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He was caged.

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Me and some friends once again had a party with male strippers. This time they ended up getting fully naked while my boyfriend watched and was in only his cage. It was thrilling for me to experience my pleasure and eventually hook up with one KD the strippers. It was also funny to see how frustrated his cock was being all locked up while seeing me satisfy another man. The level of devotion has shown as we progress in our journey has been amazing I never thought I’d have this type of freedom while having such a loyal guy by my side. 

Posted : 16/07/2022 2:51 pm
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Wow how frustrating, arousing, tortuous and wonderful that must have been for him! He is a lucky guy! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I am sure the stripper was larger than he is too --- and hopefully you pointed that out to him verbally to make sure he knew! 

Posted : 24/07/2022 3:26 pm