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Orgasms controlled by 3 Women

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Hello everyone. Emma, I'm glad I found your blog. I love your passion, research, and well thought our writings for male chastity as a lifestyle, and not just a fetish, and appreciate that you are trying to help normalize this in society. In my experiences I have found this lifestyle to be mutually beneficial to both males and females.

My penis and orgasms are currently controlled by 3 women (I won't use their real names as I haven't received their permisson). This wasn't always the case. Chastity started as a lifestyle that a girl I was seeing, Katarina, and I discovered together almost a year and a half ago. We eased into into it and both enjoyed having my penis under her control. Katarina enjoyed telling (or showing) other women about our chastity. She kept a picture of me caged on her phone and would look for opportunities to introduce the topic with other females. We have found this turns both of us and I feel like I am doing my part to help women come to understand the much greater pleasure and sexual control they can have through chastity. (Ironically, I'm actually very embarrassed if any of my male friends discover I'm in chastity so I have given Katarina permission to only share about my caged cock with female friends.)  Katarina is also passionate about chastity and semen retention as a lifestyle and really wants to help normalize it as well! She says she has never felt as empowered, honored, and pleasured by a guy until she locked me.

This eventually led to her friend, Natasha (who is also fairly controlling and dominant by nature), demanding to see my caged cock in person. Katarina invited her over for a special play session which quickly turned into a regular ordeal for the 3 of us. I eventually came to view my penis as her property as well as Katarina had given her permission to play solo with me and allowed to control teasing/denial sessions as well as my orgasms. Katarina and Natasha would simply making sure they were communicating regularly to ensure I wasn't allowed to cum more than once a week to make sure I was able to attend to their needs, whether separately or together. We participated in both Locktober and a month of chastity during Male chastity day, during which they played with me much more frequently and attempted to condition my mind and body to remain aroused much longer without expecting a release.  This seems to have worked pretty well as our play extends 2 hours or longer at times, during which they are able to keep my cock hard by pausing when I'm close or using condoms and numbing creams to help desensitize me. We rarely have any accidents doing this as they have trained me well through tease and denial and I am locked 24/7 when they are not playing with me.

The third women, Kira, came in more recently at the beginning of this year. Kira, by nature is much more timid and reserved then the other two. She had been close friends in college with Katarina and Natasha and was enjoying some girl time with the two of them when the topic of sexual experiences came up and Katarina and Natasha began laughing and sharing about how much they enjoyed exploring male chastity and semen retention with me. Kira was shocked to hear about their control of my orgasms but also intrigued with how carefee they were in expressing how much pleasure, respect, and attention they received from me. Kira explained that she wasn't very comfortable or familiar around penises and had only had negative sexual experiences so far. Katarina and Natasha agreed they needed to help Kira come out of her shell and feel some of the empowerment they did.  Unbeknownst to me, (but acceptable as I had given them permission to share about my locked penis with other females) over the next several weeks they began to regale her with their regular experiences playing with me and sending her pictures of my caged cock. Kira acknowledged that she did find more enjoyment in seeing a penis caged than free. (Emma, I appreciated your article where you stated “I like penises caged when they aren’t being used. I feel like this is part of putting things away and keeping them tidy.” and I think Kira really resonates with that as well!)

Eventually they convinced Kira she needed to personally experience being in sexual control herself.  To make it as relaxed as possible for her they decided I should be blindfolded and tied spread eagle to a bed that way she could disassociate from my face and the person in the room and simply focus on becoming more comfortable around a penis. I agreed although I had never met Kira but was turned on by the idea of not knowing who was controlling/exploring me. Katrina and Natasha remained in the room to introduce her to my penis and help ensure she didn't accidentally send me over the edge. They kept me caged initially before showing Kira how to remove it and then encouraging her to get intimately acquainted with the male genitals and the control she felt. It was an amazing and really fun experience for all of us in our own unique ways. Katarina and Natasha each stepped to the side and grasped one of my hands to comfort me as Kira sat between my legs and used both of her hands to explore my penis and scrotum. She was timid at first but grew more adventurous, even cupping my genitals gently as giggled and inserted two finger into my rectum and began to pump them. I loved the experience of unfamiliar hands and strokes on me  and it was exhilarating being at the mercy of all 3 of them. When she was finished exploring, Katarina encouraged Kira to take photos of my uncaged cock to allow herself to become more comfortable with it in that form as well.  They showed Kira how to reduce me to size for the cage using ice and before locking it back Kira got photos of me both fully erect and flaccid. Kira was the one to click the lock back into place and confessed that she loved the rush of control and enjoyed having a sexual experience which simply focused on her curiosity and enjoyment rather than a male orgasm. Over the next few months it became more common for Katarina and Natasha to invite Kira over for play time. I must state too that although they do a great job with regular tease and denial to keep me on edge that a lot of our play does not involve sex or my penis at all. They regularly let me know that although they appreciate my penis, it is not that important and they have been instrumental in helping me no longer be a slave to my orgasm.  Natasha and Kira regularly come over just to banter, enjoy a movie/game, or simply cuddle with no mention of my locked cock. Kira, particularly enjoys cuddle time with me and says she feels so safe and secure in my arms knowing release and orgasm is not possible for me.  


I apologize for the really long post and if I grew too detailed in explanation into our experiences with chastity.  95% of those stories is true as I had to change their names and a couple details, but I thought you all may appreciate the perspective of someone who is controlled by more than 1 woman and especially how other women are helping introduce and normalize male chastity with their friends. The three of them have certainly shared their experiences with a lot of other women and know of at least 8 others who have locked their guy up to now. As a male I definitely would advocate for this lifestyle. I trust these 3 women immensely and feel so honored to please them and look forward to our experiences regardless of my potential for orgasm. Happy to share more details in another post (we actually held a little ceremony with the 4 of us when we officially decided to enter into a relationship dynamic where the 3 of them are in complete control of my orgasms). I'm locked 24/7 when they don't want to play with my penis and they each hold a key to my cage. Our basic rules are that they must come to a unanimous agreement that I deserve a cum before they allow me to orgasm and that I must have given each of them at least 10 orgasms themselves before I'm allowed.  This usually results in me being allowed a release every 1-3 weeks depending on how frequent our play is (whether communal or personal with each of them). I have come to cherish the deep connection and trust I have with each of them and have come to view not only my orgasms but even my penis as a privilege at their disposal. I have learned to love pleasing them more than desiring my own release and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. 🙂

Posted : 04/09/2020 9:33 am
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Welcome and thanks for sharing. Yours is an extraordinary story in its own right and quite possibly a road map for men interested in polyamory ?. I’m curious to know if you’d be willing to share your ages and whether you’d had multiple successful, simultaneous sexual relationships before being caged.


Posted : 04/09/2020 9:54 am
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Thanks! @jd I'm 29, Katarina and Natasha are both 28 and Kira is 26. It's been really fun getting into this lifestyle while we're all really young! I would love for more men to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with pleasing multiple women and definitely want to see orgasm control become more common.  It truly has been amazing surrendering my cock to the 3 of them and trusting them alone for my own pleasure and release.

I had only been in monogamous relationships before meeting Katarina. We decided together to fully commit to male chastity and it was her idea to begin sharing it with other women when she found it so empowering and beneficial. That really excited me as well and we haven't looked back.  We still operate under the understanding that they are allowed to share whatever they want with other females as we all want to see male chastity become more common and normative and the benefits to the females in a sexual relationship seem to be huge. However, I'm still really uncomfortable and embarrassed that my male friends might find out.  I think it is easier for me to trust that a female won't think less of me and will understand the benefits better while a male might judge me and think me less of a man.  That being said, if a guy approached me about the topic of chastity I would 100% encourage him to let himself be locked.

Posted : 04/09/2020 10:08 am
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Hi everyone, this is the same Johnny. I just got locked out of my old account and had to create a new one.

I've enjoyed coming to this blog the past several days and beginning to post and share more recently. I have found when one or more of my ladies lets me know to get ready for a playtime, that it is becoming a go to to come to this site or to look up keyholder caption images to begin to warm up and start straining against my cage. However, this backfired yesterday when Katarina had let me know we were going to have play time in 1 hour. When she walked in she noticed how eager I was for release, straining against the cage, and decided it was best to leave me caged as I clearly had enough teasing already. She had me lick her to orgasm a few times and then pegged me for about half an hour. I started subtlety weeping towards the end as my cock strained in its cage still. Katarina slowed down and encouraged me to let it out as she put her hand firmly on my back and continued to thrust more deeply into me. When she was finished she pulled me into a cuddle and wrapped me in her arms (Natasha is about my height but is definitely a bit stronger than me as she played football (soccer for you Americans) in college). As she pulled me into her chest and I felt secure in her strong arms I broke down shaking and sobbing as she caressed my hair and let me know what a good boy I was. She asked didn't I enjoy learning how much pleasure I could give and receive without having to use my penis? And I replied wholeheartedly I did as I rested securely in her embrace and the wonderfully intense feelings of emotion and connection with her that washed over me.

Guys, for those of you who haven't experienced much of these lifestyles or behaviors yet. That's half the point. To learn to stop worshiping our own penis and felt need to orgasm and instead experience a wider spectrum of deep emotional and heartfelt connection with women. It doesn't belittle or demean me as a man, it gives me the chance to broaden and deepen myself. I trust Katarina deeply and I know she'll allow me a release at another time, but I also know I don't need her to in order to feel content and fulfilled. And that's the point. 

Posted : 05/09/2020 7:21 am
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Posted by: @johnny-is-caged

I just got locked out of my old account and had to create a new one.

May I ask ... how and why did you get locked out?

Posted : 05/09/2020 7:28 am
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@subhubphx Sure. I was having trouble logging in and my email address was not working properly (I may have entered it incorrectly when I signed up) so I had to make a new account.

Posted : 05/09/2020 7:40 am