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Fear the Lotharios

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Lothario: a man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women. 

in a world where male chastity is a virtual requirement for marriage some men who have not evolved to the level of devoted and doting husbands walk around uncaged seeking to bed as many women as possible including beautiful key holding queens. To the lothario the sign of a cage and a key is that of a red flag to a bull. Chastity originally introduced to the populous as a way for wives to stop excessive masturbation, porn consumption and adultery now are the ones with avenues for cheating as the lotharios tend to be sexier and better in bed despite there egotistical drive. Women of the world have won marriage but outside of his weekly release (if he behaves) he’s a rather quick two minute pump and he savours the sweet release but many wives feel like they don’t have a man who has the cock to fuck them with as it’s caged and locked away. Insert the lotharios sexier younger and thirsty to have the ultimate forbidden fruit, a married keyholding queen. Often times the lothario will enjoy sexy time but then leave her alone at which point her loving affectionate and caged husband will cuddle and reassure her that it’s okay. Ironically the key and cage meant to stop male cheating led to a wave of female sexual freedom where they were truly the choosers even after the wedding night in which btw after the ceremonial activities the now wife cages her husband officially. The key is a status symbol. 

Posted : 08/12/2021 7:36 pm