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Sweet release after a long period of semen retention

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Hi all,

If your guy has been retaining for longer than usual or set a new record do you do anything special when it’s finally time for his sweet release?

I was thinking of a long teasing, pampering & pleasure session to earn his release.

I would also like to have him orgasm while pegging him, but we don’t have that much experience in that area to know if it will be successful. I suppose I could give him a reach around if needed.

Any tips/suggestions?


Posted : 06/02/2023 2:42 pm
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Hello ?

I'm super new to this forum, please go easy on me if I've broken some etiquette.

The definitions I tend to use...

Orgasm : ejaculation, convulsions in groin or anything resulting in triggering the male to lose interest in his lady.

Cum : semen or sperm expelled, no orgasm.  Males can retain for a long while if this occurs periodically, as it provides a physical rest, but no so much psychological.

Depends what you want to achieve, and whether you're pegging while locked?

Triggering your guy to orgasm is any state is straightforward enough, if he is having problems try keeping your strapon in, but pause or slow down while he receives 'extra stimulus', then resume again once he's standing at attention.

Hope that helps, good luck ? happy pegging ?

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Posted : 07/02/2023 6:25 pm
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Found i could 'orgasm' as if female....softly to very hard but it was release of cum.....ENJOY this more than cumming like a man as can happen over and over just like a woman....

Posted : 09/02/2023 8:48 am