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Which ones would you choose?

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What do you prefer? 🌹

Posted : 21/06/2024 11:19 am
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If I had my choice, it would be #1 or #3 from the top row, or the bottom right. But it's not my choice, it's Hers.

Karin and I have done everything on the top row, but #4 from the top row was Her with another M-F couple rather than two men. I've also worn a cage while She had fun while I watched, so I suppose the lower right is also included.

Posted : 22/06/2024 4:48 am
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From left to right and top to bottom. 3, 8, 13

Posted : 22/06/2024 9:30 am
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For me the most arousing are:


1- Wife on vacation with her lover.
2- The waiting cuckold.
3- The submissive - - - -» The bisex.
4- The chastity cuckold.

2, 3 or 4 could finish with a creampie licking.
The submissive could also be a househusband or a slave. 🌹

Posted : 22/06/2024 12:53 pm
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Posted by: @aries

What do you prefer? 🌹


My choice: The chastity cuckold (lower right)


Posted : 22/06/2024 5:06 pm
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Posted by: @aries

What do you prefer? 🌹

the submissive ... and chastity cuckold


Posted : 22/06/2024 10:06 pm
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The one I would prefer/agree to, if Ms. K. wanted to fuck another man, is not there.  It would be the nameless, faceless human sex toy that would arrive, take care of her business and then immediately leave.  Straight fucking.  NO lovemaking.

Posted : 23/06/2024 10:32 am
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“Most of the above” including combinations. The gangbang/group sex would make it tough to get comfortable and relax. We would need to feel comfortable with all of them. Two bulls seems like plenty at one time. 

Posted : 26/06/2024 10:41 am
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Cuckolding Styles:

1. Voyeur yes
2. Waiting yes
3. Threesome yes
4. Cuckold threesome yes
5. Escort no
6. Sissy no
7. Gangbang probably not her choice
8. Bisex yes
9. Cuckold Gang bang probably not her choice
10. Dogging no
11. Waiting Gang bang probably not her choice
12. Submissive yes
13. Vacation Yes!
14. Chastity her choice

Posted : 14/07/2024 2:46 pm
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