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Reimagining Chastity Devices

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With over two decades of interest or active participation in male chastity, I have seen chastity devices evolve and improve.  The first device that I used was a CB2000.  It was uncomfortable and not very secure.  Since that initial purchase, I have tried dozens of devices.  These have included the plastic cages as well as metal.  Although I eventually found that metal cages are far superior to the plastic cages, there is still much room for improvement.  

The reason most men wear a chastity device is, of course, to prevent orgasms.  To achieve this outcome most chastity devices - cages and belts - encase/cover the male member, either behind “bars” or in a tube.  There are several challenges to wearing devices like this, particularly for extended periods of time.  These challenges include maintaining good hygiene, chaffing, pinching, ability wear discreetly under clothing and allowing normal bodily functions including urination and nocturnal erections.  Preventing the latter often results in interruptions in sleep patterns.  Sure, we men get used to this.  But, speaking for myself, I would prefer to sleep more soundly without waking to the pain familiar to all if us who wear a chastity device for extended periods.

Perhaps there is a better way:

Over the weekend, while working in the garage, my cage was beginning to chafe to the point that I was very uncomfortable.  This happens occasionally when I’m active and I usually just apply some lanolin to the area and take it easy.  Sometimes the cage needs to come off for a few days.  This weekend was one of those times.

It was this recent experience that made me think to myself “why can’t a chastity device be secure, comfortable and more conducive to long-term wear?”  Because the primary purpose of a chastity device is to prevent orgasms, how could this end be achieved without the issues previously listed?


It occurred to me that a technology may already exist that could be repurposed to use in a type of chastity device, one that is “cageless”, comfortable for long-term/indefinite wear, hygienic, allows for nocturnal erections and is “smart”.  Fitbit health monitoring devices already use most, if not all, of the required technology.  See for details.  

The idea would be to repurpose the technology to be used to continuously monitor the wearer’s pulse rate, movement and body temperature in order to detect orgasms or even excessive “handling” of a male’s genitals.      I would think that this technology could be used to detect patterns of movement, increased pulse rates and spasms associated with male orgasms achieved via masturbation or other sexual activity.  Because the Fitbit devices can be linked to smart phones, an abundance of data as well as long distance control and monitoring would be possible.  Locking or unlocking the device remotely would be possible.  This “chastity management system” would also keep perpetual records of the times the device was locked on the man and times he was not wearing the device, the number of orgasms the wearer has had and when they occurred and perhaps other data unrelated to chastity.  

A “cageless” device as described would obviously not prevent a man from having an orgasm.  But, his wife or partner would know immediately what her man had done.  Nighttime erections would be possible promoting better sleep, hygiene and bathroom functions would be easier to manage and the device would not require keys or security seals to prevent unauthorized removal.

I’m not tech savvy and may be missing some obvious reasons a system like this would not work. However, a Fitbit is not all that expensive.  What if this “chastity management system” could be sold for a few hundred dollars?  Would this expand the number of men or couples that used male chastity in their relationships?  I would be interested in what others think.  Thanks! James

Posted : 04/01/2021 10:39 am
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That's a really interesting idea James. Detecting twitches and other indicators of erectile and orgasmic activity would require a sensor ring on the penis with similar functionality to an Apple Watch. It would measure movement and blood flow which could be monitored via an app. It would need charging but this could be done without removing it.

It would open a whole world of possibilites for measuring 'performance'. Imagine if your wife could look at the data and use it to set new goals or activities? And like the fitibit, there would the possibility of sharing and comparing data with like-minded people.

Definetly an interesting idea worthy of exploring further.

Posted : 04/01/2021 10:59 am
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Whilst this may be a good idea for you men, you seem to have missed part of the appeal that this has for women.
I like seeing my man locked in his cage, and I like knowing that I have the key that controls access to his dick.
When I first locked him up I experienced an unexpected feeling of empowerment, which I have to confess I have found addictive.

I fully understand that for the man long term wear has to be comfortable. I have no desire to cause my husband any pain through the device he wears except for that of not being able to get erect. However, for me, him wearing a cage is more than just stopping him being able to masturbate or orgasm. It's about ownership, control, devotion and self sacrifice. 

For some, non cage use is enough and the promise of being chaste is all that they require. For us it's part of our dynamic now.

Posted : 05/01/2021 2:20 am
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While I think this is an interesting idea, I'll have to agree with @mstara on it. I like seeing the cage and I like knowing that I have the key. Think about it this way. 

If I put you on house arrest, you can't leave the house but you can go about your day for the most part although inconvenienced. Your subconscious is annoyed but mostly unchanged.

If I send you to jail, you are helpless. Your subconscious will eventually have to deal with the fact that your freedom is gone.

That's my analogy anyhow. For us, the real benefits of chastity happen after 2-3 days when the subconscious takes over and realizes that Kevin is helpless.

Posted : 05/01/2021 4:10 pm
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Sounds like we know how the ladies vote on this lol

Posted : 09/01/2021 5:55 am
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