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Just another amazing day.

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C wanted fucking, she was horny after dinner. She simpy said "I'm going to go upstairs and take my panties off. You know where you need to be. "
She was wet and her clit was very swollen.
I fucked C, or so it felt. Not with my actual dick, but I fucked her and made her come.
I get the credit for this, I feel pride and content.
Fucking without being able to get an erection. Watching C's pussy as she has an orgasm, caged and unlikely to be released.
We lay afterwards cuddled together with my hand on C's breast and C's hand gently squeezing my balls.
I was then asked to fetch a glass of wine so she could relax in bed and enjoy the afterglow.

Sometime I wonder why I asked to be locked up, denied, teased and left constantly wanting.
Not tonight.

Posted : 03/11/2022 4:31 pm
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