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A bad bull

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My wife and I are trying cuckolding and were introduced with a bull rather unexpectedly. We were on an app called feeld and the guy started talking about cuckolding and my wife and I decided to give it a try. At first it was fun and rather than meeting immediately he told us that we needed to undergo a week of training. During that week he gave us various tasks that I needed to perform for my wife and for him. He kicked it off by making me record a voice memo accepting him as our bull. Some of the tasks were to suck a very large dildo and send him photos, read cuckold stories to my wife each night and clean up any cum messes that I might make. He also told me to start calling my wife Miss and she was to respond by calling me cuck.

Everything was going well but then he asked my wife to go behind my back and meet him prior to our scheduled meeting a week later. Both of us realize that the only way a cuckold lifestyle will work is through open communication so that didn't fly with her. He then tried to blackmail us using the photos that we've been sending. Not a very good experience to say the least but for the better part of a week, we both really enjoyed it. She enjoyed the excitement of trying new things and being completely dominant over my sexuality and I loved how much she enjoyed it. Even though the experience was a bust, we are going to continue reading stories together. We've also decided that I should periodically call her Miss and her to respond by calling me cuck.

We haven't begun searching for another bull because we are still getting over an experience that neither of us would want to repeat. I also need to decide if I am comfortable with a cuckold relationship. Handing that much control over to someone outside our relationship was a very intense experience even though it only lasted for a few days. She made it clear that if we do it, it isn't a game and I need to be all-in. Before we proceed I want to make sure that I am mentally prepared to give it another try.

Posted : 19/11/2022 3:06 pm
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Good for you. Good for both of you and congratulations for being married to an honest ? 

Posted : 19/11/2022 3:13 pm
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Posted by: @dad-jokes

We haven't begun searching for another bull because we are still getting over an experience that neither of us would want to repeat.

While not everyone in this world will share your values and honesty I know that you will be able to find someone when you are ready. Until then consider continuing some of the things that you already started. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE cuckold stories and we do that ourselves. In fact I should write a blog about cuckold storytime since it is a recent ritual that we've added to our marriage as we've learned to accept and embrace the ancient art of cuckoldry.


Thank you for posting about this experience.

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Posted : 19/11/2022 3:36 pm
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Just another reminder to be careful out there. Good thing you have a great woman who is honest with you and able to nip that in the bud.

Posted : 19/11/2022 7:36 pm
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It always infuriates me when these lowlifes try to exploit this angle for their own shallow interests. Sadly, this is not the first time I've heard of someone behaving that way. But I've been a Dom in relationships, including with a cuckold couple, and I can assure you not everyone in this role is such a reprehensible piece of human garbage. I hope you can both regain your comfort to the point where you are able to be vulnerable with someone again (the brightness of life is dimmed a shade when you can't be vulnerable).

With the right extra person, you wont need to worry about things going too fast or making you feel uncomfortable regarding safety. Just make sure you communicate these emotions if they arise, and they'll either respect what you say or they're not safe to play with anyway. But a good 'bull' will make the process smooth, comfortable, and you wont have any excessively negative feelings because you'll have plenty of confidence everything is okay and, ideally, that your wife is having an incredible time.

Posted : 19/11/2022 9:08 pm