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Hi everyone. I’d like to get others’ perspective and ideas on how their relationship functions day to day. I understand that everyone is different and there isn’t one true way but I’m honestly curious about what others do in their wife led partnership or FLR or whatever you prefer to call it. 

My wife and I maintain a very light wife led partnership. She doesn’t want a servant or a slave and I am free to give my input and opinion. We’ve always had a very amicable relationship and I honestly can’t remember when we’ve fought. She keeps me locked in a chastity cage and my orgasms are much less frequent than hers. Pegging is still new to us and not a frequent item but we’ve done it a few times. Every week we have a weekly spanking session which is less maintenance and more re-centering both of us. We have regular sex where I’m not allowed to orgasm and it is not uncommon for me to perform oral on her with no reciprocation. 

I maintain a list of tasks that I complete each day or as needed. For example, I make the bed every morning, wash all the laundry each week, ensure her water glass is clean and filled each night, keep her fuel tank full, and a few other things that I’ve asked her to expect from me but there isn’t a punishment if I fail to complete one. Honestly the expected task list is only 14 items that have become routines for me. 

What is everyone else’s routines, procedures, etc like?

Posted : 24/09/2020 10:25 am