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Women and "male fetishes" in virtual space

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I think that social networking sites (e.g. without turning on Twitter) are difficult to bring together a virtual group nowadays. There is no web page on its own anymore. I don't like it, but there it is.
In #Matriarchy and #Gynarchy and often in #FLR, #FSR, men were overrepresented compared to women. Feminists are right that men tend to treat these as fetishes, sexual fetishes. Women, on the other hand, see these relationship qualities as a way of life and spiritual and psychological, romantic and safe relationships.

It seems that women are withdrawing from the purely fetish space. On Twitter, lesbian feminists therefore do not prefer matriarchal and gynarchy women, because they consider such ladies to be servants of fetishes. (Although they also look down on heterosexual relationships and naturalistic, sexist appearances. Lesbian public sexism as well, because they think it's a male fetish. Although the latter is not always the case.)

I don't have much to look for on the site. As a former member, I reactivated only myself here. Out of curiosity.

The chastity belt and cage are only a fetishes. Even if someone, e.g. a married couple, identifies with this. Let's face it. As a fetish, it is more of a self-limiting male fetish, a male toy. But I could be wrong. Then why aren't there usually women in those places?:-)) Because they don't necessarily want to cater to men's fetishes. To the man's, her lover's yes. But this is a shared intimacy of a couple.
As an ex-wife of mine said... A woman likes to get lots and lots of love and sex from the one man who is faithful to her. A man likes the same sexuality in different and from many different women. He is faithful to his polymory πŸ™‚ Of course there are many exceptions πŸ™‚

Posted : 26/05/2023 4:14 am