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Weekend getaways

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So, you're going away for a long weekend in to a fine private B&B or luxury hotel in the city...  No kids... No work...  No family and friends.. Just you and your husband, wife, partner, Goddess, sub, mistress, cuckold...


What's on the agenda?


Do you immerse yourself in your favorite kink?


Is this a good opportunity to expand your horizons?


Do you get wild, seek out conquest and tear the place down?



Is this a time for relationship retreat full of deep conversations?


Do you just play it cool, sit back, sip your favorite adult beverages and renew your commitments?


We all know how important it is to get away and relax, indulge, adventure, and recharge our batteries.  My Goddess and I are going to a B&B in wine country next month. We are hoping for some fun, relaxation, self-discovery, and some good sex. Please share your favorite or preferred experiences.


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Posted : 24/08/2022 6:55 am
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Posted by: @tincup

Is this a time for relationship retreat full of deep conversations?

My fiance and I just came back from such a weekend.  Since my firm hit our target in July we closed the office for a few days last Thursday and gave everyone a four-day weekend.  We took the chance to head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to get some sand between our toes and and really connect without so many of life’s regular distractions to get in our way.

The overall theme was low-key relaxation, but we talked about important stuff and really doubled down on our commitments to each other.

We tackled two really hard question that were hanging over us:  1) when and how do we get married? and 2) do we keep her house as an investment and move into mine?  Or do we sell her and buy something new?  We came to agreements on these important questions.

We also had long talks about our FLR and how much it means to the two of us.  We looked at how is gradually progressing and how it is making us both better people.  We even had an open conversation about male chastity.  I would not say she is a fan yet, but she did acknowledge that it gives her a thrill to think about having me under lock and key.  

Because there were no distractions and we were having so many intimate conversations, the sex was wonderful.  We had sex everyday and twice on Saturday.  Her teasing skills are getting incredible now, although, because of the romance and her compassion, she did not deny me.  I was allowed 5 releases in 4 days.

it was great to recharge our batteries and share some great food.  Friday night we each had a peck of raw oysters.  That is 4 1/2 dozen each! Yum.

I hope your trip is successful for whatever you plan for it.

Posted : 25/08/2022 5:20 am