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Premature Teasing

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My lover is a quick cummer and has always been that way. I did not know if this goes in the humiliation area or here but he also likes to be humiliated about it. He wants me to make comments about him not lasting or calling him a minute man. We had a problem with erectile disfunction but one little tease about him cumming quickly and he gets hard. He really gets off when I tease him about it and my question is about how healthy this is. Should i continue to tease or will this cause harm over time?

Posted : 20/11/2021 1:17 pm
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The human body is a wonderous thing and the body can sometimes adapt to be aroused by the most painful thing. Cuckold for example is often thought to be fetishizing of being cheated on. The body does this as a defense mechanism and I personally think it is healthy. If teasing and humiliation work for both of you, why not? Just enjoy yourselves and check in frequently to make sure that all of the feelings are positive and feelings are not hurt. If his feelings are hurt, cut the teasing off completely or at least cut it back.

Posted : 20/11/2021 1:50 pm
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I too love being humiliated for my premature ejaculation.  Nothing gets me hard for the second time quicker than a woman humiliating me for my premature issues

Posted : 11/05/2023 7:43 am
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Posted by: @wisconsinwife

He wants me to make comments about him not lasting or calling him a minute man. 


It seems you have talked about it and he has given his consent. It is good to check in occasionally, but I think you are doing what is right for your relationship.


Posted : 15/05/2023 8:36 am