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Non traditional but it works for us!

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In my household we have what you might call non traditional but it works for us. In this sight Emma really hits the nail on the head about the two types of sexual attraction that I feel in my life. Neither one is complete without the other and neither is better than the other. 

My husband is my sole mate and we have been married for sixteen beautiful years. He is a provider for our family and to caters perfectly to my emotional needs. I call him my best friend and he is very much my best friend and so much more. My husband and I make love once a week and sleep together most nights. I also have a boyfriend who we affectionately refer to as Uncle Roy, he does not live with us but visits often and I have with him what I can consider the passion and the pheromone driven lust. I have an 8 year old daughter and she understands and accepts that mommy has a friend who isn't daddy. We intentionally do not kiss or show too much affection in front of her. He is often there when my daughter goes to bed and sometimes when she awakes in the morning. This is normal to her and she knows that Uncle Roy sleeps over. It comes up sometimes with friends, neighbors and the fact it is so very normal to my daughter and my family means that is not an issue when it comes up. 

We don't push our family situation on others but we also don't shy away from it. My husband accepts and encourages my separate physical fulfillment and in the beginning we would talk frequently about how this is seen by others. It is less frequent topic now because we over thought it at the beginning. If we have a friend sleeping over, we have no reason to be ashamed to share that with others. They do not need to know the specifics of the situation and neither does my daughter. At 8 years old she knows that her mother is happy and her father is happy which is more than can be said for many families.

Before having a boyfriend, I found my lust drying up and sexual side not being satisfied but I love my husband very much. That wasn't the problem at all. The problem is that the chemistry changes as I grow closer to my husband, we become closer and soulmates but that dries up the sexual energy. I can't see having it any other way my husband is my best friend and the biggest support network that I have in my life. Adding a boyfriend to my mix re lit a fire in my body that I need. We are also careful to keep my boyfriend at a distance enough so we still have that passion and things can't get too emotionally connected.

I think when we learn more about female sexuality this will be more commonplace and this site and Emmas blogs are years ahead of its time. You can ask me anything if you want to know what makes our household tick. Parenting. Wifing. Girlfriending. Women need a strong emotional connection and a strong physical connection and they do not need to be from the same person. 


Posted : 30/05/2022 4:47 am
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