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Ladies: Teasing doesn't need to be a chore

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Ladies - With our sometimes hectic schedules you don't always have the time or energy to indulge your little desires. Below are some ideas that require little time and effort, and will keep your guy's focus on you until you're ready to play: 

Attire: No need to go to extremes, or dress in uncomfortable clothes. If your guy is locked securely in his cage - yoga pants, tight sweaters or tee shirts, blue jeans, the occasional low cut top or braless look  will provide all the tease he needs.

Wait a few days: If your guy's scheduled release date is at hand, and you don't have time or energy to deal with it, just leave him locked up until you're ready. His desire will continue to build, and your dominant position will be reinforced. Just remember - If he's locked, time is on your side. 

Bedtime ritual: Have him undress you when you're ready for bed at night, placing your clothes where you want, such as the clothes hamper, closet, or dresser drawer. Make sure he get's a good view of you while topless, or nude. This only takes a few minutes and will have the desired effect.

Suggestive comments: If your guy has been locked for awhile, and you notice him eying you; just smile, and add a little comment such as "I hope you're enjoying the view, because you're not getting any. You're staying locked until I say otherwise, now behave yourself" (Or something to this effect) 


Use the TV to your advantage: If your guy is on the couch watching weekend sports, walk up to him, bend over at the waist, and kiss him a few times, making sure he gets a frustrating view of your downblouse cleavage, or sit on his lap making sure to position yourself so he can't see the TV because your bustline is in the way. (Then you can ask him about the game) 

Hope this helps. ? 



Posted : 06/12/2021 2:01 pm
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