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A new experience

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I think we all agree that the cage is a secret that brings back sex energy into old relationships. My girl loves giving oral sex since the beginning of our relationship her favorite thing to do is take off her pants so I can see the perfect ass that she knows I love and lean forward to give me head. This happened every day at the beginning then maybe two times a week and then once a week and now every once in a while. She loves it but even things you love become routine after a while. 

Now she has me lock up so she drops to her knees pulls my pants down and blows her warm breath on my cage. Usually says something about how she wishes I was unlock so she could see my face and suck me off. I know she gets off on my frustration because she tells me she does. 

She knows how sexy she is and knows I have a fantasy of watching her please another guy. Three nights back on Saturday my friend was staying with us for a few days and we were sitting on the couch smoking out and we were all drinking. She was walking around in booty shorts and she was teasing me extra that night. So we were all teasing and flirting and she put her hand on his leg and he looked at her and then they both looked at me. I nodded yes and they both smiled extra wicked. Her shorts came off and his was barely flopped out before it was in her mouth. Her one hand went on his thigh and the other on my pants so she could feel my cage. Her energy was like when we met. Her energy was so strong and I even had forgotten how sexy she could be when she was so turned on. He told her when he was going to bust and she kept going, swallowing it all. Then she came over by me and kissed me on my lips grabbing my cage through my pants the hole time. 

My friend stayed over but we didn't do anything else. I asked her what she thought and she just moaned and smiled. He asked me the next day if I was cool with what happen and I said it was fucking hot and we both laughed. More than anything else I love seeing her sexy smile and eyes light with desire and her confidence. 



Posted : 11/01/2022 10:00 am
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Wow what a hot surprise --- thanks for sharing! 


Posted : 14/01/2022 6:58 am