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I started off having a foot fetish since puberty.  Ballbusting showed up somewhere along the way; my wife has fun with that.  Then watching porn over 10 years ago, I remember seeng my first chastity cage. It was something I couldn't unsee or stop thinking about.  I was slowly dragged in. 

It took months and months of thought and maybe even years before I got a CB.  It probably took months and months or > year before I had the courage to try and explain what it was to my wife.  My wife went from alarmed to being ok with it to enjoying it and leaning in on it a bit (her from alarmed to liking it took years).  While she has opened up so much, she still isn't very good at communicating.  I can try and describe something I've seen in porn, but she won't watch it.  She won't read something I've read and want to share with her.  So there has bene a lot of frustrating trial and error for me to learn what turns her on. 

In the past few years, when we're doing chastity, I’ve up’d my game – doing the most of the laundry, dishes, cleaning up all of the time. It’s foreplay ; ). And if I’m not stressed out about work or something else in my life, I can usually get some sort of buzz / euphoria doing these tasks. I’ve also lowered my sexpectations a little and let things come at her cadence as she grows into her sexuality more and more, and she has grown a ton so I no longer felt lost like I did in the beginning.  Years and years ago, she thought it was gross for me to go down on her.  It would be an occasional treat - some sort of award etc and she tolerated but then slowly started to enjoy it.  Finally, a couple years ago, I knew we reached significant milestone.  We had both worked out and earlier had been flirting that we were going to make out (that is code for me going down on her ; ).  After we got back from our respective workouts, I asked her if she was ready and she reminded me that I hadn’t showered yet. When I was done showering, she noted she would hold off on her so she could clean up after – hot (and hotter because it was another organic baby step). Then we proceeded to “make out” to her DVR’d Real House Wives shows and she now even requests toys. Then she showered ; ).  You need to realize how crazy that was for us.  Before that, she was always worried about being gross and I could only go down on her right after a shower.  Now, she is good with going to the bathroom, then using a baby wipe, then I go down on her. 

First cage was a cb6000.  That was good to start things out, but I wear a metal cage 24/7 now.  We're doing locktober.  Normal release schedule ends up being around 3 weeks.  We typically find something to tie goals to - I'm successfully losing weight right now; for Locktober - no releases, just more teasing. 

Bio Hacking - When I read about the science behind chastity years ago, it made so much sense.  While for years I thought that chastity was just an odd kink that was delt to me.  After understanding the science, it actually feels so natural .  It feels like this is how it should be.  Give a man an orgasm and he forgets about it immediately.  Withhold an orgasm and a man and he never stops thinking about it.  I went and found the blog that had this info:  http://secretchastityhusband.blogsp...leasure-and-devotion.html?zx=e4bca9abf2d05603


We've been married for 19 years.  Of those 19 years, foot fetish and ballbusting have been there the whole time.  Chastity showed up about 10-12 years ago.  We have 3 kids (girl, boy, boy) who are 15, 13, 11.  I have been active at Chastity Mansion for a couple years now and posted there a bit. 

The activity and people here are great.  I wanted to introduce myself here so I can start to post in the forums. 

Thanks for sharing your journey with us and helping me out on my journey!

Posted : 18/10/2021 6:55 pm
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