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Cuckolding, Hot-Wifing, and Male Chastity - With Dr. David Ley and Shameless Sex Podcast #300

What is Cuckolding and why are people into it? How does Cuckolding differ from Hot-Wifing? How can people embrace their inner Cuck? And how does male-chastity fit into the mix? Dr. David Ley shares all this and more.

Talks about the evolution of cuckolding and why people are interested. A touch on FLR. Then they roll into hot-wifing which often starts with male fantasy before the wife takes over and explores. Discussion of development of relationship skills. Then they continue into FLR and male chastity (thank you Kellogg).

These ladies are absolutely new to the lifestyle. We should leave comments for them to explore the issues more.

Posted : 17/11/2022 10:36 am