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Chastity and evolution?

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Was reading the post from mstara "Another interesting article I found". Definitely resonates with my wife's experience. What came up in addition for me is evolution.

As I understand it, male libido pre orgasm makes a man desire a female. The drop post orgasm makes him loose interest so he is more likely to move on and spread his genes far and wise as opposed to putting all his eggs in one basket.

I wonder if one can look at locked chastity as a focusing agent. With far fewer orgasms, assuming teasing, the male libido is kept up keeping him interested and the possessor of the key becomes what is interested / focused on.

I have no idea if that's right, but I quite like the idea that chastity and FLR is a sort of way of hacking evolution to stabilize relationship instead of working against it.

Posted : 15/07/2021 8:28 am
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I don't think evolution is the right word, I do think you are on to something. What you are suggesting is an agent of evolution, the usage of tools. We invented cars so we can go further and faster than our ancestors. We invented wrenches so we can easily loosen and tighten bolts. We invented pills and medicine to help keep us alive and control symptoms better. We invented chastity cages to help redirect sexual desire and keep our guys laser focused on a relationship rather than spreading his genes far and wide as you said it. I don't think evolved is the right word but I definitely see where you are going and agree.


Posted : 17/07/2021 11:35 am
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I agree that a man who is locked in chastity does exhibit all of the things you describe. As a man who is solely committed to my wife's pleasure and power of control now, and besides the sexual nature of things, see improvement in my kindness, sincerity, demeanor, and character then I may feel like I am evolving, but not necessarily will the entire male species develop from male chastity. Therefore, like Emma, I struggle a bit with evolution, maybe more progression. As Emma described we see this progress all around us, so the percent of men who are committed to male chastity will see things more clearly then those who do not practice such control. Unfortunately, its just to small of a population to effect evolution to a complete better class of men. This said, if evolution works for you both then embrace it and lead the way my friend.

Posted : 22/07/2021 2:54 pm