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After-Date Sloppy Seconds

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This one is called “After-Date Sloppy Seconds.” Based on a real date.

Karin, my lovely Wife, returned home from Her Hotwife date just a little after 2:00 AM. She hadn’t showered, fixed Her hair or Her makeup. She knew it was a thrill for me to see Her messy, just as Her lover had left Her.

I was lying naked in bed, ready for Her arrival, having showered and otherwise prepared myself for a pegging from Karin, which had become our standard way to start our re-connection after She had Her fun with a young boy toy.

Karin entered the bedroom and I rose from the bed to greet Her. She was wearing the same outfit I had helped Her select for Her date – a sexy, slutty red dress with three-inch red pumps. Without saying a word, She removed Her dress and dropped it to the floor, revealing a set of matching red panties and bra. Still silent, She donned a black harness with a ten-inch dildo that was nearly the same color as Her dress and lingerie.

“You know the routine, dear. On the bed, your pillow under your cock, face down and ass up,” Karin told me.


“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied, getting on the bed as instructed.

“Put your hands above your head,” Karin demanded.

I complied, with another “Yes, Ma’am.” Karin cuffed my hands above my head, through the headboard. She didn’t always restrain me during a pegging, but tonight She did.

“I have a special surprise for you tonight, dear,” Karin said, as She squirted some lubricant into my awaiting ass and switched on the vibrator inside Her harness. “You’re going to love it.”

Karin climbed on top of me, and slowly penetrated my ass with Her dildo, gently inserting it to its full length. She adjusted Her position on top of me so that every part of Her slender body was on top of me, maximizing contact between our bodies. She began to work Her hips, gently sliding Her dildo in and out of my ass.

“You are a wonderful husband, dear, for being so willing to share your Wife,” Karin whispered. Her tantalizing lips – and the beautifully-smeared red lipstick that remained upon them – were just an inch or two from my right ear, as She proceeded to tell me all about Her encounter.

“His name is Jimmy. He’s 25 and tall, about a foot taller than me, broad-shouldered with a stomach like a washboard. I could tell he spends a lot of time at the gym,” Karin said in Her soft, pleasant voice, just above a whisper. I could feel Her warm breath in my ear as She spoke. It was beautifully arousing on its own and even more so together with Her gentle pegging.

I didn’t know Jimmy, but had seen photos when Karin showed me his dating site profile. He was shirtless in nearly all of his photos, as he was physically a much finer specimen than myself. His profile claimed he was six feet four inches and weighed 224 pounds, and judging by the photos, there was no reason to believe those statistics weren’t true. Jimmy also had a fully-naked picture of himself on his profile, and although his dick didn’t appear any longer than mine, it was easily a half-inch thicker, possibly more.

Conversely, I was short and slight of build, at only 5 feet 8 and around 140, and lacked the broad shoulders and rippling muscular physique Jimmy had. Even as a straight man, I could admire his body and the work he had to do to maintain it.

“We met in the hotel lobby and checked in at the front desk, which was when I texted you. I requested a room on the top floor. I wanted us to have the longest possible ride in the elevator, since I knew Jimmy wouldn’t be able to wait until we got to our room. As soon as the elevator doors closed, we started making out. He couldn’t keep his big strong hands off my body. He immediately hiked up my dress and he put his hand in my panties. I was already wet for him, it was wonderful. His grip was firm without being too rough,” Karin whispered sultrily, as She slowly increased the pace of Her thrusting.

“He took his hand out of my panties, tasted my moisture from his fingers, and told me I taste as beautiful as I look. We went right back to making out the rest of the ride up. He returned one hand to inside my panties, and used his other powerful arm to pull my body tightly against his, so I could feel how aroused he already was. I wanted him to hit the stop button and have his way with me right in the elevator, pressed up against the doors with my legs wrapped around his hot body,” Karin continued.

Karin’s description of Her date, in Her lovely soft voice was an aphrodisiac to me. I was already at least as erect as Jimmy was when he was tasting my Wife in the elevator.

“The elevator chimed as we approached the top floor. We continued to make out, his hand still in my panties, even as the elevator doors opened. No one was around, but if anyone had been, they would have been treated to quite a show. We stopped making out long enough for Jimmy to hold my hand as we walked to our room door. I opened the door and He picked me up with ease, and cradling me in his strong arms, carried me straight to the bed. I felt like a doll in his arms. He placed my body so daintily on the bed, I feared he was going to be too gentle in bed with me and I would have to remind him all night long that I’m not made of glass.”

I was fully erect by now, as I listened Karin’s continued description of Her date.

“Instead of penetrating me right away, he wanted to go down on me first. He hiked up my dress again and pulled my panties off. He loved both my taste and that I was so wet and ready for him. It only took me five minutes to cum from his tongue, and he didn’t stop after my first orgasm, he stayed right down there and made me cum a second time,” Karin said, the lust in Her voice arousing me even more than the feeling of Her fucking my ass.

“After he made me cum that second time, we made out some more. I just loved tasting myself on his lips. A few minutes later, I made him strip naked for me. I ran my hands all over his muscular body, ignoring his cock, which remained hard even though I hadn’t touched it at all.” I pictured Karin teasingly massaging Jimmy’s rippling bod as he stood in anticipation, his erection throbbing and aching with his desire to penetrate Her, as my own arousal grew.

“Finally, I got down on my knees beside the bed. I wrapped my lips around his cock tightly and started to blow him, smearing my creamy red lipstick all over his thick cock.” Karin knew I loved to see Her lipstick on my cock when She gave me head. Hearing Her talk about Her lipstick on Jimmy’s cock, in combination with Her wonderful pegging, was about to put me over the edge.

“May I cum, Miss Karin?” I asked.

“Not yet, dear,” Karin said. I would have to wait for Her to finish describing Her date. “After going down on him for a couple minutes, I wanted him inside me so badly that I didn’t even tell him to put on a condom,” She continued.

This was Her surprise for me – Her lover’s creampie was still in Her pussy.

Previously, Karin had always insisted on Her male lovers using condoms. The only exception had been this past winter, when we had been swinging with a college couple. The young man’s condom broke while he was pleasuring my Wife, as his girlfriend and I watched. The guy was so worried when it happened, he had asked me what he should do. This was despite being told several times, and agreeing to the fact that the ladies – my Wife and his girlfriend – would be in charge the entire weekend. Immediately after asking me, Karin demanded not only that he finish what he started, but that he was to eat Her clean afterwards. He agreed, enthusiastically finishing inside my Wife, but he was far less eager to clean his mess out of Her, although he reluctantly did.

“I told Jimmy that he could put his hot cream in either my pussy or my ass, his choice. He saw how dripping wet my pussy was, and he thrust his wonderfully thick cock balls-deep inside of me in one single stroke. He made me moan with delight from the sudden penetration.” I oozed pre-cum as I imagined the lustful sound Karin made at Jimmy’s initial thrust into Her.

Karin continued, “He was no longer being gentle with me, and I absolutely loved it. He was on top of me, stretching me open with every pump of his lipstick-covered cock, just taking me the way he wanted to. I wrapped my arms and legs around his muscular body and told him not to stop. It felt glorious being ravaged by this hot young man, I came so hard, three times before he finished inside of me.”

Hearing Karin’s lovely voice, Her description of Her date, and feeling Her now-vigorous pegging, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and She knew it.

“Cum for Miss Karin, husband,” She instructed, as She knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. My warm goo exploded all over the pillow beneath my cock, a mess I would undoubtedly be made to lick up.

Karin pressed Her dildo deep into my ass and held it there, allowing the vibrator in Her harness to bring Her to orgasm as I laid still underneath Her, enjoying the feeling of Her body quivering against mine as She came for the sixth time tonight. “I love you, dear husband, for sharing me. Thank you for tonight.” Karin would always praise me for sharing Her and thank me after every adventurous night She had.

Karin got up from the bed, unbuckled the cuffs from my wrists, removed Her harness and put on a robe. “I’m going out on the balcony to smoke a cigarette, and you’re going to clean up after yourself. When I get back you had better be ready to ravage me just like Jimmy did. I want to fall asleep tonight in my husband’s arms with both his and my young stud’s cum inside of me.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied. I had never had sloppy seconds before. I have to admit that the idea was highly arousing to me. My only reservation with this would be if I would be made to clean up the combined creampie. I didn’t enjoy the idea of eating Her young lover’s cum out of Karin the way I gladly would eat my own from Her, or from the pillow I had been told to clean.

I licked my cum from the pillow slowly. I had spilled onto the bed also, and cleaned that as well, ensuring I didn’t miss a drop. I just knew if I hadn’t done a good job cleaning up, Karin would make me clean Her up, and I didn’t want to do that.

Make no mistake, if Karin told me to do it, I would have done it with a cheerful “Yes, Ma’am,” but wouldn’t have liked it. Or maybe I actually would have liked it, and noticed no real difference in taste between eating my own cum, and eating another man’s cum.

Karin remained outside for several minutes after I had finished cleaning up all of my spillage. I was sitting on the edge of the bed when She came back inside. She took off Her robe, panties and bra, then sat in my lap, facing me. She wrapped Her slender legs around my body, and we started making out. I could taste the smoke from the Virginia Slims cigarette She had just smoked on Her lips, still messy with smeared lipstick, but I didn’t care. Kissing Karin’s lips, which had not so long ago been wrapped around Her lover’s cock, was all I wanted to do at that moment.

After our long make-out session, She finally told me to take Her. She wanted me to be on top, an extremely rare position for us. Still kissing Her lips, I began to penetrate Her slowly. My cock slid in with nearly no resistance, as Karin had already been stretched open by Her young lover’s thicker dick. That in addition to Her wetness and the huge load Her lover had left inside allowed my slow penetration to be nearly friction-free.

Karin pushed me up slightly, and our lips parted. “I don’t want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me, dear husband,” Karin said, ever so slightly raising Her voice when saying the word fuck. “Just like Jimmy did earlier. Don’t concern yourself with my orgasms, and don’t ask for permission. Just cum inside me.”

Bracing my shoulder on the mattress, I slipped my hands beneath Karin’s slender body, cupping Her lovely ass as I pulled Her toward me with each vigorous thrust into Her looser, slicker pussy. Karin took a slender vibrator and put it to Her clit, ensuring She would experience pleasure also.

Karin came after about two minutes of using Her vibrator, then She shut it off. I continued to pound away at Her pussy, and it took me much longer than usual to cum due to the reduced friction. Being told to fuck my Wife as Her previous lover had, and being allowed to cum without requiring Her permission, was certainly a surprise to me. I went at it with Karin for about fifteen minutes, not worried about giving Her an orgasm, just selfishly concerning myself with my own pleasure as She had instructed.

When I got close to coming, Karin returned the vibrator to Her clit, giving Herself a final orgasm as I blasted a massive load inside of Her. Coming inside my not-so-gently-used Wife felt amazing, it was probably the biggest orgasm I had ever had for Her that didn’t involve Her pegging me or massaging my prostate.

“Thank you, Miss Karin,” I said. “For everything. I love you.”

Karin didn’t make me eat Her clean afterwards as I expected She might. She fell asleep thoroughly satisfied, having been pleasured in the same night by both Her young boy toy and Her husband.

I love Karin. I love sloppy seconds. I can’t wait for Her next Hotwife date!

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