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I have been blessed with a below average penis.  For most of my life, this hasn't been a problem in my relationships. I have fathered 3 children with my 1st wife, which I am sure that they are mine.  My 2nd wife is very sexually active. She would love to have sex daily. She is attentive to my needs and I enjoy seeing her with other men, especially if they have at least a 7 inch cock.  If it is bigger than 7 inches it takes time for her to stretch to take it all in.  I enjoy hearing her enjoy a big cock and also seeing her spread her legs and arch her back to open up wide for a big cock.  Now I am only about 2.5 inches hard and I wear a penis cage most of the time.  I can wear smallest chasisty cages that are made.  My wife enjoys seeing me in an inverted chastity cage.  For a while, I would wear a 8 inch dildo for her enjoyment.  We had sex with this for a few months and then I asked her if she would ever want to have a real 8 inch cock inside her.   She smiled and she said that maybe that would be OK if I was there also.  She wanted me to me naked and to wear a chasisty cage.  I we have had sex several men with big cocks.  There are plenty of men that would like to have sex and then to get suck off and cleaned up by me.  I also enjoy getting in close to the action of her getting fucked, I like to laid where I can lick each thrust and catch all the cum. 

Posted : 05/06/2024 1:57 pm