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First Steps

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As I mentioned in the thread titled "Thoughts on cuckolding", Lemmings was not keen to try a sexual relationship with a stranger. She was open to experimenting with a friend of hers whom we both know is sexually open minded and free spirited. Furthermore, she is the only one legally permitted to visit us. So we invited her a few times over for a sleepover but never ended up making any move because of the sheer terror of screwing up the friendship.

Until this weekend.

We took our first step and Lemmings told J (let's call her friend that) about our chastity arrangement. J knew about chastity cages but she was curious to see one in reality. Lemmings and I wanted an excuse to take this conversation in this direction and following Em's example of asking Kev to show the cage Lemmings non chalantly asked me to show J the cage. And I did. We tried our best to keep the conversation very technical and discussed my adjustments and how our arrangement works. We even let J hold the cage to feel the weight (I am on steel temporarily).

We did not take things forward but just kind of left it there. We watched a comedy and fell asleep after dinner. Saturday was normal and we just hanged around playing board games and watching Netflix.

It was an excitment in itself to invite someone else into one of the most private aspects of our lives. J will be coming over the next weekend as well. Let's see how things go from here.


Posted : 24/02/2021 3:56 am
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Glad to here things are off to such a great start. I think for most this journey takes place slowly over time. Can't wait to hear more as things continue to develop!

Posted : 02/03/2021 1:30 pm
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Has there been any episode 2 on your happening with J? what happened over that next weekend? 

Posted : 12/07/2021 5:07 am