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Fun Until It Wasn't - The Bakers

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In the end the Baker's win out. They looked young and fun and full of life. And their good looks could not be ignored. We also liked the idea that both couples would be coming in on an even footing, this being the first time for all of us. We could stumble through our rookie experience together and share a laugh after the fact.

With an air of jubilation we reach out to the twenty-somethings. We wait with nervous anticipation and mercifully they do not keep us waiting long. Emails shoot back and forth. Within an hour of first contact a meetup is arranged for that same night! The plan was that we would get together for a drink and, if everything went well and everyone was down for it, they would come over to our house afterward.

This was all moving so fast!

I struggled hard with the worry and jealousy threatening to overwhelm me but two things got me through. The first was Camille's excitement, love and support. This was something new and exhilarating that we were doing together, as a couple. A shared experienced that would surely make our bond even closer. The second, quite simply, was lust. I loved Camille dearly but after 7 years I yearned to feel another woman again and be able to step back and watch my beautiful Camille in action. She felt exactly the same way. We weren't in anyway dissatisfied with one another, we just hungered for some variety. The thought was kinky and wonderful and incredibly arousing. It also helped I only had a few hours to wait. Given more time and I may have gotten cold feet.


Camille is downright giddy for the rest of the day. She is light and silly and giggly and flirtatious. Her ebullient mood is infectious. Both of us were so riled up it took everything we had not to enjoy a quickie there and then, we would have but we wanted to be fresh and randy for this evening. As we dress, Camille in a free flowing sundress and me in trousers and a nice collared shirt, we talk about the night ahead and fantasize about what might happen. With our hopes sky high the room had been tidied up with handy supply of lube and condoms in the nightstand.

By the time we are heading out I was feeling good again about everything, this was going to be a night to remember!

We meet at the prearranged spot, a quaint little hotel bar a five minute drive from our house. When we enter the dimly lit area I scan around and quickly see that the Baker's were already. They were at a table not twenty feet away. They rise to greet us.

And that is when my irrational misgivings come roaring back.

I had fully expected the photo on the site to present this duo in their best light and that the reality would fall a bit short. In this case I had been wrong. The photo they had used was clearly a few years old. The pair of them looked to have lived some wild times in the interim. They wore tight blue jeans and even tighter tank tops, turning heads in this sedate white collar establishment, and there were tattoos and piercings aplenty. Amanda's long blonde hair was up in a high pony tail but the sides of her head were shaved, and Kevin...holy shit...the big man had obviously continued his body building since the photo had been taken as he was now an absolute mass of rippling muscles!

The greet us with understanding smiles. "Hey." Amanda says in a placating tone. "Yeah it's us. We look a bit different than the photo."

"We didn't want to scare anyone off before they met us." Kevin says to me in a baritone voice. "Sorry bro."

I wasn't sure what to say. These weren't "our sort" of people and not what I'd been expecting. These two looked like they had come straight from the trailer park. Camille, open minded and accepting as ever, didn't even see the issue. She hurries forward to greet them, giving them each a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Good to meet you!" She says as she moves to her seat.

I come in behind, trying to mask my hesitation. I reach out and shake hands, first with Amanda and then with Kevin. While she was more made up than I like Amanda was just as cute and hot up close as I had expected, Kevin on the other hand was a whole different experience. A photo could never properly convey the sheer intimidating size of the muscle man. I unconsciously tighten my grip just a bit too much as some sort of compensation and I swear I catch an amused little smirk from him as I do so.

"Nice to meet ya." He says.

We settle into our seats. They were checking us out just as much as we were them. My wife quickly fills in the silence with excited chit chat. The young couple cheerfully and politely engage with everything she is saying, one could sense they were studiously staying on their best behavior so as not to spook us.

"Is that an accent?" Amanda asks. "It's subtle's there."

Camille nods. "French. I was born in Lyon, moved here when I was still little."

"Ooo!" Amanda croons. "Exotic!" She pinches her husband's arm and they both share an awkward laugh.

"Never had French before." Kevin quips, the twinkle in his eyes told me he wanted to say much more.

Camille smiles playfully. "French lovers are world renowned!"

And just like that the flirting had started. Camille's natural grace and class was a stark contrast to the pair's plain talking. The chances that either of these two had gone to college were slim to none. While they were a bit crude but they seemed friendly enough. It wasn't as if we had to love them, we just had to get along well enough to get it on. The conversation wore thin quickly. We all knew why we were there, the four of us together were a bubbling cauldron of libidinous desires. Well...three and half of us anyway. Looking at the tattooed Adonis across from me flirt with my wife was...interesting to say the least.

Perhaps sensing my doubts Amanda reaches over and takes my hand. "And I've never been with an old dude before." She winks. "I bet this old dog has some tricks. Hey? He he he."

Old!? I had never been called old before. Though, in fairness, I was about ten years her elder. It was by far the biggest age difference I'd ever had with a potential lover. Just the way her eyes smoldered as she stared at me gave me the impression Amanda was a wildcat between the sheets.

That impression is immediately confirmed as she leans forward and whispers. "I'm gonna rock your fuckin world baby."

"OH!" Camille covers her mouth and starts giggling up a storm.

"Ah, ya slut!" Kevin says.

"That's what ya love me." She shoots right back.

The "flirting" continues for a time, each of us barely touching our drinks, and it was quickly becoming obvious this thing was about to happen. I couldn't shake the jealousy, not completely. It was tough watching Kevin rub Camille's hand in his large grip, but I hide my concern well and do my best to focus on Amanda. Kevin and Amanda were all in, they were just waiting on us to give the word.

According to my wife and I's plan this was the time when we were supposed to split off and discuss things one last time. I could see in the way Camille looked at Kevin that this wasn't going to be necessary. She looks to me expectantly, after a heart pounding moment I give her the most subtle of nods. I HAD to do this, even just this once. I had to know. She gives me a beautiful smile and nods back.

"So...we don't live too far from here." I start.

Kevin slams back his whisky in a gulp and brings the tumbler back down onto the table with hard knock. Wham! "Finally! Let's get this show on the road!"

Camille and Amanda both laugh at the big man's bravado as I do my best to keep a calm facade.

He gets to his feet, towering over the rest of us. He keeps my wife's hand in his and pulls Camille up to his side. "Wanna ride with me?" He asks her.

"Oh! Uhhh...." She blushes before looking to me.

He looks at me with a dashing grin. "You don't mind, do ya Rickie?"

"Uh, it's Richard."

"Right, Richard."


"I'll come with you." Amanda says as she takes my arm. I could smell her strawberry perfume, it was pleasant enough but obviously cheap.

I stand up beside the young bombshell. What could I say? We were all about to experience a very intimate moment together, how could I refuse a simple ride? "Yeah, of course." I say, struggling to sound as if it was no big deal.

Kevin pays the bill without asking then leads the way out into the parking lot. He certainly was a take charge kind of guy. He holds Camille at his side with his tree trunk of an arm, and she clearly wasn't objecting. With barely a backward glance Kevin and my wife peel off toward a big raised yellow 4x4 Jeep. "See ya soon!" He waves.

"Bye baby!" Amanda calls back before tugging on my arm. "Come on old man, let's see if we can beat them there!"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, sure." I stammer. I watch Kevin help Camille up into the ridiculously tall vehicle, I also catch him checking out her legs as he did so. That little voice of worry was getting louder and louder.

I turn and start toward our humble sedan, Amanda still clung to my arm, and stride with faltering steps.

Amanda giggles. "You okay?"

"Ha! Yeah, never better." I say. "You?"

She leans up and kisses my cheek. "Horny as fuck." This Amanda certainly spoke her mind! "Come on, let's go. Let's beat 'em." This must be a thing Amanda and Kevin had.

Hurrying my pace we continue on toward the car. I unlock the door. I go to open the door for her but she grabs the handle and lets herself in. "Come on, come on! Let's go!"

Just then the big jeep's engine roars to life. VRROOOM! Followed by the blast of stupidly loud airhorn. HWONNK! Turning to look I see Camille waving at me and laughing from the passenger side of the yellow monstrosity. Kevin revs the engine a few times.

If it was race he wanted...he would get it! This was my neighborhood and I had the home field advantage. I hurry to my side of the car and hop in. The engine is barely started before I put it into gear and zoom off toward home. We had our partners, we were heading for the house, the die was cast. This was actually going to happen.

Posted : 03/12/2022 8:55 pm