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Good husband rewards

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When I’m a really good little cuck, after doing all my chores. once in a while my wife lets me get myself off. She likes watching but only gives me 5 minutes so I have to really concentrate. If I do cum she likes me to eat it all up.  

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Posted : 17/12/2022 2:48 am
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 That’s awesome.  My wife has not made me clean up my mess yet, but I want her to.  

Posted : 17/12/2022 6:33 am
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If I'm supposed to be rewarded with an orgasm (which doesn't happen often, but it does happen every now and then), then I can do it with my rubber doll. She's a really cheap inflatable doll. It is glued very carelessly, often with sharp edges. Also the pussy. Everything is cheap plastic quality. But I've been told that's all it takes for me because I shouldn't have too much fun with it.

Oh, forgot to say her name is Nina. My wife says even a cheap rubber doll that smells of plastic has its dignity and therefore deserves a decent name. Since she has her dignity, I am not allowed to use her anus and mouth. Only the missionary position is allowed to me.

My wife watches me fuck Nina. Doing that under her eyes with that cheap plastic girl humiliates me a lot and that's why I soften sometimes. My wife knows that. So from time to time  she grabs between my legs from behind to check if it's still hard. If it gets soft or if the whole thing takes too long for her, she pushes me with her riding crop. This immediately makes him hard and speeds up ejaculation a lot because I'm a bit masochistic too. Strictly speaking, the whip is also a kind of reward.


After I'm done, I have to wash, dry, deflate and fold Nina. I give it to my lady and she locks her away.

Posted : 19/12/2022 12:40 am