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Soft-Hotwife/Cuckold Piano Lessons (Male Chastity Eventually)

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Soft-Hotwife/Cuckold Piano Lesson DETAILS


Mission Statement: I write these with the aim of helping my Wife feel sexy, wanted, and sought after following years of being a mom and a wife.  I will do this by bringing a naughty voyeuristic element of “soft cuckolding” into our relationship by means of writing my character watching her be sexual with other men with different levels of intimacy and touching.  


In-Story Goal: To provide piano lessons that offer an erotic experience for those willing to pay while also teaching a legit lesson, thereby also creating a side-hustle for our family.




Pre-Recorded 1 hr Lessons:



  • Bra and Panties- $25
  • Topless- $35
  • Nude- $45
  • Sitting on one of our suction cup dildos or plugs- $55


  • Live Lessons including any of the above- $95


Added $10 enables personalization with the patron’s name.


OnlyFans price range coming soon.


Notes from the Husband: 

My kink is to see my Wife become very, very sexually active.  Even though this is all virtual, the idea of other men getting off to my wife is extremely arousing.  The thought of her losing inhibitions because she is feeling so pleasured is a blissful fantasy.  It is difficult to talk about but easier to write about.  Having these desires, I have searched up the terms and found that their names are associated with the Hotwife lifestyle and Cuckold lifestyle.  While the latter can be way more deviant and humiliating, they are both related to my Wife sharing herself with another man for the purpose of making her and him cum eventually.  I think my Wife will be surprised at how sexual she can be.  Being a conservative, sexually-timid mom doesn’t mean that she isn’t attractive or sexy.  Knowing other men have touched themselves and viewed my Wife intimately proves to her what I think she doubts, which is her sex appeal and identity as a woman.  I definitely want her to feel it and I want to be a good husband.  I also wish to share her and watch her be this persona that is so different from anything else we are to others.  I want other men to see her be intimate with herself, I want her to see other men be intimate with themselves while watching her.  I guess that’s it: extreme intimacy and honesty.  Here we go.

Posted : 08/04/2021 9:52 pm
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The following is a fictional account.

Or is it?

First Time Piano Lessons with a Patron.

The account was set up, but it was still surreal.  Were we really going to do this?  Neither of us needed to ask that out loud but we both knew what we were thinking, looking into each other’s eyes, expectant and unsure about this new adventure.  Before we could say any words of reassurance though the call came into the video chat.  My Wife sat there submissively looking up at me waiting for me to decide to accept or deny.  It was such a sexy moment as if I could do whatever I wanted with her.  Yet it wasn’t my time, it was His, so  I accepted.

My Wife was nervous but also somewhat confident with the new lingerie that she was wearing and the fact that her mask covered her face fairly well.  She knew she looked good in the black teddy from Victoria’s secret. It was a one piece that revealed most of her back and her cheeks as it was a thong.   It also covered much on the front regarding her abdomen but did not fully cover her large areolas and her beautiful forest of pubic hair, which both stuck out of the teddy in their own way.  I loved the whole look but her insecurities were palpable.  The only part she seemed to want to fix though was her pubic hair so she said that she wasn’t going to stand up during the lesson.  I was a little disappointed in that comment but the joy of this actually happening was more powerful a feeling.  As impatient as I am, I also want to let her do what she’s most comfortable with.

I pressed the green button.  After I accepted the call, I made myself invisible.  I did not want to be in the camera frame, nor in my Wife’s line of sight, yet I did want to be present while everything happened for both moral support and my kink of watching it all happen.  My heart was beating fast from the excitement as I laid down behind her and out of sight from the webcam.  I lightly touched myself through my clothing while she began, refraining from getting naked so as not to distract Nadia from the moment should she look my way and to hold off from feeling myself to completion too early.

Looking at the screen my Wife said hello with a cute wave.  So typical of her.  She giggled a bit from that embarrassing wave but the guy did not sound like it bothered him. 

“Hey, how you doin’ sexy?” the Man asked.  

My Wife responded honestly, “Good, just a bit nervous, this is the first time I’ve ever done this so sorry if I’m a bit awkward.” Her nervous mannerisms were on overdrive.  I wanted to calm her down but I knew she could handle herself.

“No not at all,” he said, “Actually I’m intrigued with this whole thing. I’ve been looking for a good teacher and also someone who could fulfill my teacher/student fantasy, so thanks.”

“You’re very welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself.  A lot.” She let out a smirk and he returned it with a coy smile.  Then letting out a sigh before continuing she said, “I can’t believe this is actually happening, but should get started then?”  

My Wife was getting more comfortable somewhat forgetting that she was in lingerie, that her breasts were barely covered and that her areolas were very clearly visible in the cam.  She was getting into teaching mode.  The Man somewhat fixed that change in tone right away either because he could tell she was forgetting the erotic side to this doing or because he was as horny as I was.  Maybe both.

He asked, “Well, before we begin do you mind that I am naked the whole time?”

My Wife, taken aback that this new man referred to his nudity in front of her, laughed out loud and said, “Sure I guess this is what it’s all about, so be comfortable.”

“Thank you.  Also, would you mind standing up and turning around for me so I can see what you are wearing?”

She hesitated but slowly pushed the chair back and stood up, doing the very thing she told me she wasn’t going to do.  Seeing her be obedient to him was a big turn on for me.  While she got up I noticed her bare cheeks stuck a bit to the folding chair but she got up smoothly.  She quickly reached over to the side of the piano and wiped the palm of her hands with a towel I provided.  I know the palms of her hands and the bottoms of her feet sweat when she gets nervous. 

“Is this good?” as she turned around quickly, trying her best to ignore me.

“Yeah, but a little slower please?” the Man requested.

She tossed her hair a bit this time.

“Yeah, nice, really nice.  I love your bush and the fact you don’t shave down there.  You’re so natural.  Your husband is a lucky man and so am I right now. Thank you.”

“I know I need to trim it,” she looked down and petted her pussy and pulled her visible pubes, “but thank you too.”  

I couldn’t believe it!  My wife and another man just had a short conversation about her pubic hair, and even touched herself in front of him!  I laid back to take the moment in.  The lesson itself continued very naturally and my Wife found her groove as if it was a normal online lesson.  Nothing out of the ordinary despite both of their lack of clothing.  

“Okay, your hour is almost up, do you want to schedule another lesson now or wait?”

“Yeah sure, same time next week?”

It was then that Nadia looked back at me for assurance.  I quirkily gave her a thumbs up but that may not have been needed since I had my penis in my hands pointing straight up, as hard as ever.  She grinned and blew me a kiss.

“Yeah, that would be great, but you need to purchase next week’s lesson by tapping in the top right corner, otherwise next week may not happen and the rest of our time will be more of a normal piano lesson.” Her renewed confidence and assertiveness was extremely arousing and utterly exciting.  She is being dominant.

After having done his part and contributed some funds, he said, “Okay, done, hopefully I will see what’s under that outfit of yours next time, maybe even some of that hairy pussy? I’m looking forward to seeing you open yourself up.  You no doubt have beautiful lips down there if the lips I see now below your mask is any indication.”  This was the first time a man, let alone this Man, spoke to my wife like that.  What a turn on!  In response to that Wife blushed, giggled, with her hand over her mouth and said, “It depends on what you purchase for next week.  That’s up to you.”

My Wife seemed so in control, teasing and willing to show herself fully for a man she just met.  I let go of myself and bit the pillow next to me because I would have came right there.  

“I see, but can you see?” he responded

Nadia looked closely at the screen and he panned down to his very erect, girthy, penis in the middle of a patch of well-trimmed pubic hair and above a set of very masculine testicles.  Of course masculine, but it’s just that everything looked so big on the screen. 

She let out a barely audible, “Wow, oh my gosh. Your cock is so beautiful.” Then her mouth stayed agape. 

Remembering that I was in the room she covered her mouth and composed herself.  I peaked as close as I could while keeping out of the camera and I could see what she was staring at.  My Wife sat there quietly and watched, nervous to do anything that would make him stop.  She later said with embarrassed giggles that it was in this moment that, Both my mouth and my pussy began watering at that point.  It was sexy on its own but more so because my Wife never talks like that. She’s very conservative.  Well, so am I, at least in public.

The Man stopped himself though and suddenly interrupted her reverie, “Are you going to get comfortable too or is it just me this time?”

“Oh yeah,” she responded, somewhat hesitantly, having never opened herself up with this much vulnerability to someone she just met.  Somehow the last hour became comfortable and stopping that to rub herself in front of this man was the next level of exhibitionism.

At this point I sat myself, next to her on the floor, out of sight of the camera so she glanced down for some assurance and I smiled and began rubbing her left leg.  She lifted her left foot up slowly, placing it on my cock.  She took her other foot and rested it on the piano then glanced down and returned to watching the man.  She moved her camera lower so he could watch, laid back, scooted her butt forward, pulled her hair over the back of the chair, and began rubbing her pussy through her lingerie.  

The next moment was even more intoxicating, and it occurred as if in slow motion: she let her knees fall wide apart, closed her eyes, turned her head up to the ceiling and moaned in the most seductive way I’ve ever heard her.  After a couple minutes she started to rub more vigorously, soaking wet through her lingerie.  I looked down to her swift hands and the inside of her thighs were becoming glossy with her arousal.  I could smell her beautiful fragrance from where I lay.   My Wife turned her head back to the screen and focused her eyes on the Man’s movements on the screen, his large masculine fingers wrapped around and stroking up and down his lubed large cock.  She began touching her chest with her free hand after moving her hair around like sexy women do.  I longed to start kissing her flower but I practiced some self control, some self denial.

Although it seemed like hours, it was only 10-15 minutes since it was the end of the “lesson”.  After such a long time of being teased the Man finally came with so much cum lathering his abdomen and hand that my Wife loudly exclaimed, through her panting, “Oh shit.”  She caught herself cursing and giggled, “Sorry, it’s just that there is so much cum.”

Letting go of his penis slowly and looking down at his mess, he responded, “I’ve been saving up for a few days waiting for this lesson.  Are you gonna finish?”

“Uh huh.” she nodded while breathing heavily.

“I’ll count down” he stated, “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five…”

She rubbed more vigorously in a way I’ve never seen.  Who have I created, I wondered.  It was awesome.  

He Continued, “four, three, two, one!”

My Wife’s orgasm made her legs shake like I haven’t seen in a while.  She actually, for the first time, orgasmed to a countdown, and by another man’s “order”.  She continued to rub herself slower and slower while her spasms subsided. 

After regaining her composure, realizing how wet her hands were now, my Wife looked closer at the cum still on his large penis and without provocation, she commented, “That’s a beautiful mess, I wish I could help you clean up.  But that would be a more expensive lesson.” 

She pulled her hand, wet with her cum to her nose, then to her lips for a taste (another first for her), then she kissed her fingertips and put them on the phone as if to kiss the head of his penis.  Then she hung up the video call. 

 There was so much cum from her to clean up on the chair but it mattered not.  I ripped her lingerie off as quickly as possible, picked her up and flung her onto our bed to do what a husband ought to: make love to his wife.

Posted : 08/04/2021 9:55 pm