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After playing with Chastity and Denial, and trying a dozen different devices, over the past 2 plus years, Miss A came to the conclusion that is was time for a custom chastity cage for me to progress.  

Miss A made it clear that I needed to make certain it was comfortable, sized properly, and suitable for long term wear, as she was “done practicing”.  After looking at several designs, we settled on a Red Chilli Sissy Cage, with the “No Escape” screw option.

Long story short, it’s BY FAR the most comfortable and discreet device I have worn.  The design makes hygiene easy while being very secure.  In addition, the curved design eliminates a lot of the binding you would normally expect when sitting for long periods. One big plus, is it minimizes the chastity bulge under jeans and slacks, which Miss A likes.  Ordinarily you would have to go with a very small cage to achieve this.

The day it arrived Miss A put me in it, installed the screw, and put the “Love Keys” away. Other than one brief break, for grooming and some play, Miss A has been true to her word…practice is evidently over.  A final note, after she had it installed, she made the comment that she really likes the way the Sissy Cage looks.  She said it’s the sexiest one we have purchased.


Posted : 14/03/2022 1:53 pm