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I am here to vent today. I got into an argument with my girlfriend who said something that cut deep and also made me realize how chastity is still perceived by some. We got into an argument about something her husband did and she threw this out.

Well at least my husband isn't a fucking pervert! You have to lock his dick in a cage to stop him from jerking off all the time! What is that??

I have of course told her about male chastity when we were not arguing in the past and warmly shared the immensely positive benefits to our marriage. It hurt my feelings to know that she got it all wrong here. He isn't locked as a result of his masturbation, he is locked to redirect the energy of masturbation. I wonder if she said this to get a rise out of me or if her true feelings came out. If these are her true feelings, I've done a very poor job of explaining why chastity works so well for us. I don't want my husband to be seen as a pervert, he is quite the opposite. A warm, loving man who goes to hell and back to make sure I am the happiest woman alive. I am just venting but I knew all of you would understand. 

Posted : 31/08/2021 10:33 am
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We understand and we listen to you so vent ?

Will you try to talk with het about it when she has calmed down ?


Knowledge and understanding is  what helps us love and respect.

Best of luck what ever you do ?

Posted : 31/08/2021 11:09 am
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Being a true friend does not come naturally to many people.

That doesn't mean that they are bad people, but it does mean that you'll get responses like this more often than you'd like ...

I hope you can repair your friendship, but also, I like the way you handled the situation and turned it back to something positive!

Posted : 31/08/2021 1:28 pm
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In life you have to interact with people where they are and on what level they are operating from. It is a form of acceptance which is necessary for your own peace and sanity. You opened up to her and she harshly judged you/your husband. Maybe not openly at first but silently behind your back. Maybe you should consider not interacting with her on a deeper level anymore. Maybe she is more of a surface level friend or acquaintance. 

Posted : 01/09/2021 10:32 am
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