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Chastity : SWOT analysis

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Before integrating chastity into their relationship, people naturally examine its advantages and disadvantages.

This led me to think wisely about chastity and I decided to do a SWOT analysis (I do this every day for work so why not apply it to chastity after all). This analysis is a tool to determine the options available and clarified the objectives of the project. It aims to clarify the objectives of the project and to identify the favourable and unfavourable factors for its realisation.

The SWOT analysis looks at internal factors (strengths, weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities, threats). I decided to interpret internal factors as the immediate and short-term effects of chastity, while external factors are the more important and longer-term repercussions of chastity on the couple.

Usually a SWOT analysis is conducted with a group of people thinking together. I am very open to receiving comments and suggestions, I would update the list.
For me, this reflection process has been a fun exercise. I hope it will be useful to others!

Strategic Goal: Determining whether to adopt male chastity




The most immediate and short-term effects that couples report from chastity are:

- Greater intimacy

- Better communication

- Improvement of sexual relations

Other benefits include:

- For the man: Feeling aroused and sexually aroused, especially if he's wearing a chastity device.

- For the woman who holds the key (Keyholder): a sense of responsibility and control that is pleasurable.

- There is a growing community of chastity enthusiasts on the Internet, making it easy to make new friends.

- Learning about male chastity is an opportunity to broaden one's horizons and learn something new.


- Choosing a chastity device requires an investment of time and money.

- For the man, wearing a chastity device requires a period of adaptation that can be delicate.the changes imposed: sitting down to urinate, the absence of masturbation, can be difficult to accept for some men.

- The keyholder may perceive chastity as "work".

- The progression curve requires an investment of time and effort from both partners.


- Couples who engage in chastity report improvements in their relationship that are so profound that they do not want to go back. They want to continue to enjoy the benefits of greater intimacy, better communication and an improved sex life.

- Chastity allows couples to explore deeper needs, desires and fantasies.


- Chastity is not a panacea; for couples whose relationship is not fundamentally healthy at its core, chastity is not going to cure it.

- Chastity is change and for many people, change itself is threatening.

- Chastity can be seen as very perverse, bizarre, or out of bounds. Those who are not sexually adventurous may not be interested in the practice of chastity, or more broadly, as a way of life.

- If chastity is a long-standing desire of the initiator (often the man), evoking it is a risk, especially if the other partner is not interested and may in fact be repelled by the idea.

Posted : 19/08/2020 2:28 am
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Posted by: @ruined-julie

Couples who engage in chastity report improvements in their relationship that are so profound that they do not want to go back.

This !!!

Posted : 11/09/2020 2:56 pm
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This is excellent. Another threat is resentment if the woman is not an actively engaged participant in the process. 

Posted : 11/09/2020 4:55 pm
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Yes the resentment from lack of teasing is very real. This has been the case for me as my wife was troubled increasingly by hip pain for weeks until she finally had surgery 2 weeks ago. Teasing has been nonexistent for the last few months. Resentment is a fleeting feeling because of course she’s focused on getting relief which thankfully is happening at last and of course I feel guilt about resenting. We do chastity (without a device).  I wonder how it would have been had we been using one. 

Posted : 12/09/2020 4:05 am
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Posted by: @subhubphx
Posted by: @ruined-julie

Couples who engage in chastity report improvements in their relationship that are so profound that they do not want to go back.

This !!!

I can definitely see how that is true.

Posted : 17/09/2020 12:59 pm
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I am doing a SWOT analysis on my moving-in decision. Thanks for the reminder about this method @ruined-julie

Posted : 18/09/2020 8:32 am
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