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On devices and durability

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Just before Christmas, I gave in and purchased my first chastity device - a plastic cage, in the style of the CB3000 but clearly a cheap knockoff. It cost me about $30 USD. (My wife wants nothing to do with a chastity device so this is solo play.) I tried it out for a few hours here and there, and eventually decided to see if I could go for a few days. On the first night, the base ring broke when I tried to sleep with it on. I awoke with a bit of a scratch on my scrotum and the ring was tossed.

A few weeks later I decided to give it another try (after I'd healed up completely). Since the thing came with 5 rings of varying sizes, I tried another one. I made it through the afternoon and overnight. The next day, I convinced my wife to take the keys with her in her purse when she went to work. It was great! That evening while making dinner, however, I leaned over to pick something up and the pressure snapped the base ring. Two down. It had been about 30 hours, which was my new record for being locked. "So much for that," I informed her. She seemed relieved not to have to mess with the keys.

This past Sunday, I tried the last ring that would work (the other two being far too small). I wore it all afternoon and after the kids were in bed, we started to get a little frisky. While I was spooning her from behind, I felt the cage snap. The last ring was broken.

I've since ordered a silicone cage, but it hasn't yet arrived. I'm hoping it will hold up better than the hard plastic. I'm sure a metal cage would be far more durable, but I'm not confident in the sizing and I'd rather not commit to lots of purchases. I also found the plastic cage frequently pinched and caused sharp pain - I was constantly pulling and adjusting. It seems the silicone might be more comfortable, though I've heard it can be hot.

Has anyone had success with a silicone cage?


Posted : 02/02/2021 5:40 pm
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They are a bit pricey and considered bio-based resin, the Holy Trainer is very comfortable and seems to be durable as well.

HolyTrainer V4 - Male Chastity Device

Posted : 03/02/2021 1:19 pm
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I had the same thing happen with the cheap CB3000. I did find a metal replacement ring for under $15 on ebay that fits those and it works find. Very well made actually. I have a silicone penis part, not plastic. Afraid plastic will crack and hurt like heck.

Posted : 06/02/2021 5:57 am
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For maximum durability and suffering look for a Kali cage made out of stainless steel with interchangeable spikes.  I wear one for three to four days at a time with the spikes screwed in enough to be slightly uncomfortable when flacid.  Once erect it  gets very painful which is what my wife/Dom enjoys seeing.  It washes easily, both while wearing and off.  However it's very heavy and if required to wear without support it can get quite painful. 

Posted : 23/02/2021 10:01 am