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Swimming with Chastity Device On Question

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We've recently begun our journal into male chastity. I have a resin cage (FYJENNICC HT-V4 Chastity Device Locked Cage Male Cock Cage). Can anyone advise me on swimming with the cage? Will it cause the lock to rust or rust much earlier than it otherwise would?  And a related question, do people find exercising in chastity comfortable? 

Posted : 22/08/2022 11:39 am
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You won't have any problem. The lock will turn from the nice yellow brass color to a more brown color as it oxidizes but it should be fine. Kev wore his (same lock) to the waterpark a couple weeks back and it was just fine.

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Posted : 22/08/2022 2:56 pm
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These kind of locks are usually not brass but some king of alloy (monkey metal we call it in the UK) best to shop around and get a steel one unless you want the lock to eventually seize up

Posted : 23/08/2022 1:23 am
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I use stainless steel cages and swimming in the sea, lakes or chlorinated pools has never been a problem. The locks are fine.

I believe your cage has a copper lock. Copper can corrode very very slowly in saltwater or a chlorinated pool, but it's really nothing worth worrying about - the lock should easily last for years.


If you're concerned then I'd recommend rinsing the lock with clean/tap water when you shower or bathe some time after after coming out of the pool or sea.

Something worth noting is that it's going to be pretty clear to anyone who looks that you're wearing a cage, even in loose swim shorts as they tend to cling to your body when coming out of the water ?

On the subject of exercise - I've never had a problem with steel cages. My first chastity device was a CB6000s, made of polycarbonate (plastic), which did chafe a bit during exercise. I tried different lubricants. KY liquid or silicone gels were the best, but coconut oil the cheapest (I lived in Cambodia). I later found that the coconut oil began to degrade the plastic, so I moved on to a steel cage.

My advice would be to wear a tight-fitting jockstrap over the cage during any strenuous or prolonged exercising, particularly if you're average/above average size. Maybe try different lubes/lotions if you do get any chafing. And thoroughly dry yourself afterwards.

Good luck!

Posted : 24/08/2022 9:03 am
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Thanks, everyone. Very helpful.

Posted : 24/08/2022 9:17 am