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This is the first Locktober my wife and I have enjoyed together. We bought a cage several years back and she locks me up playfully from time to time but no more than a day or two. Simple play. I am presently on day 6 of being locked. This is intense.

The first several days were annoying and frustrating but my body expected those keys to be coming in a day or two to unlock me. Six days in and they keys are nowhere to be found, my body is in a hormonal frenzy. Last night my wife and I went to bed and she sat atop me nude when we got into bed. My body yearned for more, my eyes rolled back into my head with frustration as she playfully grinded her body onto mine. It was but mere minutes of teasing but it was intensely frustrating. 

Afterwards I wanted to touch her body and get body contact in whatever means I could. She ended up getting nearly a 40 minute massage. Those ladies who feel like teasing is too much work, I implore you to try. He will find you irresistible. His thirst for touch will be overwhelming. I don't know how I will manage for the rest of the month but I do know that she is in store for a wonderful month if she keeps my motor running like she did last evening.

Reading your blog is physic for my plight and I find myself reading during my downtime. I've loved this site for some time and especially now. I finally registered to share our first Locktober experience with your community. Thanks Emma. My wife is somewhat vanilla and there is no way she would have tried any of your arguably sexually deviant methods without the loving context that you provide.

Posted : 06/10/2021 10:42 am
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I am currently trying to introduce my wife to this forum.  I too, feel it is written in a manner women can begin to understand. 
My wife, also is aware of chastity and I believe sees it from the bdsm side of things (which we dabbled in prior to marriage but both found the scene unappealing ultimately)
So we too are basically a vanilla couple. Its good to hear your story and gives some hope she may see what i have tried to explain to her, that this is something I want for our relationship, land not a selfish act of kink. 
Time will tell…


Posted : 06/10/2021 2:01 pm