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Chasity orgasm accident ?

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OK 3 Days into Chasity lockup I decided it was time to play and tease. After some oral I told him to fetch my vibrator. After he watched patiently, I teased his locked cock with my buzzing vibrator. It was obvious he was enjoying it, but about1 minute later he had an orgasm. Please note his cock was locked, soft & he’s in his early 50’s

Not much came out, but we were both surprised because we thought this would take several weeks without release.

Does this sound like a Chasity orgasm or ruined orgasm situation?

Posted : 22/12/2022 6:41 am
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The first time I put on a cage, the excitement of the restriction lead to ejaculation. More time and practice seem in order.
See also milking:

Posted : 23/12/2022 1:13 pm
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I don't know which term is more accurate. I suspect both played a role.
There was some physical stimulation, but then it stopped for more than a minute. That speaks for a ruined oragsmus. But because this period of time was so extremely long and the last piece of orgasm seems to have only been formed in the brain, that speaks for a chastity orgasm.
What you call it is secondary anyway. What is more important is how he experienced the orgasm. As ruined or full orgasm?
And what was it that he was permitted?


Posted : 24/12/2022 12:03 am
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the orgasm occured during physical stimulation.  It wasnt neccessarly permittted, but a rather fun and interesting accident.

Posted : 29/12/2022 6:13 am