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Redefine Average

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everything in the world is changing, 

year by year we discover new things, and one of the most trending topic in the male society is penis size 


most males thinks that they are Average!

but why ?

average is a kind word for small and tiny 


it’s time to be honest and tell the truth 

it’s 2024 , there is no harm to be tiny 

everything is ok if you deal with it 


if your BF living with the idea that he is Average and it’s ok , no it’s not 

he should know that he is small , you can chene his entire personality based on that 


It’s either Big or small there is no average, and imagine how many advantages for both of you with the small guy down there 

Posted : 19/05/2024 3:19 am
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I have known that my penis was on the small side my whole life. I’ve always been submissive, and I had a number of dominant girlfriends / mistresses who enjoyed giving me small penis humiliation. For some, it was all part of the BDSM kink. For others, it was genuinely felt - they had previous boyfriends who were much larger, and they really couldn’t help themselves observing and laughing at how small I was. My own kinks played in too - I would talk to a domme on the phone and then go meet her specifically to be made fun of, and to be made to masturbate myself in front of the domme and her friends, and then to eat my cum at the end. For me, SPH is a very erotic part of the overall humiliation universe, and I really enjoy them both. 

Posted : 09/06/2024 7:48 am
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