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So after a little bit of time in chastity relatively which I enjoyed very much, she decide after initiating my chastity it wasn’t for her,

 we broke up not because of that the stuff before my chastity sowed the disgust even tho my chastity was helpful in repairing it she did not feel it was enough. 

as a young man I now can’t imagine a young relationship without chastity after spending about a month or so locked up. I came to really enjoy accepting the female pleasure while denying my own and then being told not only am I unable to cum, my pleasure is her pleasure. It’s intoxicating, idk how to communicate this to woman going forward. If any young woman here in their 20#s could communicate this please share what you’d want out of a man, young men please share your experience. 

Posted : 05/06/2022 12:28 am
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@bryan-is-not-locked. Sorry for the loss of your relationship.  But now you can be purposeful in finding the right woman for you.

I am sure there are a number of ways to find the right lady.  For me it was to find a strong, self-confident woman who likes to be in control.  If you find a woman like this, you are half way home because you only need to make her understand why you need to offer your submission to be fulfilled.


I would suggest you spend some time focusing on what you have to offer the woman in your life.  Are you an alpha who needs the serenity of being able to hand over control to a woman he trusts?  Or are you a beta male who wants a woman to make every decision for him.

My girlfriend finds beta male types completely unappealing.  She gets more from controlling a strong man.  But clearly there are other woman who want a subservient man who they can dominate in all things.

Good luck.

Posted : 05/06/2022 5:59 am
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Breakups aren’t easy especially when you add an intense dynamic like chastity.I’m sorry your going through this and if you want a females perspective or advice feel free to message me. 

Posted : 05/06/2022 9:34 pm
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@bryanislocked - I love that you changed your avatar name.

A breakup is disappointing for the loss of future and connection. 

It is important to take time to reflect on what didn't work and what you want. Working on becoming the person you want to be is the best advise I have for finding your next partner. Good luck.

Posted : 06/06/2022 11:22 am
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