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Communication is Hard


So this is just personal & comical observations, some of it could be sexist to both men and women.  (equal offender)

We all know the benefits of not only male chastity but also the benefits of a female led marriage and all that goes with it i.e.: pegging, discipline (physical & non), following her lead in life, doing things that make her life more enjoyable, less stressful, or even more entertaining.  With all these great benefits why isn’t every marriage a mandatory FLR (Female Led Marriage)?  Why, Why? Why?  Why indeed!

Typically relationships start to plateau around year 3, and then hit the 5 year itch.  Both people have settled into routines, even their sex life is routine, the wife can stare at the ceiling and know what her husband is going to do next.  The husband starts to take short cuts, foreplay lasts 1 minute, husband cums in 3 minutes, wife is left just getting warmed up, and the cycle continues till the wife loses interest in sex all together.  Resentment starts to set in, she resents he always wants it & he resents she doesn’t want it.

How did we get here?  Typically newlyweds have these romantic dreams of married life, a fantasy of happy ever after.  Then reality hits, they may have kids and that alone is exhausting on both parents, but even more so on the wife.  There are after school activities, meetings, dinner to make, getting kids to bed, doing the daily chores to get ready for the next day.  Now we add the pandemic on top of this situation creating home schooling, and home daycare, and now both parents need to make sacrifices to make things work.  On top of all this your supposed to find time to have a sex life with extended foreplay, a sex life that isn’t routine, and a marriage where both people still make the other person feel desired.  No wonder divorce rates have sored even more than normal since before the pandemic.


Let’s fast forward, your still married, kids can take care of themselves, or you’re a couple that have been married before, and your both much more smarter & experienced at life, and relationships.  Yet there is still a huge communication error that goes on & on.

Women have been raised with the illusion of how a marriage should look, men are lazy at heart & ounce the chase is over we loose site of the importance of making her feel desired out of the bedroom also.  Men are hard wired to solve problems, that’s why we keep getting into trouble with the wives when we try to solve their problem rather than just listen to her as she vents off the day.

Hmm man thinks to himself – sex life is suffering, I’m not getting as much as I want.  How can I solve this?  Man has many fantasies he wants to fullfil, he has even been courageous enough to throw out a few to his wife, but because the fantasies don’t align with her image of marriage she rejects them either nicely or by making him feel like a freak. He puts them on a shelf in his head, but they will never go away, his only outlet is watching porn, or masturbation, or going outside the marriage.  Sex life still suffers for both. 

Man has bright idea & orders a chastity cage.  He is filled with all kinky thoughts, and visions of how this will fix everything, his wife will be over joyed to be his keyholder, she will tease him endlessly, he will orally service her every day, and their sex life and marriage will be the envy of all their friends.  The package arrives, he tries it on in secret, (can’t help himself), he gets so turned on by it he even masturbates, and then put’s everything back in the box.  Friday night comes, his wife comes home exhausted from her day, they eat dinner & he sees his chance.  He says he has a surprise for her, tells her to close her eyes, and then presents the gift to her.  The look of confusion on her face instantly lets him know things are going off the rail.  He quickly explains what it is, where it goes, and let’s her know she will have the keys and can control his orgasms.  The day is saved! Things are great (in his mind).

The wife in her infinite wisdom is thinking “WTF” where is this coming from, why would he want this, it’s goanna create more work for me.  Maybe he gets lucky and she agrees to try it out.  He eagerly puts it on, and proudly gives her the key.  Weeks go by and nothing changes, it turns out to be a set it and forget it situation.  He starts to nag her for a release, or attention, or says something about nothing getting better.  She tires of the situation and hands him the keys back and says she’s done with it.  Back to square one, and now more resentment at sets in.

This scenario would apply to pegging, spankings, panties, anything out of the normal vision of what she sees as a normal sex life.  How did we get here?  Why are these things so taboo and rejected by women?  Why does it take a few marriages for women to start to see and accept these kinky ideas and to see that men can be controlled by their penises, and are very happy to be led by them?

If you have read this far and are looking for the perfect solution go back to the title of this.  Men suck at communicating, very few women see the big picture when their partners present these out of the blue ideas that are a radical change to the norm.  Like I said in the beginning an FLR marriage would drastically lower the divorce rates.  Obviously that is not a set it and forget it situation either.

Men when your in a relationship and want to change something you really need to communicate what you want to change, why you want the change, what you expect from the change, and what is the responsibility of each person to make the change a positive for both.  Men there is nothing wrong with presenting your ideas, buying the toys ahead of time, but if you do not talk about it and express your expectations, not only of her, but of you also, it’s not going to work.  Lead with the positves and benefits, Be prepared for her to say no too, but hopefully there is a compromise that can be had.

Women – Men suck at talking, don’t rule out our dumb ideas with out hearing everything out.  Don’t cling to the fantasies of the perfect marriage that you’ve been fed your whole life.  You can have an FLR marriage and still get all the romance, flowers, and have your man pursue you like he did when you first met.  Embrace your ability to lead us buy using our fantasies, and desires to make the relationship the envy of all your friends.  Embrace the chastity cage, embrace the rush you get from pegging, embrace the various ideas and kinks he may come up with, use them to make the marriage better, and drive him crazy with desire. 

If all you get from this is that men do not communicate well & think with our dick’s then my job is done.  It’s meant to be comical, and reveal the things everyone already knows.

Posted : 23/02/2022 5:33 pm