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Who am i and my boyfriend and what do you mean to us

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You may not believe this, but you have changed my boyfriend and my relationship in extraordinary ways. A couple of years ago. My boyfriend introduced me to his biggest fantasy. He was very nervous about telling me, not knowing what I would think of him.

I had never heard of cuckolding and didn’t understand why he would feel this way. He told me it was a very fundamental part of his sexuality and he couldn’t keep it bottled up anymore. He showed me your posts and about your husband. It helped me understand that two people could love each other very much, while the gf or wife fucks other people. It has opened me up to this wonderful fetish that reignited our spark. It allowed me to not feel like a bad person for some feelings I've had. I missed a lot of the fun and experimenting and free love of those in their teens and 20s. Cuckolding allows me to try new sexuality with the safety of my emotional relationsihp and I don’t feel dirty thanks to you. I’m not weird for the things that turn me on, and it’s ok. You really changed my life. 

Posted : 13/05/2024 11:47 am
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