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Principles and implementation of the gag

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So, you bought that kinky gag for playtime. Now what?

Functions of the mouth, specifically speech and taste, are valued as attributes that separate humans from animals and objects.

The gag is a powerful tool that leverages several facets of power exchange. By controlling the mouth with a gag, authority over multiple areas are ceded to the dominant.

Physical authority

  • Add discomfort to jaw, swallow, and breathing
  • Remove ability to swallow
  • Add forced ingestion of substances
  • Remove ability to use the mouth for voluntary sexual interaction

Appearance authority


  • Add uncontrollable drooling
  • Add visible device of submission

Identity authority

  • Add objectification of the mouth as a sex organ

Communication authority

  • Remove ability to use verbal language
  • Add silence as consent
  • This authority requires either a pre-negotiated non-verbal safeword/gesture or consensual non-consent

Like all power exchange, effective implementation of the gag requires that elements of authority be identified and demonstrated. These demonstrations should be linked to removal of communication autonomy by asking questions whenever possible. Use of a locking gag further reinforces the dominant's authority by removing the wearer's autonomy to remove the gag.

Examples would include:

  • Asking the gag wearer a question and interpreting incomprehensibility as consent
  • Punishment for inability to provide requested oral sexual interaction
  • Instruction to drink from a cup while wearing a gag
  • Wearing the gag in public under a facemask and threatening removal of the facemask
  • Verbal humiliation of the wearer in any of the areas of authority is profoundly effective as the wearer is unable to verbally respond

Gags which hold the mouth open with access to the oral cavity are particularly suited to forced ingestion although care should be applied to avoid unintended aspiration into the lungs. Avoidance of dry substances especially powders, liquid substances with volumes of 10 mL or less, and positioning the wearer to allow the substances to be drooled out can mitigate this aspiration risk. Oils, petroleum distallates, soaps or surfactants should never be introduced into the wearer's mouth due to the high risk of acute lung injury with aspiration.

Sexual objectification of the mouth can likewise be accomplished through irrumatio using the open gags. Internal dildo gags are highly effective in creating an environment of physical discomfort and humiliation, while external dildo gags objectify the face as an object used for penetration. As using an external dildo gag can occlude the airway if both mouth and face are covered, it is necessary that the dominant ensure adequate ventilation and provide the wearer a mechanism to communicate extreme duress.

Any use of a non-open or occluding gag may obstruct the oropharynx/airway. Therefore, the wearer must be watched closely for adequacy of ventilation. Nasopharyngeal obstruction due to structural deformity or mucosal congestion should be carefully evaluated prior to use of a non-open gag. Hand over mouth is a simple assessment that can be used in the power exchange session to assess airway patency prior to insertion of an occluding gag. Determining the safety of breathplay and its implementation is beyond the scope of this topic.

The gag is an inexpensive and yet highly effective device in a dominant's toybag. Readers are invited to respond with personal examples of how they have used/experienced gags to establish dominant authority.

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The use of a hood really adds to the objectification from my experience.

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