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Solo so far, solo no more?

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My wife is vanilla. And frankly, not all that interested in sex to begin with. However, I am very interested and not at all vanilla. Go figure.

I've been interested in this stuff (chastity, cuckolding, pegging, FLR, some BDSM) for years and I've tried to get her to try things out, even as bedroom fantasies. She's tolerant of my predelictions but unwilling to do anything with them. In the past, the most she's done in this area is to deny me an orgasm in the moment. It makes her feel guilty, though, and she feels like she's being a bitch.

So for years, I've played solo. I've set goals for chastity, played around with toys (I have a different dildo for each end), and written lots of erotica to describe various fantasies. I love games and have dreamed up lots of twisted games to play through in my head. And I do enjoy torturing myself by looking at porn, writing a story, or using toys while I'm in chastity. It's kind of delicious, even if it makes it hard for me to fall asleep.

Self-imposed chastity is fine, but my willpower isn't fantastic and it's WAY more fun with someone else in charge. Over the past year, my wife has been trying to be more adventurous and accommodating of my desires.

Last week, she agreed to play along for a bit with some chastity. We had sex on a Sunday evening and I began self-imposed chastity from that point on. On Wednesday, I pitched the idea to her again and after a couple of days of talking and a bit of cajoling, she agreed to play. There's no device in play (see my thread On Devices and Durability for that story) but she's aware that I've given her the decision on when to end my term.


For a baseline, I let her know that I usually only last a few days on my own and that my record is 10 days. I said we didn't need to do anything long-term, we could try it out for a few days if she wanted.

She expressed some anxiety about this game. "I'm willing to play along, but I don't really know what to do."

I told her that if she agreed to play, I could give her some advice on what I'd want her to do. I don't want to push too hard, so I'm keeping things very minimal. I described some ground rules. First, she decides when we end my chastity. Second, I wouldn't cum until she said I could. Third, I won't ask to cum - that's her decision. And for me, I'm going to plan to initiate lots of touching and massages and sex but that there's no pressure at all - it's entirely for her pleasure. Finally, I would also work hard to please her in other ways.

We don't usually make the bed but I do like having a nicely made bed, so I've been making the bed every day. I clean up the kitchen, bathrooms, empty the trash cans, etc. She's noticed and commented on them.

For her part, I asked is that she decide when it ends and that she doesn't tell me when. And I asked her to contribute to teasing me in any way she can, even if it's just a verbal reminder or something that I'm in chastity and under her control.

I figured it would last a few days. I kind of assumed it would end over the weekend. We fooled around a few times and I thought she was going to give me release, but that hasn't happened. It's been 8 days now. I still play solo with toys and porn and writing erotica, but her involvement has amplified my willpower enormously. To her credit, she hasn't given me any idea when I might get "out" of my sentence. I wonder if she's pushing for this coming weekend. Or maybe later. Just the uncertainty has me on edge and I'm savoring every last minute.

Posted : 02/02/2021 6:27 pm
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