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Need v. Want

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It's the age old battle of knowing the difference between what we need, and what we want.  This is especially true IMO when it comes to us men and our interpretation of what we need from sex.  How lucky are those men like us to have found a woman that not only knows the difference, but controls us such a way that all but ensures genuine happiness and deep love in their relationship?

Posted : 03/09/2020 8:50 am
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Absolutely! Orgasm is something that men add to their routine. Women too. Unfortunately with men it has some dior consequences to intimacy due to the hormone shift they experience. 

To cum, women need to focus on the pleasure and connect. For men, they simply stick it in and pump away until their body receives sufficient stimulation. This makes sex very mechanical for men where sex actually deepens the connection for women. Men and women are so similar but it is very interesting how differently we are wired.

Posted : 03/09/2020 9:23 am
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Agreed, it's not a need, and you can live a plentiful life without orgasms. There's so much color out there! 

Posted : 03/09/2020 10:11 am
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This distinction is something that I need to be more focused on going forward. 


Thanks for making this point. 

Posted : 03/09/2020 9:57 pm