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Evolving her male subordinates

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Before COVID, I worked in a professional building for years. On our floor, a law office and architectural firm were both run by women, with primarily male staffs. These ladies (both in their late 30's) dressed professionally, but enjoyed flaunting their figures in tight blouses. Junior male staff members were routinely required to carry her briefcase, run her car through the car wash once a week, and other menial tasks. I noticed as the lady boss's would occasionally lean forward over their young male subordinates desk's giving them instructions, while also giving the young men a teasing downblouse glance. Several of these guy's admitted to me their boss was a co*k teaser; nevertheless they would dutifully show up at work everyday, hoping they would someday get more from their shapely boss than her "attention" - Not! The interesting thing about all this was as the months passed, and these young men found girlfriends, the young women they dated were dominant, demanding, and openly flirted with other men. It was as if these young guy's had been psychologically programmed by their female boss's to seek out, dominant women, and be subservient to their lady friends as well as their lady boss's. I didn't ask about male chastity cages, but it it's reasonable to assume at least some of these males were locked up. I'm sure this scenario is fairly common in workplaces all over the developed world, especially since women with college degrees will soon outnumber men.      

Posted : 04/10/2021 8:29 am