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What most women are too polite to say out loud.

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This applies to the vast majority of under-endowed guys (like me) who have lost one girlfriend after another because of this "little" problem. There are some males that are better off locked in a chastity cage and dominated by a girlfriend, wife, or mistress. 

Her accent is a bit difficult to follow at times, but you'll get the point.  


Inside the 3-4 inches beta inferno (No, it's NOT big enough) - YouTube

Reclaiming your dignity as a small penis beta man (Sisyphean Beta series!) - YouTube


Posted : 11/12/2021 2:18 pm
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I don't think this is true for me at least. I've had perfectly fulfilling sex with a 3-4 inch guy. A big guy is very animalistic and a smaller guy is more intimate and erotic.


Posted : 16/12/2021 11:11 pm
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Cock size is just what it is. I'm a beta at home who has a large erection but a tiny flaccid cock - I call myself a super-shrinker. But this means I need a small cage, and the best leveller of all is not being more than two inches for weeks at a time. I'm definitely better off locked.

Posted : 18/12/2021 5:00 am
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My comments are based on posts like this williamporter, not broad assumptions about people I don’t know…..

Posted : 12/03/2024 2:03 am
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I did lose several girlfriends over being so small. A few were dominant and knew the truth, that yes I was small, but it turned me on so much for them to call it out. One girlfriend could see I was having trouble getting hard one night, but she started making fun of my small penis and talking about having sex with a much larger male at work. I never knew for sure if she really was having sex with him, but the combination of the small penis humiliation and potential cuckolding made my tiny member hard as a rock. And she noticed and started doing that every time going forward. So it just reinforced for me that instead of being painful and embarrassing to be made fun of like that, it was actually sexy and exciting. 

Posted : 09/06/2024 9:16 am
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