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Do you have rituals

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Dave just left for work and we had our goodbye kiss and told each other “I love you.”  It got me to wondering if other couples had little romantic gestures that were an absolute thing.  Something you do without fail no matter what. 

Our goodbye kiss is such a thing and it started when we had been married about four years.  Dave always gave me a goodbye kiss and said I love you when he left for work.  Well that morning he was already running late, the twins were fussing and I was trying to feed them and I was hassled.  Dave came over and said he needed his goodbye kiss.  I said something like really, can’t you see I have my hands full?  Can’t it wait till you come home?  He said no I need to kiss you.  I asked him why it was so important.  He said, “If something happens to me on the way to work and I don’t make it I want you to remember I kissed you goodbye and told you I loved you.”  I stood up and gave him the biggest kiss and we each said I love you and he left for work.  I just bawled and I don’t cry often or easily.  His words were so beautiful but so terrifying at the same time.

Ever since that day if we are together and one of us has to go out, even for the smallest errand, we kiss goodbye and say I love you. 

Do any other couple have romantic rituals that are absolute?

Posted : 08/09/2021 5:10 am
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Always kiss my wife good night and tell her i love you.


If im not home i always text her.

Posted : 08/09/2021 6:01 am