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A little about us and our Relationship

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Hi There - We have been together 28 years and married for 26 of them. For many of those years MF (he) has shared his porn fueled fantasies of serving her as she plays the role of dominatrix. He would ask for acts like pegging, paddling/spanking, CBT and even for her to wear certain clothes that he imagined would help her become the dominatrix he desired. About two years ago he confessed his masturbation habit frequency to her. At that time we agreed that if he wanted to masturbate he would first have to ask her permission. She never withheld her permission and he was still masturbating a few times per week. More recently, she began saying no and he complied and continues to comply to this day. He has not masturbated without her permission and usually it is only in her presence. Now, we have introduced into our relationship a weekly release (Saturday) as his one chance to earn release. We have established tease and denial rituals. We have intercourse but he is not permitted release. Every morning he is permitted to rub himself while watching her shower but agin he is not permitted release. We have established a very solid orgasm denial system built on the honor system and it is working well. Today, as he is writing this, he is on a business trip and it is their first separation since the introduction of his weekly release day. He has been faithful to his word and has not masturbated or had release. During a call he confessed that he would like if she extended his release day until Monday or Tuesday so he can simply enjoy their reunion without his focus being on his release. She said she would consider this request but has not mentioned anything further. Now, he is concerned that he may have been selfish with his request and/or if she may feel displeasure with him. 

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