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Question for the men about cuckolding.

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For me, the idea represents a perverse and masochistic thrill: being displaced by a better and more able performer. My wife and I are strictly monogamous and the notion of another man "taking what is mine" in front me, particularly if I am observing and caged, elicits a strong chemical reaction whenever I picture it. It's definitely not something I wish to make a reality, but I think playing with the fantasy and using sex toys to simulate it can be fun. We've been trying this for a few months, and it has helped enliven our sex life. I'd add that I didn't have such ideas or fantasies only a few years ago, and at one point I didn't understand why anyone would. But I suppose if you stay in a long-term relationship for long enough, and maybe if you're bored enough like we were/are, the idea can be something novel and erotically triggering. But actually acting on this fantasy I don't think would be healthy for our relationship, and neither of us has an interest in doing so. 

Posted : 02/09/2022 1:25 am
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Being involved, either directly or by her telling me about it during or afterwards..and the other thing I find completely erotic is our sex together afterwards….there’s nothing else like it

Posted : 16/09/2022 12:06 pm
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Using toys as a substitute for the fantasy has soo many applications to make it fun for both. She could give the toy a very manly name, she could play the I need to feel a real man card and make her husband use it on her, she could make him watch from a chair & really make a point of the pleasure she's getting,  she could make him listen outside the bedroom door, she could do a long tease & denial, and then goto the toy to drive home the fantasy, she could get all dolled up for a date, wear sexy lingerie she normally wouldn't wear for her husband, and all thru the date with her husband do a lot of teasing things, to drive him crazy, and when they get home have the husband undress her, & then send him to the spare bedroom for the night & goto town very loudly.  If SPH I'd also part of their scene she can also include that.

Posted : 19/09/2022 6:00 pm
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Posted by: @evolvingyourman_ivcr4j

What do you seek from your cuckold fantasy? What sorts of things would you find most arousing in a cuckold experience?

The naughtiness of it; my wife being naughty and more sexually dominant. 
My wife wants to let herself go wild but she holds back. I desire for her to experience really great sex without worrying about getting pregnant. To watch my wife be very erotic would be very exciting.

Posted : 24/10/2022 12:11 pm
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Posted by: @evolvingyourman_ivcr4j

What do you seek from your cuckold fantasy? What sorts of things would you find most arousing in a cuckold experience?

The joy on my wife's face first and foremost!


Be Yourself Gif By Rebecca Hendin
Posted : 26/10/2022 7:55 am
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