared that I had very little shaft, mostly just my head which was restrained back tightly towards my encircled balls.

With the last couple adjustments complete my wife produced the lock. It was placed carefully through the small ring as I watched. She then took a step forward and her free arm wrapped around my back as she came in close to me. I felt her breath on my neck followed by a soft kiss. Another one close to my ear.

"I love you"

In that moment it sounded different, meant to carry several meanings.

Reassurance that everything would be ok and that the bond of our relationship and marriage was at no risk.

Appreciation that I was letting her do something like this. A fantasy that had been held unfulfilled for quite some time...

Confirmation that this was actually about to happen and in turn warning that I'd better get ready. My role for the rest of the night was to watch helplessly as my wife was bedded by another man. To watch her experience the lust of being pleasured by someone else... and to experience what would surely be the intense sexual and emotional frustration of not being able to stop her, fuck her myself, or even achieve an erection.

With that she clipped the lock shut.

"Go sit over there"

Different tone entirely. None of the previous empathy. A directive. It was happening. I could tell that she was trying to be serious and dominant now.

Watching as she returned to him I recognized that it was something that she clearly already knew. When they were kissing her hands had been active enough around his waistline that she would have had a pretty good idea of what he was working with.

It was not something we had discussed in the lead up to this. How would one even address it in a situation like this? Just four days ago he had been a stranger who she had started chatting with at one of the resort pools. The attraction that had developed over the last few days was what had drawn us to this point. Yes, the three large dildos in her bathroom drawer at home supported the notion that much of our fantasy and roleplay involved another partner who was 'larger' than me. But as she had gotten to know him over the past few days the topic of penis size certainly had not come up! In the dim light of our hotel room I knew that all of this had transpired due to her genuine attraction to him. Even if he'd been modestly endowed she would have still held the same excitement for this encounter.

As Emily drew down his underwear and her suspicions were confirmed her first reaction was to turn to me. Knelt on her knees she surely appreciated the look of surprise on my face as she revealed him to me. I appreciated the transparent look of excitement, anticipation, and blind lust on hers. She continued to look at me as she let her hand wrap around his thick shaft. Her smile was almost triumphant. Her first big cock.

Raising herself back up again she led him towards the bed and signaled for him to lay down. As he rested his head against the pillows Emily climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself leaning over him at waist level. Sitting in the chair I prepared myself for the first act of what would likely be the most erotic show of my life. Realizing that I was about to watch, and almost telepathically sensing my excitement, my wife rose up. With a sly smirk she twisted her body and repositioned herself so that she was now leaning over him... but facing away from me. I groaned inwardly as I realized she wasn't going to let me see. Instead, I was presented with a wondrous view of her bum as she slowly bent over in front of me and lowered her mouth to him.

The unmistakable sounds of oral sex could immediately be heard and I watched him considerately reach down and hold my wife's hair to the side as she sucked his large cock into her mouth. My view was of her ass, upturned and ready. The seductive curvature of her full bum was perfectly framed by the tan lines around the bottom of it. Several days in the sun had delivered a warm glow to much of her skin, but the areas protected by her one piece swimsuit remained a soft pale white. The same creamy color her whole body had been when we left the cold of Colorado close to a week prior.

The difference in skin tone almost served to accentuate the private nature of certain areas of her body. Anyone at the resort was welcome to view her sexy legs, softly sloped shoulders, or substantial cleavage. But the alabaster white of what was underneath her swimsuit was reserved for those who got to see her only in private settings. Tonight she had invited someone aside from me to see her in her most naked and exposed state. Of her 36 years we had been together for 11 of them. It had been at least that long since she had been completely nude in a bedroom with another man.

As Emily bent over him and allowed me to see her extraordinary bum it essentially served as the world's most tantalizing movie trailer. Preventing me from witnessing the opening scenes... but teasing me with what was to come/cum. I knew that in just a short period of time I would likely be witnessing that same view of her bent over, but with another man's penis plowing in and out of her.

To my wife's credit, her efforts to obscure my view achieved what was likely her desired intention. As I sat glued to the chair it was the ultimate tease. I desperately wanted to see her taking his large penis in her mouth but all I could witness was the top of her bobbing head. The lack of visual fulfillment was made that much more powerful by the aural component. The soft sounds of her mouth were periodically accompanied by a soft moan from him or a compliment on her oral skills. When she occasionally took a break her stifled gasps about how big he was served to further stoke my excitement and curiosity. What was especially sexy was she didn't seem to be saying it specifically so that I would hear. I suspected that there would be some of that in the night ahead, but her exclamations in those moments seemed to be made out of pure lascivious excitement about his size and what it was like to work on a penis larger than what she was accustomed to.

From my viewing position several feet away I looked at my penis in frustration. I could already feel it twitching in anticipation. The dark pink skin had fully filled the cage and it pushed upwards against the transparent plastic making my predicament truly clear. Up to that point I had wished desperately to have access to my penis. Being able to touch it while I watched would have been the fulfillment of Emily and my most erotic fantasy nights together. However as I observed it confined in its enclosure I began to realize that she was likely right to do it. Unlocked I would surely struggle to last through their time together. Masturbating to an early orgasm would likely bring on feelings I didn't wish to explore in this moment. By caging my penis she ensured that I would be present throughout the entire encounter.

It was clear that I wasn't the only one with my cage on their mind. Once Emily was satisfied that she had fashioned him with a proper erection she withdrew from him and sat up onto the side of the bed.

"Come here boys"

Her smile towards him was bright and encouraging. The one she gave me seemed to bely a different set of intentions. He gamely rose from the bed and slid over to the side, following her instructions to stand. Sitting in the chair I realized what she intended. We had seen numerous scenes on the internet play out in a similar fashion. It seemed to be almost de rigueur in situations like the one we found ourselves in. It was usually kind of funny and Emily and I had often laughed together at the predicament of the poor husband/boyfriend. Caged or uncaged he inevitably never measured up. My wife's crooked finger and more stern second look made it clear that she was planning to play this out in person. As I rose I realized that I could likely still appreciate the humor of it all, but it certainly felt a whole HELL of a lot different being the subject!

The several steps towards them felt like the longest of my life. Both he and my wife were looking at me as I walked towards them nude. He was a slight bit taller than me and quite fit. We knew from our previous discussions that he was a long distance runner and his body showed it. Not overly muscular, but slim, toned and taught. A light olive skin tone. Fourth generation English, but a Spanish mother. All details we had learned in conversation during the week. I'm in reasonable shape myself, but it was hard to keep that in my mind as I examined his athletic frame. As I took my place standing next to him it was impossible to miss the most obvious difference between our physiques.

Looking downward my small pink penis had been reduced to less than two inches in length and was surrounded by a transparent plastic cage. The key which secured the lock of it now dangled suggestively on a chain in the middle of my wife's cleavage. While I'm sure she would have loved to have a measuring tape with which to define the actual difference in size, my wife was left to visually compare the two.

His was darker than mine and not only much longer, but significantly thicker as well. I would learn later from Em that while the extra inches were nice, it was the girth, added friction, and feeling of being filled up by him that had given her the most pleasure. His penis stretched far out from his body, hard, erect, and slick from my partner's saliva. Without a device to measure (and scared to ask) I figured him for around 9 inches. Even free from my restraint and at my most aroused I would fall just short of the 6 inch mark. The difference in size was abundantly clear.

"Oh love..." Emily sighed dramatically, adopting a tone that I was familiar with from our bedroom role-play sessions. Her hand raised to my dick and she gripped the head of the cage between her fingers. She wiggled it around playfully before looking up at me.

"Look at your little baby dick... what am I supposed to do with this?

"I guess it does look kind of 'cute' in it's cage..."

Despite the fact that I was being chastened for my penis size in front of another man I had to quickly hide a grin from the corners of my mouth as she slipped into character.

"Isn't his penis tiny?" she asked him as she held my caged endowment outward.

"Uhh..." he stammered slightly.

I could immediately tell that he wasn't comfortable saying anything humiliating towards me. I genuinely believed that he quite liked me. We'd spent a significant amount of time in one another's company over the previous few days and I considered him to be a great guy too. So much so that I had willingly gone along with creating a plan for him to have sex with my wife.

He was surely already surprised enough that the evening had transpired this way. He likely wouldn't have expected at any point this afternoon that my wife would be asking him to pass judgement on the size of my dick.

Sensing that he was supposed to play along but still uncomfortable he hedged his bets.

"Uh, I guess it's a bit small?"

"Come on! A bit small??" Emily chastised him as she raised her free hand to his large penis, encircling it and beginning to stroke it up and down next to mine.

She seemingly sensed that he wasn't going to be much help and I smiled inside at the fact that he was stifling Emily's little game.

She returned her attention to me and continued to suggestively stroke his cock in front of me.

"Darling, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but this dick is far bigger than yours." She said coyly with a twinkle in her eye and an evil grin directed at me as she said it.

"Did you like me giving you head?" she questioned him, again putting him on the spot.

Without the need to comment on anything related to my endowment he responded more easily. "I did"

"... and do you want to fuck me with this?" she again teased, putting him on the spot.

Her long strokes of his shaft slowed as he hesitated in his response. "Uh, ... if your husband is ok with it then yes I would like to very much"

Getting the response she was after Emily returned her attention to me and tugged teasingly on the cage.

"My husband doesn't get to choose. He gets to watch..."

"He gets to watch his wife get fucked by another man"

It was as erotic as anything I had seen or heard... ever.

Done with her penis competition Emily dismissed me to the armchair and dragged him back to bed. She lay on her back and they were soon kissing again. With his hands free to roam and explore her body he did exactly that. Not surprisingly her large breasts received significant attention. He was soon sucking on her tits, squeezing them upwards and tonguing her nipple before sucking the entirety of her large pink areola deep into his mouth. Knowing how fond she is of boob play I instinctively knew that she would be loving it.

His free hand was soon venturing downward. As it slid over and around her smooth tummy she opened her legs. She lifted up the knee of her far leg which served to angle her more towards me. After working tantalizingly around her for a minute his hands eventually arrived at their intended target. I watched her moan softly as one of his fingers slipped right in followed by another. She was clearly already incredibly wet.

Over the next several minutes they continued to make out as he took an increasingly confident and direct approach. She was clearly responding to it and soon he was plunging two, and then three fingers in and out of my wife rapidly. It was clear that Emily's orgasm was approaching and she was soon begging him to fuck her.

He was keen to oblige. With Emily on her back, legs splayed apart, he rose between them on his knees. Thankfully she offered no protest as I lifted myself from the armchair and took the few short steps to the side of the bed. I knew that this was a part of the night where she would want me to witness every last detail.

He looked over to me and hesitated for a moment before indicating towards the nightstand that I stood next to.

"Um... would you mind passing me... the lube?" he asked quietly. Clearly feeling awkward.

I retrieved it and passed it to his outstretched arm, willingly aiding another man in his efforts to bed my wife. With his large erection hovering above Emily's body he dripped a long stream of lubricant down the shaft. As he rubbed it around, coating the length of his penis I shifted my gaze to her. Looking down from the pillow she peered over her substantial boobs as her breath lifted them up and down in clear anticipation. She was transfixed as she watched him lube up his dick. I could see her gently biting her lip, something that she often did when concentrating. With his dick placed right over her vagina the length of it presented a fairly awe inspiring representation of how far it was going to venture into her.

He slid backwards and positioned his head at her entrance. It looked enormous as it nestled into her lips. He first looked over to me, almost to ensure that there wasn't any last minute protest. I have no recollection of what kind of look I returned but he clearly deemed it to be permissive enough. He then turned to Emily and raised an eyebrow, questioning if he should proceed. She nodded suggestively slid her hand down on top of her shaved pussy and lifted her hips slightly, pushing herself onto him.

For the first time in many years, and certainly for the first time since she had met me, my wife took another man's penis inside of her. Her lips parted and gave way as his slick head opened her up and eased into the channel of her vagina. With her hand resting atop her shaved mound it was impossible to miss the glint of her wedding and engagement rings as his large cock entered her. The deep moan that Emily let out clearly indicated her excitement and the fulfilment of a LOT of anticipation.

He gave her a moment to get used to his size and leaned down to kiss her. With her lips locked hungrily to his he began to slowly ease more of his cock inside of her. His shaft was significantly thicker than mine and even visually it was apparent to me that Em was being opened up wider than she ever was with my penis.

The next couple of minutes brought much kissing, moaning, sighs, and the occasional "Oh Fuck!" or "Oh My God!" as he gently worked more and more of his dick into my wife. At times when he pulled back she would reach her hands around to his back, urging him further onwards. The moment when he entered her had been incredibly tense with erotic anticipation. If I had bothered to check on my own dick I would have surely found it tiny within it's forced imprisonment. But now, as I watched my wife being passionately engaged by another man in the bed in front of me I felt the familiar feeling of the top of my head pushing uncomfortably up against the rigid end of the plastic cage. As their coupling increased in passion and Emily took more and more of his cock I watched my own penis enlarge and tighten within the transparent enclosure.

The initial excitement of taking him inside of her clearly had Emily already very wound up. Though time seemed to stand still in those initial moments it was surely less than two minutes before her first orgasm washed over her. It was the first of what would be numerous full-body orgasms throughout the night. He was only fucking her slowly with about half of his length at that point, but it was clearly more than enough to do the job. I watched transfixed as she threw her head to the side and let out a loud moan and several well placed swear words. She gripped the sheets with one hand and desperately grabbed onto her left breast with the other. Her free right boob shook wildly as her body spasmed around his cock.

Her release only served to open her up and make it easier to take more of him. That, and the new position that they quickly switched to. There was no come-down period required for Emily and she eagerly rushed to get his cock back inside of her pussy. Having watched the first part eagerly from the side of the bed I now returned to the armchair. I settled back in and looked down at the comical state of my penis pushing the cage up and out from my body. As Emily bent over facing the head of the bed she looked over at me and her brief smirk made it quite clear that she also saw the humor in my predicament. He lined himself up behind her and their positioning allowed me to really witness how much of his length was going into her. The first act had been much more intimate lovemaking. As he pushed into my wife she arched her back and then dropped her head in a long groan. At this point she clearly wanted to purely get fucked!

The earlier intimacy as they'd begun to have sex had been interesting to watch. It certainly made me turned on, but there were a deep many layers of emotion that I was feeling in those moments. Standing right there I had very much felt 'part of' the experience as he'd entered her. As he now began to fuck Emily hard and fast it was an entirely different circumstance. Having removed myself from the bedside things took on a much more voyeuristic tone. It was as if I was watching an adult movie... starring my absolute favorite female performer... in her hottest scene ever!

As Emily urged him on he fucked her hard and after several minutes the room began to echo with the sound of his pelvis smacking into her round ass. As I trained my attention on her rear it became clear that she she was taking close to, if not all, of his substantial dick inside of her! With this realization I couldn't hold out any longer. I dropped a hand into my lap in an attempt to pleasure myself somehow. The erection that was trying to fashion itself inside of the cage had pulled the base ring out and away from my body. The more it stretched out, the tighter the ring cinched in on my balls. They were now stretched outwards uncomfortably and worse, they were starting to swell up. I roamed my hand around them gently and then slowly used the lube inside of the cage to assist as I 'attempted' to jack off somehow without causing myself too much pain.

On the bed Emily's tits hung beneath her, smacking together rhythmically as she absolutely relented, giving her body to him to fuck. My key dangled tantalizingly in between her boobs, bouncing around each time he thrust into her ass. Despite being thoroughly engaged she would occasionally look over to see how I was reacting. She was plenty vocal in her pleasure which only added to the intensity of the 'scene' for me. I had wondered if she would be able to maintain the strict tone that she often maintained in the bedroom when we were fantasizing? Even with the table set for her to draw upon she seemed to struggle to be as strident towards me as she often was in the far away fantasyland of our own bedroom.

Under regular circumstances at home I could expect to be admonished for the relatively tame size of my caged penis while she made me go down on her or watch her masturbate. She obviously didn't need my help pleasuring her tonight. However she also seemed to struggle to reach her usual levels of teasing or dominance towards me. At least initially she seemed more concerned about whether I was enjoying things, and her looks towards me more often felt like she was confirming that I was ok. As their encounter continued and she grew more certain that everything was fine she finally began to tease me about how good it felt to be fucked by a big dick and remind me that unfortunately my small, caged penis didn't stand a chance of measuring up tonight. She was right of course, and given some of the things she said (and the volume with which she said them) it was hard to imagine that anyone passing by in the hallway wouldn't get a pretty clear picture of what was going on inside.

Two drawn out orgasms from behind led to a further position switch and Emily soon had him on his back. With his head up on the pillows she swung a leg over him, taking a moment to apply more lube to his giant cock. She used both hands to stroke it up and down, ensuring that I was watching, before lifting herself up and positioning his head at her entrance. With a long passionate moan she slowly let herself down, impaling his long cock inside of her. As she began to ride him her breasts heaved up and down on her chest. He took the opportunity to really enjoy them, squeezing and massaging as she dragged herself up and down his shaft.

Emily would occasionally lower herself to him and dangle her tits just outside of the reach of his mouth before relenting and letting him suck a nipple or one of her large areolas in. At one point she made sure I was watching before dropping her left breast to his mouth and then reaching behind his head and dominantly pulling him into her. As she smothered him with it I could tell that he was attempting to take as much of her soft flesh into his mouth as possible. She held him there for quite a while, grinning at me wickedly, before finally releasing him.

The look of surprise on his face was quite funny, but he quickly gasped "Jesus!... more!". Grinning, Emily shifted her other big boob to him, again pulling his face into her chest and forcing him to take as much into his mouth as he could handle.

All of the oral play soon had her quivering into the now familiar signs of an impending orgasm. A shriek and further loud moans signified that she had arrived and he did his best to hang on as my wife thrust her pussy up and down on him, driving his long cock into places that had never been reached before. I'm not too proud to say that I had NEVER heard my wife make half of the noises of pleasure that she did with him.

As she finally came down she was covered in a shiny sheen of sweat and gasping for breath. This orgasm had seemed particularly intense and she required a moment to gather herself before repositioning him. This time she faced him away so that I would be able to witness her riding him from behind.

"How's it feeling in there hon?" she asked breathily, looking over her shoulder at me as she mounted him. "Is your little penis sore?"

It was. By this point my dick was straining painfully against the end of the cage, but worse was the pressure that was being applied to my balls. Unaware that there was no means of release, the endless erotic bombardment that I was witnessing had served to pump them full of cum. They were swollen and purple and begging for an orgasm with none imminent on the horizon. As my penis continually attempted to fashion an erection the unforgiving plastic ring in behind my balls applied more and more uncomfortable pressure onto them.

"I want you to really watch and see what it looks like when your wife fucks a nice BIG dick, ok sweetie?" she teased sweetly...

I wouldn't dare look anywhere else. She looked so sexy. Her skin was slick and her hair was wild. Her body lifted up and down as she panted to catch her breath during this brief respite. Emily leaned down towards him which served to upturn her ass and allow me to see her pussy between her legs. Again, his head was placed at her entrance and she made me watch as she slowly slid every inch of his massive cock back inside of her. He gradually began to piston back and forth in her vagina as her moans confirmed that he was reaching depths inside of her that my more modest endowment would never experience. The ivory white skin of her ass rippled suggestively each time his pelvis slammed into it. My wife gripped tightly on to his chest and held on as he repeatedly thrust the full length of his dick into her. She moaned and exclaimed in new ways and she soon had her head buried into his shoulder helplessly as he pounded her into orgasm-number-I-forget. How he could make her cum so quickly and frequently I would never know...

As her shrieks finally subsided she collapsed onto him panting. He slowly continued to slide back and forth in her, reacting to her body and allowing her to come down. I glanced over at the clock on the bedside table and realized that they had been actively having sex for close to an hour. I marveled at his stamina. There had only been a couple of points where he had encouraged Emily to slow down so that he could regain control, otherwise he had been working her vigorously the whole time.

"Are you close?" I heard her whisper to him.

I couldn't quite hear the response or the rest of their exchange, but it quickly became clear that my wife had been thoroughly pleased and that the rest of their encounter would be focused on getting him off. What apparently was a quick discussion about positioning had her again returning to her back with him on top of her. "Just go for it" I heard her moan softly to him as he braced his arms above her shoulders and began to plow into her pussy.

Emily was clearly past the point of needing to cum again so her vocalizations now seemed to focus on upping the intensity level to help him get there.

"Oh god! Fuck me with your huge cock! You feel so, fucking, good!"

"Ohmygod! I've never had a dick as big as yours. Don't stop fucking me!"

"You're sooooo much bigger than my husband!" (that one surely thrown in there for my benefit).

Her ministrations soon had him moaning himself as he used my wife's pussy to work himself towards orgasm.

"I'm almost..." he groaned out soon thereafter.

"Go ahead..." Emily encouraged. I panicked momentarily, worried that she was suggesting he should ejaculate inside of her. But he quickly pulled out, and raised himself to his knees (I learned later that in their brief exchange Emily had instructed him to pull out, cum on her body, and not her face). He was on the opposite side of her and I watched him rapidly stroke his long shaft. Emily wrapped a hand underneath and squeezed his large balls. I noted ironically that the only area where I 'may' be able to compete with him at that point was the size of my own similarly swollen balls.

Having worked up that amount of excitement over the course of an hour, he was good and ready to explode. My wife murmured encouragement to him and then laughed as the first shot rocketed from his penis splashing a huge pool of cum onto her left breast. He groaned as his body took control. Over and over he tensed up and then thrust forward, sending long streams of cum over my wife's neck, chest, cleavage and tummy. All the while she encouraged him on, clearly relishing the physical climax of such a formidable effort in bed.

When he was finally spent he collapsed next to her on the mattress. Their mouths went to each other and they were kissing. The kind of fervent kissing usually reserved for a couple who have just started dating and can't stand being away from each other. It was the final release and the end of their encounter and they both knew it. As their pace slowed Emily withdrew from him slowly.

She smiled softly at him.

"Good luck with everything"

Given all that they had just done and the amount of time she had spent getting to know him over the past few days it felt slightly cold.

But necessary.

Emily and I had intentionally decided that if this was going to happen it could only take place on his last night at the resort. There were to be no discussions about how things would be 'the next day'. No awkward run ins at the buffet. No risk of it happening again. We had long ago determined that this was all likely just a fantasy that existed within the confines of our own bedroom. Emily had wanted to be clear that if we were to actually take this step, that the expectation was that it was a 'one time only' event.

He smiled back and nodded understandingly. He withdrew from her and lifted up to the side of the bed. He thanked her for a wonderful time and then turned to me.

"You have a beautiful wife and I appreciate the opportunity to be with her. It was nice to get to know you guys."

I grinned back and expressed similar sentiment as he began to lift himself from the bed.

"Uh, and... good luck in there" he smiled, nodding towards my very painful looking penis.

Emily laughed and assured him that I'd get taken care of too.

He offered Emily a towel but she demurred, instead crooking a finger at me and motioning for me to come towards her.

As he retrieved his clothes and began to get dressed I stood next to my wife at the side of the bed.

"Your poor little penis..." she sighed. "I suppose we can let it have some fun now too". I misinterpreted that to mean that I was going to get to have sex with her which she quickly disabused.

"Not after that!" she protested. "Maybe in a week!"

"But you can get off on me if you'd like" she said seductively.

At that point ANY kind of release would have been fine.

The majority of her upper body was streaked in pools of cum and she smiled devilishly at me as she lifted up the chain holding my key to show it to me. Completely coated. She momentarily dangled it there with mirth, really letting the point soak in, before pulling up one side of a bedsheet and drying it off. Removing the key she leaned over to my cage and unlocked it, slowly drawing the plastic tube back from my penis and then undoing the ring surrounding the base and my balls. Looking at my sorry state she reached a hand in and gently rubbed them, huge and engorged.

A final salutation from the doorway drew our attention as he bid us farewell. "Enjoy man!" he chuckled and I nodded in agreement.

The click of the door signaled his departure. "Let's see if you can cum as much as he did" my wife cooed quietly.

I retrieved the lube appreciatively and was soon jerking off over her. Emily lay on the bed watching me and seductively squeezing her breasts, rubbing his cum around her cleavage. "Did you like watching your little wife getting fucked by another guy's big huge cock?" she moaned suggestively towards me, clearly trying to amp up the eroticism even further for me.

"He made me cum soooo many times! I've never been fucked like that before honey".

I was seconds away and furiously racing my hand up and down my shaft.

"Do you see how much he came all over your wife?"

It was the last one that got me there. As I recalled the view of him streaming cum all over her I gasped out in release as I began to unload.

It surely wasn't quite as much as his, but my own balls had been through quite a lot over the previous hour and now it was their turn to empty. Emily again giggled as she watched me twisting and contorting, barely able to control my release.

Unable to stand from the intensity of my orgasm, my knees began to buckle.

"Here baby..." Emily smiled as she slid herself over. "You're allowed back in the bed now". I gratefully collapsed onto my back next to her and she continued to giggle as my tormented penis released the last few shots onto my stomach.

I lay there trying to catch my breath with my wife next to me.

Silence for a moment.

"You ok?" she asked. The question surely carried many different inferences, but I simply nodded and gave her a confident 'Yes'.

After giving me a moment to recharge she asked if I would be a gentleman and go retrieve her a towel.

Bringing it back from the bathroom she had sat up and was examining her chest, one boob held up by each hand, gently massaging them together.

"You boys really did a number on me!" she laughed and I grinned in response. She was soaked and I took a moment to enjoy the site of her merging our cum into her soft flesh before finally helping her towel off.

She asked for a moment to have a shower and I took the opportunity to clean up and restore our room to something resembling normalcy. The clothes that had been stripped off of her by another man were returned to the top of her suitcase. Lube was tucked back into a drawer and I retrieved the various parts of the cage and returned them to their case. I hastily made the bed as I heard the water turn off and was waiting in it for her upon her return.

She came to me, wearing her traditional (quite unsexy) sleepwear and we kissed for several minutes, saying nothing.

She finally spoke.

"That was just a one time thing, ok?"

I couldn't have been more relieved.


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