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My name is John. My wife Maria and I have been married for almost ten years now. We are both in our mid 30's. My wife is the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. She has the most sexy pouty lips and thick natural blonde hair. Her body drives me wild every time I see her naked. Maria is 5'6" tall and her breasts are a heavy B cup, although she should probably wear a C cup bra, I don't complain though as her tits show off really good in the smaller bra. Her waist is the perfect size for her toned legs and tightly rounded ass. I on the other hand am just an average looking guy. I am 6 feet tall and somewhat slender. The worst part of my body however is my penis. Unfortunately I am only 4 inches when I am fully hard and it is very thin too.

My wife has never complained about the size of my penis but I think she would really enjoy the feeling of a big cock fucking her. She always reaches orgasm when I use one of her toys on her. Of course since I am so small her toys are all bigger than I am.

It is after getting her off with one of those toys that our story begins. Looking back I never should have brought up the subject and not a day goes by that I wish I could take it all back. She was just coming down from the pleasure that the thick toy had given her and I couldn't stop myself from asking her, "I bet you would really get off it you have a man with a dick this big doing you."

My wife gave me a very mean look, "How can you even say that?"

I knew right away that I should have stopped talking, but the image of her writhing under a big dick was too strong in my head by then. "I don't know honey. I can tell that you get off better with the toys than you do with me. I can't stop thinking that it would be even better for you if it was a real dick instead of just a toy."


"John." my wife said firmly. "I don't want any other man. I love you. Have I ever said anything about wanting a man with a bigger penis?"

"No." I said shyly. "I just get frustrated sometimes I guess. I wish I could make you feel as good as your toys do. I have a hard enough time lasting long enough to get you off on the rare occasion that I am even able to make you climax."

Maria sat up on the bed and put her hand on mine. "Baby, I don't care about that. You are my husband and I love you more than anything. It doesn't matter that you have a small penis."

"You mean you never think about having someone bigger than me?" I asked with a glimmer of hope.

"Of course I do." she said flatly. "Be honest though, don't you think of having a woman with huge tits?"

I couldn't answer her. I felt my face blush and looked down.

She rubbed my hand, "See. It is only natural to think about something different. It doesn't mean anything in the real world. Now get up here and hold me while we go to town"

I didn't need to be told twice. I wrapped my arms around her and held her until I fell asleep to her softly breathing in my arms.

The next morning I woke up and found my wife in the kitchen making breakfast. This was unusual because I normally make breakfast on Sunday's. I came up behind her, hugging her and kissing the nape of her neck. "What's the occasion?" I asked her.

"Nothing. I just woke up early and thought I would cook this morning." she told me.

After finishing breakfast I gathered up the dishes and rinsed them before putting them into the dishwasher and starting it. After pouring us each another cup of coffee I sat down with my wife and reached for the morning paper.

Just as I was opening the first page my wife grabbed my arm to stop me. "Whats up." I asked.

"I was thinking this morning." she paused for a moment. "About what you were talking about last night."

"You mean about.."

She cut me off, "Yeah."

"What about it?"

She looked down before she continued. "Its just....I had a dream last night. I had a dream about a man with a big one taking me. I woke up and I was soaked. I had to rub myself until I finished. Even after I was done I was still feeling myself getting wet."

I must have had a discouraged look on my face. She moved her chair next to mine and put her arm around me and continued. I'm sorry honey. I couldn't help myself. I got out the biggest toy I have and brought myself off twice more. I just couldn't stop thinking about a big dick making my climax. And that made me think of my exes and how they were bigger than you. Some of them...." she stopped suddenly.

"What?" I asked. "Some of them, what?"

"I'm sorry." she said seemingly about to cry. "Some of them were almost twice your size."

I kissed her softly, "Its ok Maria. I know you had other guys before me. It was a safe bet that they were bigger than me. I know that I am pretty small."

She kissed me on the cheek. "I'm so sorry John. You know that I have always been ok with your being small in that department. Ok, so after I brought myself off with the toy I decided to take a shower and calm myself down. It didn't work. I had to rub myself to climax again in the shower before my pussy finally settled down."

"Its fine baby." I told her. "You don't have to apologize for having thoughts like that."

"I know John." she told me. "But that isn't all. After my shower I started thinking about what you said last night. About having a bigger guy taking me. It sounded last night like you wanted me to let someone else have sex with me. I was wondering if you were serious? Would you like me to be with someone else? Is that what you were talking about?"

I didn't know what to say. I gulped down some coffee and tried to compose myself. I really didn't know what to tell her. I have had thoughts about her being with someone else, but did I really want it to happen. Could I live with myself it I let my wife be with another man? "I don't know honey. To be honest, I have thought about it a lot. I don't know if I want it to happen or if it is just something in my head." It took a moment for what she was saying to sink in further. "Wait, do you want to be with another man?"

She tightened her arm around me, "I don't know either. I want to make you happy. If that would make you happy I might do be willing to. Do you want me to?"

"I just want you to be happy and fulfilled." I fought back a sob, "If that would make you happy, I think I could be ok with it."

We spent the next few hours talking about it and decided that we would consider her being with another man.

Nothing would happen right away.

We actually spent the next few weeks talking about every aspect of how to to it. We discussed the type of man she might want, how to set it up, even how to find the right person. We did decide that if we were to go through with it we would get a motel room and do it there. It would feel wrong to both of us to do something like that in our home.

About two months after the first conversation about the topic, we decided to go through with it. We decided that we would post some ads on a few websites catering to that subject. We searched many different sites and decided to only post on one of them. After creating a profile for Maria we waited for her to receive some messages from willing men to pick from.

We didn't have to wait long. Less than an hour after creating a profile we had ten messages.

We sat and read them all together. The were all supportive and willing to be with my wife, not a great shock with how beautiful she is. After reading through them all. Maria turned to me and told me to send them all responses telling them that she wasn't interested.

The next day we had even more messages. Maria didn't like any of them either.

We repeated the process day after day. Each time Maria told me to tell them that she was not interested in meeting with any of them.

I was getting frustrated. I decided to ask her about it. "Maria. Why haven't you like any of the men that sent you a message? Some of them were good looking guys and some had some pretty big ones if the pictures they sent are to be believed.

"I know they were. I guess I just don't get the feeling that I am hoping for out of them."

"What do you mean? What feeling?" I asked her.

"It is hard to explain. Remember when I told you about waking up soaked and having to bring myself off multiple times before I settled down?"

"Of course I do. What about it?"

"I guess I am hoping to find someone who makes me feel like that. Maybe I am asking for too much." She put her head down into her hands and sobbed softly.

I pulled her to me and whispered into her ear, "You could never ask for too much. If we are going to go through with this, you can have it any way that you want."

"Thank you John. You are the best."

I lifted her chin to look her in the eye, "Is there something different about them from what you imagined. Can you describe it, maybe we can change something in your profile to attract the type of man that could make you feel that way."

"I don't know. I want someone caring and understanding of our situation. I don't want someone who would make you feel bad about me being with him. I can't think of anything else though. All of that is in the profile already."

"Don't worry Maria. It may take some time but we will find someone that you feel right about. Come on, lets forget about this for now and go out."

We stood up and as we reached the door to our home office she stopped suddenly. "Wait."

"What is it?"

"I just thought of something. I didn't think about it before because I have never thought it mattered."

"Ok. Tell me."

"Well....In that dream I had....The man...."

"The man what?"

"He was black."

"Black?" I asked. "You want it to be a black guy?"

"I don't know." she paused. "I didn't even think about it being a black guy. I don't even know why I dreamed about a black guy. Maybe that's it though. Would it be ok if the man was black?"

"I guess." I said still stunned about it. Neither on of us is racist in any way. It just never came up that a black guy would be the one. None of the guys that sent her a message had been black. "It doesn't matter to me if it is a black guy. Why would it?"

"I don't know." she said. "You know, just the thought of a black guy being with your wife. Some people would not approve of that."

"Some people would not approve of any of this. To hell with anyone that doesn't approve. This is our decision for us. Nobody else matters than that."

She wrapped her arms around me, "It is so special that you are willing to go through with all this."

"Anything for you Maria. Lets change your profile to say that you would prefer a black man."

"You're so good to me baby. I can't thank you enough for being ok with all this." she kissed me before I went back to change her profile.

The next day Maria was out running some errands and I decided to check on her profile. There were over a dozen messages from different black men wanting to hook up with her.

I read through the messages, some were just guys wanting to, "fuck that white cunt". I deleted those without waiting for her to see them. We had discussed everything and I knew she would not be interested in meeting with a guy like that.

I saved three of the messages. All of them included pictures of the men, all of them included at least one picture of their erect dick too. I could not believe the size of them. I didn't send messages to any of them, deciding to wait for her to make a final decision. I thought I knew which one she would pick, but I didn't want to decide for her.

When she got home I gave her a hug and kissed her fiercely.

"What was that for?" she asked me.

I couldn't contain the smile on my face. "I think I found the guy for you. There were a bunch of messages from black guys waiting for you. I deleted the ones that were jerks and kept three of them I think you would like."

Maria got a big smile on her face, "Lets go check them out then." she said and headed for our office.

She sat down at the computer and opened the site. I stood behind her and watched as she read the messages and looked at the pictures.

As she read the one I thought she would like I knew I was right. She looked intently at his pictures, especially the one with his dick rock hard in his boxers with the tip sticking out the bottom. She read the message a second time.

He said all the right things to her. He told her that he would be honored if she decided to meet with him and that he didn't mind if her husband wanted to be present and watch if she chose to make love with him. He actually used the term make love instead of fuck or another harsher term. I knew she would eat that up, and she did.

She looked over her shoulder at me and shook her head. She also grabbed my hand and guided it down to her pussy. I snaked my hand into her shorts and felt that her pussy was getting wet from his message.

"This is the guy." she exclaimed. "I'm getting that feeling like after that dream I had. Can you feel how wet I'm getting."

I rubbed around her lips and slipped a finger into her. "Hell yeah I can. Why don't you send him a response and then maybe we can fool around ourselves."

"What should I tell him?" she asked.

"Tell him you liked his pictures and would like to talk to him live. Give him your IM name." I told her.

She typed her response. She added some things to it and did include her screen name. She had me read over what she wrote before she sent her message. "You should send him a better picture of you."

"How much better do you mean?"

We hand put a picture of her on her profile. It showed her in a modest bikini, but we did not include her face. "Take off your clothes." I told her. "All of them."

"You want to send him a nude picture?" she asked a little shocked.

"Sure. He sent you some. Besides, if we want this to happen I'm sure he is going to want to see you naked before meeting you."

"I guess you're right." she said and stood up, taking her clothes off.

I took out my phone and took a few shots of her. One was just straight on with her arms at her sides. Another one I had her cup her tits. I also asked her to sit back down and spread her legs for another. She unfortunately did not go for that one though.

I sent the photos to the computer and she asked, "Should I leave my face in them?" she asked.

"Sure, why not." I told her.

She decided to go for it and sent him the one with her cupping her tits and a side profile shot of her.

After sending the message she got up and pulled me to the bedroom.

After we finished making love, she took a shower and I went to check my email. I figured I would check on her profile and a whim and saw the the man had sent her another message. I decided to wait to open it so we could do it together.

Maria found me at the computer after her shower and I told her the news. She sat down in my lap and told me to open it.

I did as she asked and we read his message together.

It read, "Maria, thank you for the beautiful pictures of you. You are even more sexy than I could have imagined you to be. Thank you also for leaving your lovely face in the pictures. I would be thrilled to talk with you later on messenger." he included his screen name at the end of his message.

I won't go into the details of their conversations. They would talk every few days for the next couple weeks.

After one such IM session she came to talk to me. "John, baby. Something came up that I think we should talk about."

"Sure honey. What's up?"

"Well. I was talking to Joe and he brought something up that we haven't talked about."

"What's that?" I asked, unsure what it could be.

"He told me that he would want to have me without a condom. He said that it is hard to find any that fit him and that they are still not comfortable when he has to wear one. We never did talk about whether the guy should use one or not. What do you think?"

I thought about what she was saying. It was true that wearing a condom sucked. I only used one when her time of the month was near. "I guess we haven't discussed it. I think if he would be more comfortable without a condom, then he would be more likely to be relaxed and give you that much more pleasure. If it is ok with you, I say just plan it at a safe time for you and don't use a condom."

"I was thinking the same thing." she said with a smile. "I'm going to go tell Joe that he won't need a condom when we get together. Thanks baby."

A few days after that I came home from work and found Maria sitting at the computer. She was talking with Joe and it looked like they were sending pictures back and forth. I noticed that the last one she sent was one of her spreading her legs in the chair. She had moved the chair over to the mirror behind the door and took the shot herself.

She saw the look of excitement on my face at seeing that she had taken and sent a photo like that. I head the computer chirp and saw that she had just sent another photo to him. It was another selfie, only this time her legs were spread open and she had one of her toys inside her pussy.

He sent back a quick reply to that one, "I can't wait for that to be me inside you baby."

"I can't either." she said back.

I left her to her conversation and went to watch tv.

When she came out to me, she was really excited. "I have something to tell you."

"You do do you?" I teased.

"Yes, I do." she teased right back. "You have to make a reservation at a hotel for Saturday night. I'm ready and Joe is available to meet on Saturday."

"You're sure?" I asked. "Is that a safe time for you?"

"I should be more than safe." she assured me.

"In that case." I said getting up. "I'll go make a reservation right now."

"Thanks baby." she kissed me as I went by her to the computer.

Maria sent Joe an email later that night and gave him the details for the hotel reservation. He said that he looked forward to meeting us both in person.

The rest of the week we were both getting more and more excited about the coming event. All of the planning and talking we did was going to pay off. She was going to finally get the pleasure of being with a man with a large dick.

Friday night we had a candlelight dinner at home. After dinner, we made slow passionate love that night. I did the best I could, but was unable to bring her to orgasm. I reached for one of her toys but she stopped me. "Don't worry about it honey. I'm sure I'll be taken care of tomorrow. I can wait until then. I love you John."

"I love you to Maria." I kissed her and then we both turned over to get some sleep.

The next day we tried to treat it like any other day but I don't think either one of us was feeling like it was true. We both seemed to be filled with nervous energy.

Joe was going to meet us at the room at 9:00. We decided to get out things ready early and head over to the hotel and then go out for a nice dinner to celebrate.

After arriving at the hotel, Maria took a bubble bath while I made the dinner arrangements. She called me into the bathroom after her bath and asked, "What do you think?" as she turned around to show me her newly shaved pussy.

I was stunned. I had been too scarred to ask her to do that for me. "I love it. What made you do that?"

She gave her mound a little rub, "Joe asked me to do it for him. He said he really prefers his women to be shaved. Now, go change for dinner while I get dressed."

I left her in the bathroom to get dressed.

She came out a little bit later and if it was possible my jaw would have hit the floor. She was wearing a sultry dark red dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Her great tits were being pushed up and on full display. I knew she could not have a bra on under that dress but was not sure if she had on any panties.

She must have been able to tell that I was wondering because as she sat down to put her shoes on her dress raised up and she spread her legs to show me the lacy black thong she was wearing.

"Why don't we skip dinner and just stay in and make love before Joe gets here?" I asked seeing how sexy she looked.

"But honey, I'm hungry and I don't want to have to fix my makeup again before he gets here." She stood up and kissed me as she walked toward the door. "But after he is done with me, I promise that I will take care of you."

Meeting her at the door, "I'm going to hold you to that."

Dinner was wonderful. It was romantic and I could not help but notice that almost all of the men in the restaurant were checking out Maria. It was a shot of confidence to know that she was my wife and that so many other people would love to have her. What they didn't know was that some lucky other guy would be having her that night besides me.

We walked the few blocks back to the hotel hand in hand mostly in silence. It was hitting both of us what we were about to do. I was thinking about what would happen after I allowed some strange man to have my wife sexually and what I would feel like tomorrow.

I think Maria was more excited than nervous. Every time I tried to talk to her she would just make a quiet noise instead of give an answer. I knew her mind was going crazy too. Would she like it more than being with me? Would she even feel a spark when she met Joe in person? Could he make her feel as good as he said online?

We were sitting in the room having a glass of wine to calm our nerves. It was almost 9:00 and we were shocked out of our haze by a knocking at the door. I looked over at Maria and she only nodded slightly at me when I asked if she wanted me to get it.

I opened the door and was greeted by a bald black man carrying a small duffel bag. Maria never told me how old Joe was and I was stunned to find out that he could be no older than 25. He had a solid physique and was wearing a button up shirt and dress jeans. "You must be Joe? I'm John, come on in."

"Nice to meet you John." he said, shaking my hand and walking into the room.

I followed him in and almost walked into him when he stopped short and took in my wife.

Maria was standing by the bed drinking some wine. Joe slowly looked her up and down before approaching her and giving her a tight hug. I saw Maria's eyes widen and noticed that Joe had moved his hand down and grabbed her ass. He then gave her a wet kiss, sticking his tongue into her mouth and rolling around.

After he backed away he finally spoke to her. "You are even more beautiful and sexy in person. It is good to finally meet you Maria."

Maria was a little taken aback by his greeting but I could see the arousal in her eyes. "It is nice to meet you too. You didn't tell me that you were that much younger than me."

"Age is just a number Maria. You are always as young as you feel." he gave her body another long slow once over. "And I would say that you look like you could pass for a lot younger than you truly are."

"Thank you." Maria managed to say as I saw her blush at his compliment.

John sat on the bed and pulled Maria down next to him, "Have a seat John. There are some things I want to discuss before we get to business." he said and motioned for me to take the seat next to the bed.

I sat down and watched as Joe ran his hand up Maria's leg, sliding it under her dress and between her thighs. "First off, I want to thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of being with your wife. John, it takes a hell of a man to care so much about his wife's pleasure that he would let another man take her. And listen, I know this is your first time doing this and I'm going to go slow and easy the first time. I want to give Maria as much pleasure as I can."

"I just want her to try something different and I hope she will enjoy it as much and we have talked about."

He pulled his hand from between her legs and I could see her wetness on his fingers. "I don't think that will be a problem." He held his fingers up to Maria and she took them into her mouth and sucked her juices from them.

I could feel my small penis getting hard in my pants watching them.

"Maria, would you get me my bag?" he asked my wife who jumped up to bring over to him. "John, I have to go over one more thing with you both. This is not the first time I have been invited to be with another mans wife. It has not always gone over well with the husbands though. I have found that after I start giving another mans wife more pleasure than they can they become angry and try to stop me. Because of that, I now insist on securing the husband so that they cannot try to stop or even worse try to get physical with me. It always ends bad and I don't want that to happen."

Maria handed him the bag and sat back next to him. He opened the bag and pulled out some rope and a pair of hand and ankle cuffs that were attached together.

I didn't know what to say. This was not what was discussed before. Joe could see the look of dispare on my face. "John I don't want to do anything that you don't both want. It is my only hope that you will agree to be secured to that chair while I make love to your wife. It is in the best interest of all of us. It would also be bad if you got too loud, and for that I also brought a gag for you to wear. I don't mean to sound controlling or anything, I just don't want any change of heart to affect your wife getting the pleasure that she needs.

Maria looked at me pleadingly, "Please John. I really want to try this and I think this is the best way. We have talked about going through with this for so long, and I really want to see it through."

"What do you say John? Do you want to go all the way with this too?" Joe asked me.

"I just want you to be happy and fulfilled Maria. If that is what it takes than I am willing to do it." I told her.

"Thank you John." Maria said jumping over to me and giving me a sloppy kiss.

"I should tell you both, I don't plan on only doing it once. I am here to give your wife pleasure that you can't and I expect to make love to her many times tonight. You both understand that, right?"

"That is what this is all about. Of course I understand." I told him.

Joe came over to me and put the cuffs around my ankles. He didn't make them too tight, but tight enough to be secure. He then put my hands behind my back and through the back of the chair. The chain connecting the cuffs was not that long and my legs were sliding further under the chair as he tightened the cuffs to my wrists. Again not overly tight. Maria picked up the gag and gently secured it in place.

"Thank you for this honey. I love you so much." she whispered softly in my ear as she did.

I tried to tell her I loved her and to have fun, but you could not understand anything with the gag in place.

Joe, seeing that Maria had the gag firmly in place took her hand and pulled her into his strong arms. He kissed her passionately on the lips, before turning to me, "John, I'm going to take it slow the first time and let her get used to my size. I plan to make her finish at least twice before I unload the first time."

All I could do was nod my consent to what he was saying.

Joe kissed the nape of her neck and soon had my wife purring in his arms. He could sense the time was right and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up and then over her head and tossed it to the floor, leaving my wife in only her lacy thong. He then pushed on her shoulders and had her sink to her knees in front of him. He unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled his dick out.

It looked big in the pictures he had sent, but was just massive in person. Maria and my eyes were both wide at the sight of his monster. Maria reached a nervous hand out and wrapped it around his thick shaft. She stroked it a few times and I watched as it grew in her touch. She slowly moved her head forward and gave the tip of his dick a few tentative licks.

She looked at me and then looked up at Joe before taking the tip of his cock into her mouth. I could tell that she was using her tongue on him as well. Joe reached a hand down and put it on her head and pulled her slowly further onto his cock. He was not rough or disrepectful, just slowly guiding her to take more of him into her mouth.

She got about half of him in her mouth before he hit the back and she gagged slightly. He let her back off him to get more comfortable. Maria had kept stroking him as she sucked. His cock was now rock hard and throbbing in her hand. "Switch hands." he said to Maria. "I want to see your wedding ring on my cock."

That demand took me off guard. It seemed like he did it to torment me a little, but it could have just been something that he gets off on. It wasn't the first time he had been with another mans wife after all.

As those thoughts ran through my mind, Maria had indeed switched hands and as I watched, I could see her gold ring stand out proudly against his dark black cock. It was an extremely arousing sight and I could feel my penis growing in my pants. I wished I could stroke it, or at least free it from confinement.

Joe let her continue to suck his cock for another couple minutes before pulling her back to her feet. I could see some of her juices running down her leg. She must have been really wet to have leaked through her panties and show that much.

Joe noticed to and rubbed his hand along her inner thigh, spreading her juices around. He then tugged her panties part way down her leg. Maria was unbuttoning his shirt as he pushed her thong down to her ankles.

Joe guided her to lay on the bed and pulled her heels off as she laid back. He took his shirt off and pushed his pants to the ground and stepped out of them, leaving them both naked. He was completely ripped and kind of intimidated me once he didn't have any clothes on.

Joe got on the bed between Maria's spread legs. He moved up between them and started rubbing his cock against the outside of her pussy. He got the tip coated in her juices and then lined up with her hole. He looked over at me, "Last chance to back out John. We can stop right now and I won't hold it against you. Just shake your head yes or no."

I looked at Maria and saw the look of pure lust in her eyes and shook my head yes.

Joe didn't wait long after to push the tip inside of her moist pussy. "Ooooohhhhhhh." Maria moaned out as he pushed slowly into her. He slowly worked himself in and out of her until he had about half of his long cock into her.

Maria was going crazy on the bed beneath him. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy the entire time. Suddenly he pulled out of her and got off the bed. "Why did you stop." Maria asked panting.

Joe picked up her thong and returned to the bed. "Trust me, you are going to need these." he told her and pushed her thong into her open mouth. Maria reached to take them out but he grabbed her hand to stop her. "I wouldn't. You have never had a cock like mine before. Do you want to scream so loud that someone has to complain about you."

Maria looked deeply into his eyes and nodded her head to him.

Joe moved back between her legs and pushed his cock back into her. He quickly got about halfway into her and tried to push deeper. Her pussy was incredibly tight and he didn't get much deeper right away.

It took him almost twenty minutes to get his entire length into her. I could see Maria's juices covering his cock by now. I figured she would not last much longer before she climaxed.

Once he was able to get his cock all the way into her he turned to me with wicked grin on his face. I didn't like the look he gave me. It seemed sinister and I would come to learn that it was.

As he turned away from me he grabbed a tight hold of Maria's waist and began to hammer into her pussy. Maria was screaming into the thong stuffed into her mouth. She sounded like she was in a great deal of pain.

I could not believe what he was doing to her. "Take my cock white bitch." he grunted at her as he kept pounding into her pussy, driving her into the bed. Maria looked to me, but I could do nothing to help her, being tied to the chair and gagged.

Maria was not strong enough to move away from his strong grasp and his driving cock. Joe turned to me laughing, "I'm gonna destroy this fucking pussy." he told me.

I tried to fight out of the bonds holding me to the chair to no avail. "You like that? You like me fucking your wife and ruining her pussy? Not that it matters." he said as he fucked even harder into her.

I heard a grunt come from Maria saw the look on her face. Oh no. How could she have an orgasm with him just pounding her so rough. It didn't take long for the intense fucking to do its work on her. She came harder than I can ever remember before. It is a good thing he had put the thong into her mouth with the sound of her climax.

I stared at the scene before me in shock. I wanted to help my wife, but now I wasn't sure if she even wanted me too. He had made her cum harder than anything I have ever done to her, whether it was by using toys or going down on her. His cock trumped all of my efforts.

Maria was shacking on the bed during her orgasm. Joe had not stopped his relentless fucking of her while she came. He continued to thrust rapidly into her quivering pussy.

His assault on my wife's pussy lasted for over an hour. He had brought her to three orgasms during that stretch. Each one more intense than the last.

He was grunting with each thrust. "This is gonna be one wrecked pussy when I'm finished with it. Is that what you want John? You want your wife to have her pussy destroyed by my black cock?"

Once more I tried to break free of my bonds. I was straining to get free when I heard him say, "I'm bout to nut in her cunt John. You might want to watch this. Gonna fill her with my black cum."

By now Maria was just limp on the bed, taking his cock as he fucked into her. It was as if she was in a trance. Her eyes just stared blankly at the ceiling as he fucked her.

He finally slowed down his pace. Now he was slowly pulling back from her and then pushing hard and deep into her before repeating the process. "Here it comes. I'm gonna fucking cum in your wife's cunt." he said before holding his cock deep in her pussy.

I watched as his ass flexed with each blast of cum that he sent into her. Maria was almost catatonic as he filled her with his seed.

He held himself all the way into her, making sure that he gave her every bit of his seed that he could.

When he pulled out he came over to me and changed how I was cuffed. He undid me from the chair so that I could stand and now had my hands in front of me. "Try her new pussy out John. Tell me how you like her ruined cunt."

I didn't know what I should do. He was so intimating that I undid my pants and finally freed my penis. I was rock hard, even if was only four inches. I struggled onto the bed and looked between my wife's leg at he gaping pussy.

Going into this I thought I might like the feeling of being in her just fucked pussy. But as I pushed myself inside her, I could not feel anything. I only knew I was in her because I felt her against my crotch.

I tried to work my penis around to get some feeling on my penis. I finally found a way that I could feel the slightest bit of contact when I felt Joe's hands on my shoulders.

He pulled me away from Maria and pushed me to the floor. "I told you that it was ruined. At least for you. Stay there as I fuck your wife again."

I was too frightened to do anything but what he told me.

I watched from the floor as he fucked my wife again and again. He pounded her roughly each time and always came deep in her pussy.

I lost count of the times he fucked her. One time after he had finished he pulled me onto the bed and pushed me face down near her pussy. "Clean her cunt out for me. It is to nasty for me to fuck like that."

I fell asleep to the sounds of him fucking my wife.

Joe woke me up around 8:30 in the morning, "Thanks for letting me destroy your wife's pussy John. I had a lot of fun. Be sure to get in touch if you ever want me to fuck her again."

I was to scared to say anything to him as he left the room, tossing the key to the cuffs on the floor before leaving.

I undid the cuffs and saw Maria sleeping soundly and decided to take a shower and let her rest.

As I got out I found her playing with her worn out pussy on the bed and crying. "What's wrong honey? How can you cry and play with yourself?"

"I'm so sorry John." she sobbed. "I'm crying because I didn't know it would go like that. And because I liked it so much. I loved how he treated my pussy last night. It was just what I needed. He worked me so hard and made me cum so much. I don't know how to tell you this, but I might just want to do something like this again."

My heart sank at her words. But since I loved her so much I knew I would let her whenever she wanted.

After letting my wife have sex with another man, and the rough way he treated her as he fucked her, my life has changed. My wife constantly wants me to treat her the same way. The problem is that I truly love my wife and don't want to treat her like a cheap slut. She begs me to everytime we have sex. Even when I just use her toys on her she wants me to be as rough as I can.

I try to keep her happy and satisfied, but it seems like the harder I try the harder she wants it. As I said before I don't have a large penis and I have a hard time making her cum during sex. Since we let another man fuck her, I have not brought her to orgasm without resorting to using the toys, or my tongue. She has really started to like it when I go down on her. Even if she rarely returns the favor on me.

It was a few months after our encounter with a man named Joe that we had met online that she could not stop bringing up the way he fucked her. Everyday she would talk about how he had her feel and how hard she came as he pounded her vigorously. I tried to up my game with her toys but it was no use.

One day as she brought up his sexual prowess I could not take anymore and blurted out, "Why don't we find another guy to do you?" I don't think I really wanted her to do it, but I didn't want to hear about another guy everyday.

Maria looked at me smiling, "That is a great idea. Do you think we should get in touch with Joe again or find somebody else?"

"Somebody else." I quickly said. "I don't trust Joe after what he did the last time."

Maria moved closer to me on the couch and put her leg over mine. "But now we know that I like that kind of sex. I can ask for someone to fuck me hard, like a cheap slut. I would love to be treated like that again. I came so much when Joe had his way with me."

"I know you did honey. If you really want to have him again it is your choice. I want you to be happy and enjoy yourself. "I would just prefer it to be someone else."

"I better get my profile updated then. I should be safe next weekend, I hope that is enough time to set something up."

First we contacted Joe and asked him about meeting up soon. When told of the day he said he was not available, but that he would still like to fuck Maria again.

Maria was dissapointed, but we did activate her profile and altered some of her requests. We put on there that it was ok to more rough with her. That she got off on a man treating her like some slut to use as hard as you want and then take off.

As I was on the computer I could actually hear as Maria was playing with her pussy. She was getting really wet and I could hear the sloppy wet sound of her hand working herself.

After I was finished Maria pulled me to the bedroom and rode my penis as hard as she could. It was not the same as some guy pumping her, and she didn't climax, but I could tell she was into it.

After I came, she climbed up to straddle my face and I licked her until she came.

The next day, after work we checked on her profile. She had many responses from men wanting to fuck her. There was no beating around the bush this time, they were open about wanting to pound my wife and leave her panting for more. Of course all of the men were black since Maria didn't want me to take that out as she thought that was part of what made the first time so special for her.

She picked out three men to chat back and forth with before she narrowed it to just one guy. An eighteen year old thug looking guy with a cock a little bit smaller than Joe.

She told him that he would not have to wear a condom as long as he had proof of a recent STD test. He said that wasn't a problem and he got tested regularly.

They chatted online for a few days before Maria told me that she would once again like me to set up a hotel for her to meet up with her friend.

The next day I set up a hotel room for the next Saturday night. I told Maria that the room was all set up for her next adventure when she came home.

She went right to the computer to tell her choiced man the good news. I stayed watching tv to give her some time alone to chat with her new friend.

After about half an hour she came out to me almost in tears. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

She sat with me on the couch. "That guy Cedrick I picked just told me that he can't make it this weekend. I don't think I can wait any longer to do this again. What are we going to do?"

I put my arm around my wife to console her. "Don't worry baby. We will think of something."

We just sat in silence for awhile, holding each other.

The next day, when I got home from work I was greeted by Maria with a huge smile on her beautiful face. "You seem much happier than yesterday."

"I am so much happier honey." she said giving me a sloppy kiss. "I solved the problem about Saturday."

"Thats great." I said puzzled. "What did you do?"

"Well..." she paused. "You might not like it. I got in touch with Joe. I begged him to meet me on Saturday. I told him what happened and that I would do anything to have him bang me again."

"I take it he said yes?"

"He did. Kind of."

"Kind of...What does kind of mean?" I asked her.

"Well he said I would have to really let him have me this time. That he would not take it easy on me like he did before." she told me plainly.

"Like before!" I shrieked. "That was him taking it easy on you?"

"That is what he said. He said that he would like you there again to watch as he fucks me too."

I had to sit down to gather my thoughts. "How could he make it any harder on you that he did last time. I thought he was going to cause permanent damage."

"You could say that he did." she said softly. "I mean, my pussy never did get back to as tight as it was before. Don't tell me that you haven't noticed when we have sex?"

"I guess I did." I said hanging my head. I truly had noticed that her pussy was always looser than it was before he fucked her. I could definitely feel less friction when we have sex.

"I guess that everything has worked out in the end." she said. "I will get the type of sex that I have been needing since last time and you will get to watch me get the pleasure that I badly need."

I think Maria noticed my head sink even lower, "I'm sorry honey. Its just that I need to be taken hard and rough, and you aren't that type of guy. I love you with all my heart and I never want to lose you, but I need to get good and fucked sometimes."

"I know you do baby." I said giving her a soft kiss. "I would do anything for you."

"You're the best John. I love you so much."

The week flew by until Saturday. All week long Maria was trying on different sexy outfits for her next meeting with Joe. She was driving me insane with lust with all the hot lingerie she tried out. I tried to make a move with her but she shot me down each time. She said that she wanted to be aching for sex by the time she gets with Joe.

We got to the hotel a little before six and had a light dinner sent up. Joe was not supposed to meet us there until eight so we were able to enjoy a nice meal together before her fun was to begin.

After all the fuss she made about what she was going to wear, she decided not to wear anything under her form fitting red dress. She didn't want Joe to have anything in his way when he took her.

We had finished eating and had called for someone to pick up the room service tray when there was a knock on the door.

Maria stood and went to let Joe in. Upon opening the door she lept into Joe's arms with the door wide open.

Joe walked her into the room and closed the door. He pushed her away from him telling her, "Don't move from the door."

He left her standing there and came over to me. I stood to greet him, extending my hand out to him. He shook my hand, saying, "Thanks for letting me fuck your wife again John. I had fun last time and this time I intend to really make use of her body."

I felt myself blush and also a sense of relief that he wasn't carrying anything with him this time. He must not plan on binding me to the chair like before. "You're welcome, I guess." I said, unsure what else to say to the man that was about to have sex with my lovely wife.

Maria was still standing by the door as we talked. Joe turned back to her, "Thats good slut. Take off your dress for me. Stay where you are as you do." he told her.

Maria did as she was told discarded her dress on the floor. Joe took his clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed naked. He spread his legs, showcasing his large cock to both of us. He gave it a few strokes and it got hard immediately, I'm sure having my naked wife there helped with that.

I saw Maria reach up and knead her breasts as she saw his cock harden in his hand.

Joe motioned to the chair across from the bed, "Have a seat John." I sat as he told me to and listened as he ordered Maria, "Get down on your knees slut."

Maria quickly sank to the floor, still playing with her tits.

Joe let go of his cock, which stayed hard and pointing right at her. "Now crawl to my cock. Crawl like the slut bitch you are."

Maria didn't hesitate. She began crawling on all fours towards him. She didn't rush over to him. She was crawling slowly, arching her back and swaying her ass as she moved.

"Thats right Maria." he told my wife. "Crawl over here and suck my cock."

Maria licked her lips as she finished her crawl. She had her mouth open when she made it to him and quickly put his cock into her mouth. Maria reached her hand up to stroke him, but he pushed her hand back down, "I didn't tell you to stroke it. I said suck it bitch. Keep yourself on all fours like the bitch you are."

Maria whimpered as he said this but did as instructed. She put her hand back on the floor and kept sucking him. He grabbed her head and held her down on his thick cock. Slowly he pushed deeper into her until she gagged on his cock.

He would back off and let her breath and then push back into her, causing her to gag and sputter each time. His crotch was soon covered in her spit as she kept sucking on his cock.

I looked on as Maria began to cry as she sucked him. She must have sensed my apprehension, since she motioned with her hand that she was fine and not to stop him. I watched as her makeup began to run around her eyes and down her face. But she kept on sucking him.

Joe decided that he had enough and pulled her by the hair until his cock fell from her mouth. Maria looked up at him with wide eyes and an open mouth. Joe pulled her to his mouth and kissed her hard on the mouth, sticking his tongue into her mouth. He then jerked her head back and spit right into her open mouth.

I can't explain why, but watching him spit into her mouth caused my cock to harden in my pants. I was repulsed by it but at the same time it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I was shocked too when Maria swallowed his spit and opened her mouth wide again.

"You like swallowing my spit slut?" he asked.

Maria just nodded her head and kept her mouth open and stuck her tongue out.

Joe took the invitation and spit in her mouth again. Maria again swallowed it without any hesitation.

Joe then stood up and pulled Maria to her feet by her hair. He moved behind her and leaned her over the bed and had her put her hands down. Her ass was bent right at the prime position for him to fuck her from behind.

Joe let go of her hair and took up position behind my wife. He spread her legs further apart and grabbed onto her hips. He rubbed some of her spittle on his cock and found her hole. He quickly sank into her about half way. Maria lowered her face into the mattress and moaned into the bed.

Joe didn't give her any warm up time like he did last time. He just shoved the remaining half of his cock into her in one steady thrust.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Maria moaned as she balled up her fists in the sheets.

"Take my cock bitch." Joe grunted at her as he pulled back and thrust back hard into her pussy.

Maria was grinding her ass back as he fucked her from behind. I looked on and saw her facial expression change with each thrust. Her face would relax as he slowly withdrew his massive cock only to cringe back up when he would pound back into her.

She was constantly moaning as he fucked her and smacked her ass, leaving a red mark wherever his hand came down on her.

Maria squeeled the first time his hand smacked down on her ass. I never even thought to try spanking her and here he was almost beating her ass as he fucked her. Maria had a moment of clarity after one vicious swat and looked me in the eye. She had a look of pure pleasure in her eyes and I knew she was loving it all.

His fucking was getting to to her, "Fuck me." she moaned into the sheets. "I'm gonna.......Oh FUCK.......I'm.....gonna.....OH........OH.......OH FUCK MEEEeeeeee!" she screamed into the mattress as she came.

Her hands slipped and Maria slumped her body to the mattress as Joe continued to work fuck her while she came. Her ass was quivering as he pounded her.

As her breathing returned to normal, Joe slowly withdrew his cock from her juicy pussy. He took a slight step back and reached between them and grabbed his cock.

He slid his cock up and down her pussy a few times and then up her ass too. He wasn't going to do what I thought he was going to do. There was no way he would try to put it in her ass. She hasn't let me do that since before we were married. She couldn't take his monster cock into her tight asshole.

I don't think Maria knew what was going on until she felt his cock press up against her tight anal ring. Her head shot up from the bed and she gasped for breath as he slowly pushed his head into her. It was good that his cock was so slick with her wetness, otherwise he would not have been able to even get that into her.

"Wait!" Maria shrieked. "You can't fuck my ass. You won't fit in there."

"I can do whatever I want with you." Joe said and gave her ass a spank as if to emphasize his point. "You begged me to fuck you and I told you it would be different this time. I will fuck you in any hole I choose to, and right now I want to fuck your tight ass." He spit into his hand and rubbed it on his shaft before slowly pushing more of his cock into her ass.

Maria looked up with glossy eyes at me as she felt each vein on his cock as he pushed into her tight ass. I thought she might want me to stop him but she subtly shook her head and mouthed, "I love you." to me.

I mouthed it right back at her, but she had already buried her face back into the bed and didn't see it. "Its so big in my tight ass." she moaned to him.

"You still got about halfway to go." he told her as he worked another inch into her.

Joe reached under her and massaged her clit as he worked on her ass. Soon he had Maria grinding her ass onto his cock, helping him sink the rest of the way into her ass. "No more. Please......I can't take anymore."

Joe smacked her ass, "Slut, you took it all." Joe pulled back some and gently fucked back into her until his balls slapped her clit, "There is no more to take. You got it all in your ass bitch."

Maria seemed pleased at this news, "I took it all." she said with a smile. I could see her lick her lips even with her face pressed into the sheets. "It feels even bigger in my ass then my pussy. I feel so full."

"You should slut." he told her. "Your ass is full of my black cock."

I was frozen in my chair. I watched as he slowly fucked my wifes ass. He never seemed to quicken his pace. He would just slowly pull out and then steadily push back into her.

It was working on her though. It didn't take long before he had her crying in pleasure as she came from him fucking her ass. She had managed to work two fingers into her pussy as he slowly plowed her ass until she came.

"Huh......huh.....CUMMING again......I'm cumming my...... ooohhhhhh.........ASSSSSSSS!" Maria screamed loud enough that I hoped wouldn't draw attention to us.

Joe began to grunt behind her. "Thats right Maria. Cum with me fucking your tight white ass."

Maria couldn't talk at the moment, all that came out were grunts and moans as her face grounded into the bed.

"You want my cum bitch?" he asked her. "You want me to cum in your white ass?"

Maria was able to moan, "Um hmmm." as she finished her orgasm.

Joe grabbed onto her hips tight and picked up his pace. "Take it slut. Here it comes." Joe told her and held his cock deep in her ass as he came. I could see his ass flex with each blast of cum that he sent into her ass. I stopped counting but I know for sure that he shot at least ten ropes of cum into her ass.

He held his cock in her ass until he was sure he had given her all his cum. He then pulled out and let her fall to the bed in a heap. Maria curled up slightly and I could see her sob softly. I got up to go to her and stopped when I saw her playing with her pussy.

Joe smiled at me and passed towards the bathroom.

I heard the shower turn on and knew I had some time alone with my wife. "Are you ok honey?" I asked her.

"Fine." she moaned. "I feel great. A little sore back there though."

"How could you let him do your ass?" I whimpered.

"I just can't say no to him." she paused as she brought herself to a mini orgasm as we spoke. "And I kind of wanted to do it too. I wanted to feel him stretch my ass like he did my pussy before. It was so hot having him take my ass like that. I hope your not mad at me."

I moved to her and stroked her hair, "I could never be mad at you Maria. I just want you to be happy."

"Thanks baby. I'm real happy right now." she said as she sat up on the bed. I sat with her and held her softly.

Our alone time ended with Joe stepping from the bathroom wearing a robe. He joined us near the bed and was sitting down when someone knocked on the door.

Maria and I looked at each other and then to Joe. He shrugged his shoulders and went to see who it was. I hoped it wasn't someone from the hotel complaining about the noise.

Joe opened the door and asked, "Can I help you?"

Maria and I could not see who it was, but we did hear the response. "Sorry bro. Must have the wrong room. I'm supposed to fuck this dudes wife tonight, I thought it was this room."

Joe looked back at us as it hit us. "It must be Cedrick honey." she blurted out loud enough that he could hear from the hall. "He must have been able to make it after all."

Joe looked at me to gauge my reaction. I just shrugged and looked to Maria. She turned to me, "Would it be ok to let him in baby? I would love to get fucked again."

I looked from her to Joe. He signaled that it was fine if Cedrick joined us. I nodded in approval.

Joe backed away from the door and let him in. Cedrick was just as thug looking as his pictures. He had dreadlocks and baggy jeans that hung below his ass.

As Cedrick saw us sitting on the bed his eyes locked on Maria's naked body. "Holy shit. You fine as fuck girl." he then turned to Joe. "You just been fucking her bro. Dude I would love to fuck dat bitch."

"Yeah man. I just fucked her ass." he said grinning. "Left some pussy if you want to get it though.

Cedrick moved to us and wedged himself between me and Maria, "Outta the way dude." he said to me.

His hands quickly found Maria's tits and he roughly squeezed them. He lowered his head down and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked. He gave her nipple a soft bite and let it out, "Nice to meet ya Maria. Love these titties babe." he said and took her other nipple in his mouth.

Maria didn't say anything, she just leaned her head back and held his head to her breasts. He alternated sucking on each of her nipples while she reached over and tried to snake her hand into his pants to find his cock.

He felt her attempt and let her nipple out of his mouth. "You must want this cock bad huh?" he asked my wife.

"So bad baby." she purred.

He stood up and pushed his jeans and boxers down in one motion. His cock was almost as long as Joe's and might have been thicker. Maria's hand shot forward and took hold of his massive member. She stroked him until he inched close enough for her to take him in her mouth.

Once she sucked him in she attacked his cock. She was slurping loudly on his head as she stroked his shaft. She tried to take him deeper but he was too thick.

Cedrick put his hand on her head and caressed her head as she sucked his cock. I just sat next to her in a stunned silence. He didn't even say hi to her before he started sucking her tits and now she was sucking his cock like a woman possessed.

Joe had taken a seat and was watching just like I was, without the stunned look on his face. He was watching like a man watches a porno, except this was happening live in front of him.

After only a few minutes of Maria sucking him, Cedrick pushed her down on the bed and got between her spread legs.

He quickly pushed his cock into her moist pussy and sank in to the hilt.

"That's it baby." Maria moaned. "Fuck me with your big black dick."

"You really is a slut ain't ya?" he asked. "You took my cock all the way in one shot."

"Yes I'm a slut." Maria shouted. "I'm a slut for big black cock."

My heart sank as I heard her words. There I was sitting on the bed next to my wife as she takes a huge dick and now she is yelling that she is a slut for black cock. I think I created a monster with trying to convince her to try out a bigger dick than mine. I could not compete with their size or staying power.

"Take my black cock like the fucking slut you are." Cedrick grunted at my wife.

"Yes. Fuck me." Maria said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to meet his thrusting cock with her pussy. "Fuck me with your big cock."

I could not take anymore. I had to get up and grab a beer from the overpriced fridge to calm my nerves. I opened the beer and sat back in the chair I had previously sat in while Joe had been fucking Maria.

Cedrick was no really giving it to my wife. He was bouncing her into the bed with each thrust into her now leaking pussy.

"You're gonna make me cum baby." Maria whimpered. "Fuck me and make me cum."

"Yeah baby. Cum for me." he spat. "Cum on this black dick."

I could not believe that this eighteen year old kid was fucking my wife like a champ. He had the same stamina that Joe did. How could he fuck my wife like that and be able to hold back from blowing his own load?

"Right there baby." Maria quivered beneath his thrusting cock. "I'm gonna cum. Don't......stop. So.......FUCKING......OH.......GOD.......FUCK...MEEEEE!!!"

"I can fucking feel it slut." Cedrick told her. "I can feel yo cunt cumming on my fucking cock. Squeeze it baby. Work my cock as you cum."

Maria's hands and closed to white knuckle fists around his back as she came. Cedrick didn't let up fucking until she had settled back to normal after her climax.

When she was finished, he pulled out of her and laid on the bed next to her. "Don't just lay there slut. Climb on and ride this fucking cock." he ordered.

I was stunned that Maria even had the ability to move after how she just came. But as I sat and watched, she rolled over and straddled his cock. She reached down and lined him up with her hole and sank her pussy down onto his thick shaft.

The only think that stopped her was when she bottomed out against his thighs. I looked on from the side as she rocked back and forth on his crotch, her tits jiggling as she did.

Cedrick gave her tits a hard squeeze and then pulled her down to his chest and pistoned his cock into her soaked pussy.

From his vantage point, Joe must be getting a hell of a show. He was starring right at her ass as Cedrick was fucking her. I was somehow shocked when Joe opened his robe and started stroking his cock. He had been fully hard but had not touched himself as he watched the two of them fuck.

I didn't know why he stood up at the time, and was shocked to see him spit in his hand and rub it into his cock. He moved closer to them and sank down to line his cock up to her ass. No. He wasn't going to put in in her ass as she was getting her pussy fucked.

Again I was wrong. He slowly pushed about a third of his cock into my wife's puckered asshole.

She didn't know it was coming and flung her head around to see what was happening. She saw Joe sliding his cock into her ass and laid her head back onto Cedrick's chest.

She whimpered as her ass was impaled again by Joe's cock. She had never had two men at once before and now she was being fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time.

I could not stop myself. I had to switch seats to watch the scene in front of me. I moved to the seat that Joe had just left and fell into it. The sight was shocking to see even though I knew what I would be seeing.

The way her two holes were stretching to take both of their massive cocks was amazing. Her lips seemed to be sucking Cedrick's cock as he tried to pull back from her pussy as if to keep him trapped inside her. Her ass was being pulverized by Joe's even bigger cock.

Maria reached and pulled up a fistful of sheet and clamped her mouth onto it as she screamed into her second orgasm in mere minutes.

From my vantage point I could see her inner lips pulsing as she came.

While she was cumming I saw Cedrick's balls tighten up and knew that he would soon be cumming into my wife's waiting pussy. He wrapped his arms around hers and held her tight to his chest as he thrust one last time into her as he unloaded his cum into her dripping pussy.

The sight of his cock pulsing was so strange to me. Knowing that with each pulse of his mighty shaft he was filling my wife with his seed was hard to watch. What was even worse was that I felt my own penis twitching as I came in my pants without even touching myself.

They had no way of knowing what was happening with me as they were too busy fucking each other. I reached for some tissues and stuck them in my pants to soak up my meager load.

As I turned my attention back to the trio I saw that Joe's balls were now tight against his cock. "Gonna fill your ass again slut." he called out to Maria.

She didn't say anything, just moaned into the sheet that she was still clamping down on.

Joe pushed himself deep into her and unloaded another big load into her bowels. "Yeah....Take my fucking nut bitch." he grunted as he filled her ass with his cum.

After Joe was finished he pulled out and sat in the chair I started in. Cedrick rolled Maria off of him and onto her back on the bed. She lay there with her legs splayed open, giving me a direct sightline into her gaping and cum filled pussy. I could not help but stare at her wide open hole.

I was soon brought from my trance by Joe. "You know John. You should probably go down on your wife like you did last time. It would really help to soothe her pussy after the beating it has taken tonight."

I was mortified at his suggestion. I know I did it last time, but it was disgusting. I didn't want to go down on Maria with another mans sperm in her again.

I looked from Joe back to Maria. She was staring at me with lust in her eyes. She raised a hand and wagged her finger at me inviting me to her pussy. "Please baby. It is really sore. You know how much better it feels after you go down on me."

I didn't want to do it, really. But I found myself sinking to my knees and scooting to the edge of the bed as Maria did the same. I moved up between her legs and slowly licked up from the bottom of her pussy and gave her clit a quick suck.

"Not there baby." she whispered to me. "My hole. I want you to suck my pussy like you usually do for me."

Not wanting to disappoint my wife, I latched onto her open hole and stuck my tongue into her. I was quickly rewarded by and big dollop of cum draining into my mouth. I swallowed it down, cringing as I did so.

I stayed down there, sucking the cum from her pussy until she had another orgasm and added her own juices to the mix in my mouth.

It was hard, but when they decided to keep taking turns with my wife I could not take anymore. I grabbed a pillow and shut myself in the bathroom and tried to get some rest. If you have ever tried to rest with the sounds of fucking in the next room then you know the struggle I faced that night.

I woke up many times. Each time I heard the sounds of my wife being fucked by one of the two men. Many times I heard her as she came from their expert fucking.

I don't know how, but I managed to get some decent rest after many attempts and woke up at seven thirty in the morning. I listened for the tell tale sounds of fucking but couldn't hear anything. Maybe they all passed out from exhaustion from all the sex.

I opened the door and walked out to the bed area. The were out cold in a tangled heap on the bed. I decided to let them rest and took a shower.

As I turned off the water I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the other room. I quickly dressed and went to check on my wife.

I was greeted to the sight of Maria riding Joe's cock and Cedrick getting into position behind her. They were about to tag team her again, only in the opposite position I had watched last night.

Why did I have to always be wrong about these things. I fell back into a chair as I heard Maria shriek, "You can't put it in my pussy too!"

WHAT? Cedrick was trying to put his cock into her pussy while Joe was already fucking her. I know she has been stretched throughout the night but two massive cocks in her pussy at once, no way.

Oh how wrong I was.

"Just shut the fuck up and take it bitch." Cedrick barked at her.

It took a few moments to find the right alignment but I looked on and saw his cock head slip into her pussy alongside of Joe's cock.

Joe lifted Maria up from him slightly to make some room for Cedrick to push further into her. I was floored by the sight of their two cocks pushing deeper into my wifes pussy together. How was she not screaming in pain from the stretching she must be feeling?

They managed to get about half of both their cocks into her when she let out her first howl of pain. At least I thought it was pain, until I heard her panting, "More. Fuck me more. I want you both to fuck my pussy."

Our eyes met after she said this and she mouthed, "Sorry honey. I love you."

I could not believe it as I watched them sink the rest of the way into her pussy. I had to crane my neck to get a better view, and as I saw the way her lips were stretching around their huge cocks my own penis got rock hard in my pants. I don't know why it turned me on so much to see her take them both like that. I wish it didn't but I couldn't help it.

Once they were both deep in her pussy it didn't take long for the friction to have its affect on her. The pressure on her clit must have been intense and caused her to orgasm about a minute after they got a rhythm going.

"Fuck my pussy!" she shouted at them. She tried to egg them on further but her words were unrecognizable in her orgasmic state. Her words only came out as gasps as her face contorted in pleasure.

They kept up their steady pace as they fucked her through her orgasm. They alternated between both pushing in at the same time and then switched to one pushing in as the other slid back from her.

I could tell from their tightening balls that they were both nearing cumming themselves.

It was almost simultaneous, Joe pushed deep and held himself there right before Cedrick did the same to her. From my position at the foot of the bed I could see both of their cocks twitching as they filled her pussy with their cum at the same time.

After they had finished cumming the pushed my wife away from them and got dressed and left.

Maria was a convulsing wreck on the bed. Once we were alone together I sat with her on the bed and raised her to a seated position. I put my hands on her shoulders and asked, "Are you ok?"

"I'm so sore John." she started to sob. "I'm sorry I let them do that."

I wanted to make her feel better and moved onto the bed between her legs.

I was moving towards her pussy to lick her gently when she put her hand down to block me from her pussy.

"Not this time baby. I'm too sore for even that." she told me. "Could you run a bath for me?"

"Sure Maria. Whatever you want." I told her getting up to do what she asked of me.

I had to help her walk to the bathroom and into the tub. I left her to soak and packed our overnight bag.

When I went to check on her she was sound asleep in the tub.

A few minutes later I heard her calling me.

I went to the bathroom and had to help her from the tub. I dried her off and helped her into her clothes.

It was a long, slow walk to get her to the car. She was walking like a broken woman with her legs wobbling and her pussy still on fire from the punishment it had taken throughout the night.

Maria had to take Monday and Tuesday off from work as she was still to sore.

When I got home on Tuesday she asked me to sit with her. "We have to talk." she told me.

I got nervous as she only said this when I did something I wrong. "What is it baby?" I asked.

"I wanted to tell you again that I'm sorry about what happened on Saturday night. After thinking about it for the last few days, I don't want to do anything like that again. I never meant to let it get that far with them. I didn't even enjoy it, well not really. My pussy did, as my clit was being attacked as the fucked me. But the pain is not worth it. I only want you from now on."

"I'm sorry too honey." I told her. "I'm sorry that I brought it up and pressured you to try another man."

"I know." she told me. "I could tell from the look on your face as they fucked me. It was hard for you to watch them do that to me. Can we go back to the way it was before? Just you and my toys?"

"Sure Maria." I pulled her into my arms and kissed her warmly. "If that would make you happy, then that is what we will do. No more other men, just you and me. I love you honey."

"I love you too John."

We held each other on the couch for a long time that evening before cooking dinner together.

We didn't have sex for another two weeks. Her pussy had returned to an almost normal size, well normal from after her first time with Joe. I was able to get friction when we made love and if I could not get her off with my penis, I would use my tongue or her toys to finish the job.

Nothing was more important to me during sex than making sure she reached orgasm too.

Things have been going great with my wife Maria and I lately. After the last time she was with another man, actually two men, she didn't like the way they had double teamed her and she decided to end her extra marital adventures. She told me that she only wanted to be with me and that I would be enough for her. Of course I did still have to use her toys on her to ensure I would be able to get her to climax.

We had been having sex on a regular basis, at least four times a week, I always made sure to get her off however I could. I would occasionally put a small dildo in her ass as I made love to her. When I did this I could feel her pussy clench down on my smaller than average penis. It drove her wild and she would climax every time I did this.

It had been more than five months since the night Joe and Cedrick had their way with her. We spoke about it the day after and she told me that she didn't want to bring it up anymore, that she wished she could forget about that previous night.

We were celebrating my promotion at work and went out to dinner. We splurged and went to a very nice restaurant, the kind of place where you had to were a suit and tie and the women all had to be in a nice dress.

I had a hard time concentrating on the meal since I could not keep my eyes off Maria. She looked stunning in her dress, with her breasts pushed up showing a nice amount of her cleavage. I couldn't help but notice all the stares she was getting from the other men in the place. I even caught the waiter taking a long look down her dress every time he came to the table. Maria didn't seem to notice how he stared at her, although she did seem to push her chest out whenever he would walk by.

When we asked for the check the waiter just dropped it near me, almost dropping it in my lap, as he never took his eyes off her breasts to see what he was doing. As he walked away Maria's chest was beat red, there was no denying that she knew he was looking that time, or that she enjoyed having him checking her out.

I cleared my throat to get her attention, "I thought you didn't want to play those games anymore?"

"Hmm," she trailed off before recovering, 'I, um, I don't. Its just nice to get checked out from time to time. It makes a girl feel sexy."

"I've been checking you out since you came out wearing that dress."

"I know baby." she whispered across the table, "It is different when it is a random guy though. Wouldn't it make your day to notice a sexy woman checking you out?"

"Only when its you." I told her. "There is nobody sexier that could check me out."

Maria reached over and squeezed my hand, "You're so sweet John."

"I have an idea." I said and pulled her closer to me. "How about I take you dancing?"

"But you hate dancing honey." she retorted shocked at my proposal.

"I know. But you like it." I lowered my voice before continuing, "And maybe all those guys seeing you dancing will get us hot enough to bang like newlyweds."

"You're serious? You want to go dancing?"

"Yes." I stood up and pulled her to her feet. "Lets go."

We got to a club and it was packed. There were too many people in line to count.

As we walked past the door to get to the end of the line the doorman reached out and tapped Maria on the shoulder, "You can go right in." he told her and undid the velvet rope.

Maria looked from me to him, "Only if my husband can too." she told him bluntly.

He sized me up and then gave Maria another look from head to toe, "Fine." he said with a shrug.

We walked in and were stunned by the amount of people on the dance floor. There was hardly enough room for any dancing. They were so packed in that everyone was just squeezed together.

Not wanting to get into that mess, we took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. By the time the bartender came back with them Maria had been asked to dance three times. She turned them all down gently.

Our drinks came and we sipped them as we watched the people dancing. After we finished and saw that the floor had thinned out we got up to dance.

Maria is clearly the better of the two of us. I can dance a little, but Maria can move so seductively that it will make you hard just dancing with her. By the time the song ended Maria had her ass pressed tightly to my crotch and was gyrating into me. I had to stay right behind her as we made our way back to the bar so nobody saw the erection in my pants.

As we sat down I leaned close to Maria and had to shout so she could hear me. "You are so sexy. I'm hard from your dancing."

Maria reached out and felt my hard penis through my pants, "Wow, you really are huh?" She kept her hand on me and worked my penis, her breasts were now rising as her breathing became heavier.

I had to grab her hand and pull it away from me, if she kept that up I would cum in my pants. "Why did you do that?" she asked me, her breasts turning red with her excitement.

"You were going to make me cum." I told her.

We were drawn out of our conversation when we heard, "Look who it is. I haven't seen you two in a long time."

We looked up and both froze. Before us was Joe, the man Maria had sex with before. We were both too shocked to say anything. Joe, broke our stunned silence, "It is good to see you both. I haven't seen you checking your profile lately."

I was still shocked by his appearance, Maria was able to speak, "I haven't checked it since that last time. I didn't like the way you two did me like that. I decided to stop that phase in our life."

Joe put his hand on her shoulder, "That is too bad. I was hoping to see you online. I wanted to tell you how sorry I was for how things went down that night. I didn't want to take it that far but Cedrick just decided to do it anyway. Can I buy you guys a drink as an apology?"

"I don't think so." Maria told him.

"Come on." he pleaded. "I really enjoyed our time together and I want to make it up to you. It is the least I can do." He didn't wait for another response from either of us. He motioned to the bartender and before we knew it we each had another glass in or hands.

Taking a sip from our glasses, I knew that it was much stronger than what we would have ordered ourselves.

"You guys really did take it too far that night." I told Joe, struggling to not get angry and make a scene.

"Yeah it did get out of hand." he put his hand on Maria's thigh and slid her dress up her leg slightly. "You may not have like it later, but you did go crazy when it happened." he said to Maria.

Maria looked down at his hand stroking her thigh. She reached down and pushed his hand off her. "You could have stopped it. I enjoyed our first night, but that was way too much the second time." Maria finished off her glass as she said it.

Joe reached passed her and picked up a bottle from the bar and filled her glass again. "Why don't you have another. Then maybe we can dance once for old times sake."

Maria swallowed half of the glass and looked to me. I finished my drink, then said, "Why not baby. It's just a dance."

Maria looked up at me and I could see the haze in her eyes. She gave a slight nod, downed the rest of her glass and stood up. The wine had her tipsy and she stumbled into Joe as he led her to the dance floor.

I watched from my seat at the bar. Maria, once she got on the dance floor began to dance even more sexily than before. She bent over and pushed her ass into Joe's groin right away. Joe held her hips tightly and he even spanked her ass as she ground into him. If she hadn't had the wine I don't think she would have liked that, but in her state she only worked herself even harder into him.

Maria stood up straight and then slowly sank down his body before working her way back even slower. When she was back upright Joe pulled her tight into him and wrapped his hands around her, cupping her breasts as he did so.

Joe gave me a wink as he played with her large breasts on the dance floor. I wanted to get up and go stop them but I had to stay in my seat to hide my erection. It had started to soften before I watched Joe grabbing Maria's breasts and then it got hard again.

The dance floor was filling up again and I lost sight of them in the crowd. I would get the occasional glance of them before losing them once more.

When the crowd cleared again Maria was facing Joe and had her arms around his neck. Joe had his hands on her ass and I watched as he raised her dress up to reveal her black thong. He saw me staring with wide eyes at them and gave me a knowing smile. He spread her cheeks apart and reached a hand between them towards her pussy.

I could tell he found it when Maria's head shot up to look at him. He said something to her and she lowered her head back to his chest as he fingered her pussy.

When the song ended Joe slowly removed his hand from between her legs and slowly lowered her dress back down before giving her ass another smack. He led her back to where I was sitting and they both sat down.

Joe made a point of looking at the erection I was trying to keep hidden under the bar. He snickered at me when he saw that I was still hard. "Tell him what you told me Maria." he said to her.

Maria looked at me and then looked down at the table. "I'm sorry honey." was all she said.

"What is it Maria?"

"I'm so horny right now honey. I want to have sex with Joe tonight." she said unable to look at me as she said it.

"I don't know. Are you sure that is what you really want?" I asked her.

"I need it baby. We were talking on the dance floor and I really want to have sex with him again."

Joe reached over and cupped her breasts right in front of me. "We don't have a hotel room for tonight." I said to her.

"That's ok." Joe said. "We can head to my place. My roommates are gone for the weekend." he motioned for another glass of wine to be brought for Maria.

"If your sure you want this, then I am ok with it." I told her as another glass was given to her.

She swallowed it all in one gulp, "I'm sure John. I need to get fucked tonight."

Joe dropped some money on the bar and pulled Maria to her feet. "You can ride with me baby. You can follow behind us John." he told me pulling Maria toward the door.

I had to hurry to follow them out.

I was able to get to my car in time to follow behind Joe's car.

As I followed behind them, I saw Maria lean down to Joe's lap and knew that she was giving him head as he drove. I was upset that she was doing that for him when she had always told me no when I asked her to do the same for me. That anger however didn't stop my penis from getting hard once again.

I stayed close to his car, following turn for turn.

When he pulled into a driveway I pulled in right behind him. I turned my engine off and was confused when he left his running. My headlights were still on and I could see that Maria was still blowing him. I watched from my car as he put his hand on her head and held her down on him.

After five minutes of waiting for them, my headlights turning off after the first minute, Joe turned off his car and they got out. Joe zipped his pants as he stood from the car. Maria smoothed her skirt down her thighs, but did not rearrange the top to cover her one exposed breasts. Joe must have pulled it out and played with it on the drive.

Maria came to me and gave me a hug. I tugged her dress back in place to cover her breast. Maria leaned up and gave me a sloppy kiss. I opened my mouth to her and felt as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I instantly regretted it. Along with her tongue, Maria pushed Joe's cum into my mouth.

Maria passed his entire load to my mouth and then pulled back from me. I was stunned at her action. I didn't expect her to do that. I figured she would have swallowed his load herself. I did go down on her after he had cum in her pussy before, but this was somehow different.

I swallowed his cum and asked Maria, "What was that about?"

"You ate it from me before honey." she said sweetly. "I just wanted you to join in on the fun like before." As she said it she walked away from me and into Joe's arms.

He guided her into the house leaving me in the driveway. Not wanting to be left behind I hurried into the house with them.

It was a typical young guys house. There were empty cans and pizza boxes in the living room. shoes and socks thrown around. You didn't have to be a genius to know that a few young men were living in the house together.

Joe sat on the couch and pulled Maria down next to him. He turned her head and kissed her hard. He reached a hand out and pulled her dress down to expose her breasts to his groping hands too.

I was still standing in the middle of the room. There were no other empty seats, all of them covered in some kind of mess. I looked on with my excited penis wanting relief. Joe was mauling her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Maria was moaning into his mouth as they kissed.

Joe let go of her tits and tugged her dress up to her waist exposing her thong to me. "Why don't you get her warmed up for me John." Joe told me.

I was unsure of myself at that moment. I didn't know if I wanted to go through with this after all.

Maria could tell I was having second thoughts. "Come on baby. Eat my pussy like you do so good. Get me all wet and ready for Joe's cock."

I just nodded at her and dropped to my knees in front of her. I pushed her legs apart and rubbed her pussy. She was already pretty wet. I could feel her dampness through her thong. I took hold of the sides of the thong and pulled. Maria lifted her butt to allow me to pull her panties down her legs. I dropped them on the floor and leaned in to lick her pussy.

Maria moaned as my tongue made contact. I looked up and saw that Joe had gone back to her tits as I licked her. He was giving her breasts a rough squeeze when I felt Maria's pussy leak some more. Her juices were running right into my mouth as I went down on her. I alternated pushing my tongue into her and stabbing and sucking her clit.

I made up for my shortcomings in the penis department by getting good at eating pussy. I had long ago learned what Maria liked and what drove her wild. It didn't take long, considering how turned on she already was. She reached down and grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face into her pussy. She was thrusting her pussy up into my mouth and held me tight as she came.

Her moans were audible but not discernible with Joe's tongue in her mouth.

By the time she let my head go and I pulled away my face was covered in her love juice. I pulled back and looked up at her. Joe pulled her up with him and I could see red marks from his manhandling of her breasts and her nipples looked distended. Maria pushed her dress and wiggled her hips until it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it leaving it there with the panties I dropped before.

Joe pulled her down the hall and into his bedroom. I stood and followed behind them. There was not much to his room. There was a big bed and a dresser. There was a tv on the dresser and a pile of clothes on the floor.

They sat on the bed and Maria worked on unbuttoning her shirt. She pulled it open and kissed his muscular chest. She then opened his belt and pants and fished out his cock. I still could not believe how big he was. I had seen it on two prior occasions and I was still in awe of his size.

Maria slid off the bed to her knees before him and took his cock back into her mouth. She sucked him loudly, pausing to run her tongue up and down his shaft before returning it to her mouth.

Joe did not want to wait any longer. He pulled her back onto the bed and got her on her hands and knees. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and pushed his black cock into her dripping pussy. She screamed in pleasure as he slowly sank his entire cock into her. When he bottomed out he gave her ass a sudden swat. "Oh fuck. Spank me harder." she moaned to him.

He gave each cheek a harder spank causing Maria to bite down on the sheets. I was still standing at the foot of the bed since there was no place to sit. Maria reached out and grabbed my hand. I felt her pull and sat on the bed next to her.

She looked at me with her glazed eyes. Maybe she would blow me as Joe fucked her. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down, offering my penis and balls to her. "No baby." Maria managed to say. "Just sit with me."

Crap. She didn't want my penis too. I did as she asked and just sat with her. She held my hand tightly as her pussy was being pounded.

I could feel the bed shaking with every thrust he gave to her. Maria was going wild on his cock. She had given up trying to stay on her hands as he fucked her. She collapsed to the bed with her ass up to take his cock. He had a firm hold of her hips and was pulling her back hard to drive his cock as deep into her pussy as he could.

I could tell he was about to make her cum. She let go of my hand and tried to raise herself up, she didn't make it long. As she sank back down her hand extended and she found my balls with it. Her other hand grabbed a fistful of sheets. Her moans turned to throaty grunts and her eyes glossed over even more as her orgasm took her. As she came she clamped her hand on my balls hard. Her grip was so tight that I winced in pain from her grasp.

I tried to block out my pain and stroked her head and hair as she came hard from his intense fucking. I think she came harder this time than any other with him, way harder than I have ever made her orgasm.

I felt my balls being squeezed together and thought I might pass out from the pain. I never thought I would not like her hand being on my balls, but this was seriously hurting.

As her orgasm faded and her grip loosened I twisted out of her grip and fell to the floor holding my balls. After a moment I heard Joe laughing and realized how I must look. I was bent over with my pants around my ankles and I was softly cupping my balls.

I turned and sat on the floor with my back against the bed. My balls were still aching but I was able to let them go.

I felt the bed shaking with Joe's thrusts and wondered how much longer he was going to fuck her. I wanted to get home and ice myself. Maria on the other hand could only think about her next orgasm.

Joe pulled out of her and smacked her ass again. "Turn around and suck my cock. Get all your slut juice off me before I fuck you again."

Maria slowly turned around and scooted towards him. She grabbed his cock and sucked him into her mouth. She managed to take about half of his cock before gagging on his lenght. She backed off and started licking his shaft all over. She would suck on the sides of his cock and then run her tongue up to his tip before sliding it back to the base.

Joe then lifted his cock up, "Clean my nuts too slut."

Maria didn't hesitate to lick his balls. She even took his nuts one at a time into her mouth and gently sucked on them.

Happy with the job she had done, Joe ordered, "Lay down and spread your legs for me."

My neck was hurting from twisting my head around to watch. She did as instructed and laid with her legs spread wide for him. Joe got between her spread legs and pushed his cock back to the depths of her pussy in one long thrust.

Maria cooed and wrapped her legs around his waist. Joe was positioned just right for me to get a good view between his legs of him fucking my wife. I could see her lips stretching around his massive cock. As we would pull away from her it looked like her pussy was trying to keep him inside her.

I watched him pound her pussy and felt my penis stiffening. Getting hard made my balls hurt and made me wince. Even the pain I was feeling could not bring me to look away from the union of his cock and her pussy. It was so sexy the way her pussy clung to his cock as he fucked her.

I could tell by her moans that she was fast approaching another orgasm. Joe was giving it to her good and was also working over her tits again as he fucked her.

I was shocked out of my blind stare by a voice coming from behind me.

"What you got here Joe?" I heard.

My head whipped around so fast it hurt. Two guys around Joe's age were standing there watching the action on the bed. Both of them were black and both were grabbing their cocks through their clothes.

I must have looked stupid to the two young men. Sitting on the floor with my pants around my ankles and watching Joe fuck my wife like that.

Joe said, without stopping his fucking, "This is that bitch I told you about, Maria. The one I met online and got with awhile back. That is her husband John on the floor."

I must have turned many shades of red as he told them that. They both laughed at hearing this.

"Thought you two were gone til Sunday night?" Joe said. I figured out that they must be his roommates.

"They sent us home early. Glad they did too." one said.

The other said, "Damn man. She look fine as fuck. How bout letting us in on that pussy bro?"

"Sorry bro. Not up to me." Joe told them. I was glad he said that. Maria didn't like it when Joe and Cedrick double teamed her before and it sounded like he was going to protect her this time.

Maria grabbed onto Joe's head and pulled him close to her. I could tell that she was whispering something to him but could not hear what she was saying.

Joe listened to her as he slowly pumped her pussy. Maria's legs were still wrapped around him as they whispered.

Joe turned back to them, "Its your lucky day fellas. She said its cool."

WHAT? my brain said. How could she say it was cool. She didn't like it with two men and now it was cool for three men to fuck her.

The two of them moved towards the bed. Joe held his hand to them, "Not like that. One at a time. She doesn't want a double team. If you want to fuck her that is the deal."

Didn't I get a say in this, I thought. She is my wife after all.

The two stopped and leaned against the wall as Joe went back to really fucking Maria. "You want to get fucked good tonight don't you Maria?"

"Uh huh." was her only response.

"Gonna let us take turns fucking yo pussy and ass?"

"YES!" she screamed as a wave of pleasure hit her.

"She take it up the ass too bro." one of them said excited.

Joe didn't respond to him. He was close to cumming and turned his attention back to Maria. He ran his hand up her thigh and down to her ass, pulling her up to his thrusting cock. "Here it comes baby." he told her.

I watched from the floor as his balls pulled tight to his body. He was about to cum inside my wife. Shit, I thought. Was she safe? The other times we had planned a time when she was at a safe point in her cycle. This was unplanned and I had no idea if it was her time or not.

Before I could say anything to stop him Joe exploded. "Take it Maria. I'm cumming in yo tight white pussy." As he said this I could see his cock twitching and pumping as he filled her with his cum.

For her part, Maria now also had her arms around his back and was holding him tightly against her as his cum invaded her possibly fertile pussy.

My mind was twisted in knots at the moment. I was horrified that he came inside her when I didn't know if she was safe, but also I was so excited at watching her be so fulfilled and watch her cum like she did.

Joe held his cock buried deep inside her, letting his cum stay work its way into her.

Maria was breathing heavily and her arms slumped from around him to the bed. She slowly unwrapped her legs from around him and relaxed into the bed.

Joe withdrew from her now gaping pussy, a small trail of his cum stretched from her pussy to the tip of his cock before breaking and falling onto the bed. I looked over and saw Joe's roommates watching in disbelief.

As he stood up, Joe patted me on the head, "You're up John. Do what you do best." he told me.

I was dumbfounded at his demand.

"Go ahead John." he said, "Soothe your wife's pussy."

I slowly crawled onto the bed and approached Maria's angry looking pussy.

"Check this out." I heard Joe telling his friends.

As I leaned down and licked the first stream of cum as it leaked from her pussy I heard the other two going crazy.

"No fucking way bro." one shouted.

"This dude is really gonna eat yo cum from her." the other said.

I was embarrassed at their comments, but me desire to be with Maria won out and I dove into her pussy and sucked out the cum from her.

Maria again grabbed onto my head and pulled me tighter into her gaping and dripping pussy. I licked and sucked for all I was worth and soon had her feeling good. She started gyrating her hips and trying to coax my tongue further into her.

When she started making noise that she might cum soon Joe stopped us. "That's enough John. I don't want her to cum just yet. Let someone else have some fun before she gets off again."

Joe turned to one of his friends, "Your up bro. Let her have that dick. You don't have to worry about taking it easy on this one." he said about my wife. "She likes taking black dick hard."

I turned to see the new guy take his clothes off. He had a good sized cock. Not as big as Joe, but much bigger than mine. He was rock hard and I had to quickly move out of the way to make room for him between Maria's legs.

He took Joe's advice and pushed into her in one hard thrust. Maria let out a grunt as she felt him slide into her.

As turned on as I was I needed a break from the scene in front of me. I pulled up my pants and left the bedroom, closing the door before making my way to the living room. I sat on the couch and put my head in my hands. I wasn't so much angry or hurt that this was happening, it was more like I just wished I could make my wife feel the same way that other men clearly could.

I was lost in my head and didn't know I wasn't alone until Joe sat next to me and handing me a beer. "You ok John?" he asked, strangely sounding like a friend instead of someone who had just had sex with my wife.

"I don't know." I confessed.

"Tough to watch huh?"

"Yeah. I wish I could make her feel like that. And..." I trailed off.

"What is it?"

"This happened out of the blue." I began. "Before we planned it out. We knew that Maria was in a safe period and that it was ok. I don't know if she is safe right now. I don't know if I want to have a family yet. Let alone someone else's."

"Oh shit." Joe said. "She never said anything about that. I just figured it was not an issue." he stood up, "I'll be right back."

He left and went back into his bedroom where his two friends would be taking turns with my wife.

I could not hear what he said but I heard his friends irritation. "What you mean we can't fuck her. I don't want just a fucking blow job. I want some pussy."

There were more comments back and forth, followed by all three of them leaving the room. I heard two doors slam shut and then Joe came back out and sat with me.

"Sorry man." he said. "I don't want nothing like that to happen to you two. They made their choice and didn't want blow jobs, so they get nothing."

I was stunned. "Th thanks." I stuttered.

"No problem. I really do like getting together with Maria, and you are a hell of a man to let her do this with me. I would like to keep seeing her sometimes, when she is safe and in the mood of course. And if it is ok with you."

"I don't know. We will have to talk about it later between the two of us." I told him.

"I understand." he picked up Maria's dress and thong and went back to his room.

A few minutes later they came out to me, Joe helping to support her as she was pretty sore and on shaking legs.

Joe actually helped me get Maria out to our car before shaking my hand. "Talk it over later with Maria." he said. He handed me a slip of paper with his phone number on it. "I would love to get together again. Just me, nobody else."

"We'll see how we feel about it later." I said as I got into the car.

"I meant what I said John. You really are a great guy, Maria is great too. You two are lucky to have each other."

I didn't get a chance to say anything. He closed the door before I could.

I drove away from Joe's place unsure what would happen in the future. At that moment all I could think about was that Joe had cum in her and that there was a chance she could be pregnant.

It turns out that Maria was at the tail end of her fertile period. She told me the next day that she hadn't thought about it until I had asked her.

Thankfully she wasn't pregnant after her meeting with Joe. At least we had dodged that blow.

Now all I had to worry about was whether or not we would have anymore of these adventures or not. As exciting as it is, I'm not sure if I really like it as much when it is actually happening.

Maria and I had to take some time and talk about all of our emotions and decide if we wanted to stay on this path or get back to being just the two of us.

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I started reading before I realized how long this story is. Wow. I'll have to come back to this one but thank you for posting!

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