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I saw male strippers

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Last weekend I went to a friends birthday party and we got male strippers for it. They got fully nude and it was a lot of fun they were very handsy with us and I let one of them suck on my boobs a little I even felt his dick although we did not have sex. They were just so sexy and I was tipsy so what’s a girl gonna do when Channing Tatum looking men are getting naked. Anyway my boyfriend was home caged and I told him it might get a little handsy but I wouldn’t be having PIV sex with them or anything like that just that they’d be grabbing me and I’d be feeling theim naked. After this experience idk what it is the thought of our emotional connection and how it’s evolved and the thought of keeping that about also experiencing another man every now and then is a major turn on I love that he stays locked most of the time unless I choose to release him (it’s not often.) he’s behavior has been amazing since we started chastity he’s so much more cuddly and romantic and less argumentative. The massages the orgasms etc but I do miss consistently good dick and that more passionate raw type sex. I was wondering if this is a normal feeling some of you other keyholders have gone through and how did you deal with it.

Posted : 03/06/2022 11:45 am
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Absolutely normal. It sounds like you have a glorious emotional connection with your boyfriend. If you can have that raw and passionate sex with him as well then you've got the best of both worlds. I find that chastity immensely heightens the emotional connection and turns lovemaking to a bonding of souls. A sex that isn't unlike a lesbian relationship which is focused less on penetrative dominance and more around emotional coupling. (admittedly, I've got very limited experience with this comment)

That does leave a void for passionate raw sex which you can choose to fill or ignore. Communicate with him and see how to best fill that void. He could wear a strapon while locked or pleasure you with a toy.

Until then, please give me an invitation to the next party! I'll take me some Channing Tatum abs, bum and shoulders please.

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Posted : 04/06/2022 10:37 am
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Thank I’ve talked to other people about ethical non monogamy, where it’s consented to. We have a deep emotional connection especially since he’s accepted his long term chastity and enjoys it as well as his acceptance of me being a breadwinner and his female leader, if he made more I’d be so happy for him but he isn’t able to rn. He has learned to follow my leadership and trust my strict control of his orgasms and me being like in this instance semi unregulated to do as I please. I see what chastity has brought us as like a reverse of the 50s he’s so good at chores and pampering me etc, he also has a deep emotional connection with me and loves giving me orgasms but I’m not getting as much piv as I’d like and when I saw the strippers uncaged cocks which were impressive and their bodies I just wanted them for a night even tho I couldn’t and didn’t go all the way I wanted to. I do think most if not all monogamous men would benefit from chastity and women would benefit from seeking experiences like this above who wouldn’t want a night of fun with a Channing Tatum type lol


Posted : 04/06/2022 11:15 am
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I agree 100%.  I have a deep connection with my Wife, but I believe that I'm a lot like your boyfriend and that I do best in chastity, love to please orally and vanilla service.  I know my Wife has had better lovers in the past with more stamina and larger cocks.  I feel some guilt in that She denies Herself the pleasures She once had.  I hope we can attend some CFnm/FemDom/swinger events where She is free to enjoy other men.  I wish we lived in an absolutely matriarchal society where men's roles were decided by women.

Posted : 04/06/2022 2:47 pm