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Much like I did on my second date with the woman who would become my Wife when She told me I’d be getting pegged that night, I’ll say this is my first time with this sort of thing, please be gentle.

I call this short story “Daydreaming...”

I was vacuuming the house today while Karin was out shopping, getting a mani-pedi, and getting Her hair done. Just about when I was ready to finish up and start with the laundry, I got a text from Her.

It was a picture of a guy about my age and a short message. “This is F (full name removed), he’s 30 and he lives (location removed). He’s says he’s never been with an older woman before and thinks my 48-year-old body is very sexy. I want him.”

I knew this text was for Her safety, not my permission. I replied “Have fun!” and my mind went racing. I imagined Her showing him my reply, then maybe heading off to a coffee shop for a little social interaction or light lunch before heading to a nice hotel, or maybe to his place if he’s single. Then him carrying Her into the bedroom with ease before gently tossing Her onto the bed. Then, before him starting to take Her, Karin telling him that She wants to be on top.


I received another text, temporarily interrupting my daydream. “We’re going to (location removed) and getting a room at (name of hotel removed). I’ll be home in about four hours. Be finished with your chores, cleaned up and ready for me.”

The text of my reply was simply, “Yes, Ma’am.”

I finished up my vacuuming and started on laundry, but had trouble concentrating. I caught myself putting the laundry detergent and fabric softener in the wrong dispenser locations of the washing machine before starting the first load. I had to remove the dispenser tray, empty it, rinse it clean and start over. The rhythmic sounds of the washing machine had me thinking about the sounds the bed would be making with the two of them in it, most likely with Her on top.

In my mind, I pictured Karin riding upright on top of him, still partially clothed, Her hair and makeup disheveled from an intensely passionate make-out session, glistening rivulets of sweat dripping from Her amazing body down onto his. She sensuously moans, “Don’t stop” repeatedly, as he arches his back, thrusting himself upwards into Her as She bounces rhythmically, his tightly-sheathed cock gliding in and out of Her warm wetness so readily. She occasionally bends forward to kiss him, then returns to Her upright position, never breaking Her sprightly rhythm, as Her arousal builds with every movement of Her body.

I imagined Karin riding him for a good half hour or more, then Her whole body quivering as She has Her first orgasm of the encounter, squirting Her luscious lady lust liquid onto his neatly-groomed pubic area and rippled abs, as he continues to give Her pleasure, and receives pleasure from his own giving. He scoops a bit of Her orgasmic juices onto his fingers and tastes it as She does the same, both enjoying the taste. Karin continues riding him to two more orgasms before he cums, filling the condom with the juices of his own lust.

I then visualized Karin telling him, “You’re not done yet, young man. Go down on me until I have three more.” He of course complies with Her request, as She moves to kneel over his face, and begins to rock back and forth, ensuring She gets all the pleasure She wants from Her new lover’s tongue. She remains on top of him as long as She wants, leaving his face drenched with Her essence, and eventually falls to his side, exhausted as the young man tells Her that was the best sex he has ever had, far better than anything from his own wife.

I envisioned Karin lying next to Her young lover in bed, satisfied, gently tracing one of Her newly-manicured red fingernails across his hairy chest, then down his body to his re-energized manhood, and back up to his chest, gently teasing him for a few minutes. She then tells him that She is willing to meet him for another romp in the future, on one condition: to please Her, he has to eat his cum from the condom. He agrees to this condition, so She scoops his cum from the condom onto two of Her fingers and brings it up to his mouth. He takes Her fingers into his mouth, trying hard to not make a “yuk” face as he sucks Her fingers clean and swallows his own jizz.

I then fantasized Karin casually telling him, “By the way, I’m not 48. You just enjoyed sex with a 64-year-old woman.” He is stunned, and instantly even more attracted to Her. He tells Karin he has another condom and asks if She wants to go again. She accepts, climbing on top again, grinding on him to give Herself another three orgasms before he is utterly spent. She dismounts her young lover’s body and lies beside him again, at which point he takes the second condom off, eating his own baby batter before Karin could even tell him to. After cuddling for a few minutes, She kisses him, gets up, and leaves him lying in bed with a huge smile on his face. She showers in the hotel room before getting his phone number and coming home to Her loving, submissive husband.

The washing machine’s “load completed” sound stirs me from my daydream, the first load of laundry is done, and the panties Karin has made me wear today are damp with my pre-cum. I put the wet clothes into the dryer and start up the second load, including Her damp panties. This time around, I get everything in its correct dispenser location.

Instead of daydreaming about my Wife’s impromptu date as the second load washes, I clean the bathroom instead, to get a day ahead of schedule. I manage to get all the laundry done, folded and put away just in time to clean myself up for Karin to arrive home, so She can tell me all the details of Her encounter while She pegs me with Her favorite dildo. Maybe She’ll even allow me to cum.

Posted : 30/06/2022 1:25 pm
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Fun.  God job.  Thank you.

Posted : 01/07/2022 3:15 am
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@allabouther Thank you for the feedback. I have two more in the "Erotic Fiction: Pegging" section, and am working on another for here.

Posted : 12/07/2022 1:44 pm