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How My Life Changed - Part 2

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Sunday was a peaceful day, I merely served as her maid, with no sexual
duties required. On Monday Mary went back to work and I did the laundry, taking
care to starch and iron my blouses and aprons. I hand washed my bra's due to
their lacy trim. Tuesday and Wednesday I vacuumed the house and dusted. I
found that along with cooking the meals, these duties filled my days. Each
night after supper, I took my ' vitamin' pill. How Mary had done all this stuff
and worked too was beyond me. I understood why she jumped at James's idea of
turning me into a maid. Friday morning Mary was very cheerful, her Jimmy would
be here tonight! I was wearing my black skirt, mesh hose, starched blouse and
apron along with the blonde wig. Mary complimented me on my appearance before
leaving for work. I played a bit on my computer, knowing that I was ready for
Master to show up.

About noon, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Master
with an overnight bag. " Good day Master James,", I greeted him with a polite
curtsy. " Hello Carla, I see that you are properly dressed.", he said and
walked into the house. He handed me his bag and told me to take it into his
room. His room? Knowing what he wanted I delivered it to the master bedroom,
then returned to see him lounging in the family room. " Fetch me a cold beer
sissy.", he ordered when I returned. I walked to the refrigerator and got him a
can of beer. When I handed it to him, he reached under my skirt and fondled my
balls. " Lift up your skirt Carla, I want to inspect my bitch."

Holding my skirt in each hand, I raised it to my waist. He gazed at my genitals
for a minute or so, then remarked, " Very nice, I see that you have kept it
shaved like I told you to." " Yes Master, I have obeyed you." was my weak
reply. He stood up and ordered, " Undress your Master." Fearful as I was about
his intentions, defying him would be futile. I let my skirt fall back into
place and unbuttoned his shirt. Next I knelt to untie his work boots and remove
them as well as his socks. I started to rise, but he forcefully commanded, "
Stay down there and continue." From my position on my knees, I undid his belt
and unzipped his pants. With shaky hands, I slid his them down to find he wore
no underwear. I was facing his mighty cock mere inches from my face. He
stepped out of the pants and stood naked displaying his manly body to me. "
Take off your apron and blouse Carla.", he ordered. I obeyed quickly sensing
that he would tolerate no stalling on my part. " Remove the bra too." was his
follow up command. I reached back and unhooked my bra and removed it with the
falsies still in the cups and laid it aside. " Very good, I am horny and think
a blow job from my sissy slut is in order.", he remarked casually. He looked
down at me with scorn and asked, " What's the matter sissy? You haven't
forgotten what to do so soon have you?" No I certainly hadn't forgotten. I
took his big black cock in my hands and kissed the head of it. Then I licked
along the sides before taking it into my mouth. My red lipstick left traces on
him, but he seemed to just get more turned on by that. He reached down,
grabbed my nipples in his fingers and pinched them hard as he thrust himself
deep into my throat. I choked and gagged, but kept sucking.

" Don't worry babe, before I am through with you, you'll be taking my 10" with
no trouble at all. You just need lots of practice." He laughed at his own
sadistic humor. He was tugging on my nipples to forcing me forward to meet his
thrusts. He kept me sucking as he fucked my mouth until he shot a massive load
in my mouth. " Swallow it you sissy slut.", he ordered. Of course, I obeyed
this order. He took a swig from his beer and told me, " Not bad for a new
cocksucker. You learn quick and that makes your Master happy." Still kneeling
there with tears streaming down my cheeks and my hands holding my sore nipples,
I managed to mumble, " Thank you Master." He looked at me without pity and
commanded, " Crawl around behind me and lick my ass to thank me for my trouble."
I was stunned by this demand and begged him, " Please Master , please don't make
me do that." He reached down, removed his belt from his pants and with a
menacing glare told me, " My orders are not negotiable. I give the orders, you
merely have to obey them."

James grabbed my by my neck and lifted me to my feet. Sitting down on the
couch, he pulled me across his lap. He was so strong my struggles were futile.
He said, " If you were a man I would have hit you with my fists, but since you
are a sissy cocksucker, I'll spank you like a naughty child." His belt struck
me so hard across my right ass cheek that I yelped with pain. He then stuck the
left cheek a similar blow that made me beg for mercy. " Please Master, no more,
I will do whatever you tell me to." He tossed me to the floor saying, " Very
well, but remember that this was just a taste of what I will do if you don't
obey." Although I couldn't see them, I knew he had left two welts on my poor
bottom. He stood up, turned around and commanded, " Ok, now lick my ass." My
tongue tentatively licked his ass cheek. " Not like that, use your hands to
spread those cheeks and lick between them.", he demanded. My spirit was
completely broken by now, so I spread his cheeks and licked and kissed his
asshole. He was still sweaty from the drive to get here and it was grossly
degrading, but he still held the belt in his hand. He laughed at me as I
slavishly licked his asshole. Finally satisfied that he had demeaned me enough,
he let me stop. " No need to put that uniform back on Carla, just put on a
nightie and relax a bit. Keep the heels on though, they make your legs look
nice." Meekly I replied, " Yes Master, thank you sir." Walking away
remembering to put a wiggle in my ass, I went to the bathroom, washed my face
and reapplied lipstick. I took off my skirt and hung up my blouse. I wondered
about the bra, but decided that if he didn't like it, I would go without. After
regaining a small amount of composure, I went back out wearing only my black
nightie and high heels and no wig.


James was still sitting naked on the couch finishing his beer. He loved to
flaunt his manly body to keep me aware of my own puny one. He got up, walked
out to the pool and dove in. He swam a dozen laps of the pool and then relaxed
in the floating lawn chair for an hour or so. When he was ready, he walked back
into the house grabbing the towel I was holding for him. " I'm going for a
shower now.", he announced. When he finished his shower and dressed, he came
back to the family room. He was wearing a tight pair of slacks and a white
T-shirt that showed of his muscles. I could see why Mary was attracted to him.
He sat and watched ESPN on the television to pass the time waiting for Mary to
get home. I busied myself in the kitchen, getting their meal prepared. Mary
had requested that I prepare a fondu supper for them tonight. Cutting the
steaks into cubes, preparing the salad and making the dips filled up my time
waiting for her to come home from work.

Mary walked in from the garage and greeted James with a big kiss. " Oh
Jimmy," she exclaimed, " I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since
you left." He hugged her close and replied," Likewise my dear, I have missed
you so much." He kissed her again, then added," But, a few more weeks and that
job will be done and I won't have to leave town." She hugged him expressing her
glee with his announcement. She noticed me standing there holding a glass of
wine for each of them and remarked, " Carla that is very thoughtful of you, but
what happened to your maid outfit?" I just blushed and handed them their wine.
James said, " Carla kept me entertained while I was waiting. I got here a bit
early." Feeling grateful that he didn't go into detail about how I had done
that, I merely said, " Supper will be served in fifteen minutes or so Mistress."
They sat on the couch and chatted about their time apart, while I heated the oil
and lit the candles on their table.

The fondu meal had always been one of our favorites for special occasions,
and now she was sharing one with him and I was waiting in the kitchen. They
cooked cubes of meat, sipped wine and talked for over an hour before they were
finished. They were clearly enjoying each other's company and would soon be
enjoying each other's bodies. The prolonged meal was part of the foreplay.
When they left for the bedroom, I cleared off the table and cleaned up the
kitchen feeling very left out. When James called out," Carla, get your sissy
ass in here.", it came almost as a relief. I hurried to their bedroom as fast
as those high heels would carry me. They were both naked when I entered , and
James merely pointed at his cock. His meaning was clear, so I knelt in front of
him and began sucking his cock. He quickly became rock hard and pushed me aside
to mount Mary. This was to be our routine, I had deduced. I would suck him
hard, and lick them clean afterwards. Mary grabbed my left nipple and pulled me
to kneel beside the bed while they had sex. The motions of their coupling were
transmitted through my nipple, in effect, we were having a threesome. They
finally finished their lovemaking, I licked their genitals clean and they
dismissed me.

The next morning, I woke up hearing Mary swearing like a sailor. " Damn it!
I've looked forward to this for two weeks and now I get my period!" James
reassured her, " Don't worry baby, sure it's a disappointment, but we will have
many more times for sex." She replied, " But, I wanted this weekend to be so
perfect for you." She saw me looking in the door, smiled and said, " I know,
you can use Carla this weekend. You made her dress like a woman, now you can
use her for your pleasure." James looked at me standing there in a short black
nightie and high heels and said, " Carla is a virgin in her ' pussy' isn't she?"
Mary giggled and replied, " Not quite." James asked, " Not quite, what do you
mean by that?" She told him, " A girl has to have some fun while you're away.
I used my dildo on the sissy." James roared with laughter at hearing her
confession. When he stopped laughing, he remarked, " That would be something
worth seeing, you screwing Carla." Mary told him, " I'd be happy to
demonstrate, but I think you'd get more satisfied if you screwed her." He
looked at me standing there smiled and said," Well this is an emergency of sorts
and the old saying is ' Any port in a storm.' ." He beckoned me to come to him
and pointed to his cock. I knew what that meant and knelt before him and took
his cock into my mouth. " Hmmm nice," he praised me, then ordered, " Get it
nice and hard Carla so I can fuck you." The thought of his mighty cock invading
my ass was repulsive to me, but I didn't dare stop sucking. As soon as he was
very hard, he pushed me back, moved behind me and ordered, " Stand up, spread
your legs and put your elbows on the bed." When I obeyed, Mary moved behind me
and put some lube in and around my asshole. She advised me," Just relax dearie,
this is what you always wanted me to do for you, now you can do it for me." She
was correct in that statement, I had often requested anal sex from her, but she
always refused. James didn't wait to see what I wanted, he started shoving
himself into my ass. It hurt at first, but he took his time so I could adapt to
the invasion. When he was completely in me he withdrew part way and quickly
shoved it home again. He was soon fucking me with vigor and holding my nipples
to guide my movements. I was rocked back and forth helplessly until he finally
reached his climax and shot his load deep inside me. " Bravo Carla." Mary
cheered my submission. He pulled out of me, leaving me exhausted. Mary noticed
that I had come while being screwed and she exclaimed, " I see our sissy likes
getting fucked by Jimmy too, she had an orgasm." I blushed with shame for
having been used like a slut and still showing evidence of being turned on.

James told me, " Back on your knees slut, it's time to lick me clean."
Weary though I was, and with his semen leaking from my ass, I knelt in front of
him. What I saw was a slimy black cock with small bits of my fecal matter on
it. " Lick it clean bitch." he demanded. Despite my revulsion, I obeyed him
and licked it clean. He told me," Good girl, but at least for the rest of this
weekend I suggest that you give yourself an enema and keep your ' pussy' greased
up." I merely replied, " Yes Master." Mary helped me to my feet saying, " You
did well girl, now go get cleaned up and I will make the coffee this morning."
I gave a polite curtsy, then left to clean my inside as well as the outside of
my body. Once in the basement bathroom, I filled the enema bag with warm soapy
water, hung it from the shower curtain rod, inserted the nozzle in my slimy
asshole and released the clip. Kneeling on the floor with the liquid flooding
my insides was gross, but, I realized that it would clean me out and make
licking him clean after the next rape much easier. When I could no longer hold
the liquid inside of me, I sat on the toilet and expelled it. A nice warm
shower helped me to feel clean again. I dried myself, put on a clean nightie,
freshened my lipstick and stepped into my heels. I was ready to rejoin them.

James heard the click of my heels as I entered the kitchen and called out,
" Get yourself a cup of coffee and join us Carla." I poured myself a cup of
coffee and then went to sit at the dining room table with them. James told me,
" Relax sissy, now you are my bitch, and I treat my bitches well." I noticeably
relaxed, so he said, " As long as you serve me cheerfully and quickly, there
will be no need for me to inflict pain on you." Mary added, " Jimmie can be so
sweet if you keep him satisfied." Sitting there feeling very used, I never the
less nodded and smiled cheerfully. I had already decided that degradation was
better than pain. Mary continued, " You may be feeling like you have been
mistreated, but your orgasm gave your true feelings away. You enjoyed being
Jimmie's sex toy. You were meant to be a sissy slut dearie." I timidly
replied, " Yes Mistress, but I used to be a man." She laughed and told me, "
Yes, but you weren't much good as a man. You didn't make much money, you
couldn't satisfy your wife sexually, and didn't even have a manly body." I knew
now that she was right, although before James showed up I never realized my
shortcomings. " Now look at you dear, you keep the house nice, cook pretty
well, and satisfy us sexually as a woman. Wouldn't you rather be a successful
woman than a failure as a man?" I nodded my head, conceding to the logic of her
argument. James chipped in, " That's a good girl, accept your lot in life and
you will be much happier." " Yes Master James." was my response. Then he told
me, " Master James is so formal, you may call me sir now that we're lovers." I
said, " Yes sir, thank you sir."

They sat and talked with each other while I fixed a nice brunch for us. We
ate together and then Mary got up and handed me a grocery list. " Go to the
store and pick up the items on this list Carla. You can wear your new pink
slacks and blouse. Better wear the padded bra and a wig too. You do want to
look nice when you go out in public dearie." It was bad enough to dress like a
girl at home, but out in public alone would be much worse. I went to my room
and dressed as she suggested, took my purse with the cash she handed me and
drove myself to the market. Since I had never been there before, it took me some
time to find everything. I felt very out of place and ill at ease dressed as I
was. I paid for the groceries, loaded them in the car and drove home feeling
much relieved. James helped me carry the bags into the house like a gentleman,
but it was up to me to empty them and put the stuff away. Mary was pleased with
my performance, but told me, " Now dearie, be sure that you keep a list of
things you need for next time you go shopping." I merely answered, " Yes

By the time the groceries were all put away, it was time to start supper, so I
changed back into my nightie and put on an apron. They watched a movie from our
DVD collection until supper was ready. When I told them that supper was served,
they once again allowed me to eat with them. We had a pleasant meal with nice
friendly conversation. Once it was finished, I cleared off the table and
cleaned up the kitchen. They watched another movie, so I went to their room and
lubricated my ass, just in case James was horny again. I served them a couple
of rounds of drinks during the movie as they were cuddling together.

They watched the nightly news and Saturday Night Live, before heading off
to bed. I was sitting in my room reading when they summoned me. James Called
out, " Carla baby, come in here." When I walked into their bedroom, they were
laying naked on the sheets. " Take off your nightie and heels and lay here
beside me sissy." " Yes sir.", was the only response open to me. I slipped the
nightie over my head, dropped it on the floor and stepped out of my heels.
Crawling on the bed beside him, I knew what he wanted me for. He quickly pulled
my head down to his cock saying, " Suck it bitch, get me good and hard." I was
getting good at this by now, and quickly sucked him hard. He grabbed my hair
and pulled me back to lay flat on my back. He got to his knees, lifted my legs
over his shoulders and forced his way inside me. " Smile bitch, and keep
looking into my eyes.", he ordered. He was quickly fucking me hard and fast.
Mary held my hand and urged me to enjoy myself. James told me, " Move your ass
bitch, I'm doing all the work here and moan like you love it." I began
thrusting up against his thrusts and moaning like a slut to please him. His
sneer soon turned into a smile when he shot his load deep inside me. Once more,
I had an orgasm while being fucked like a girl and shot my load onto my stomach.
Mary scooped up my semen, put it in my mouth and made me lick her hand clean.
James withdrew his softening cock from me and put it to my mouth ordering, "
Lick it clean sissy." I was now very glad that I'd given myself that enema, as
there was no particles of shit on his cock this time. When He was satisfied, He
turned off the light and rolled over to go to sleep. I lay there for a long
time thinking. It had been years since I had come twice in the same day as a
man, but today I had done that while in the female role. Perhaps being their
maid and sex toy was what I was designed for.

The next morning I was awakened with James shoving his cock into my exposed
ass. He humped me for quite a while before he again brought us to simultaneous
orgasms. He kissed me on the neck, patted my ass and went to the bathroom.
Mary told me, " Time to fix breakfast dearie, I think bacon and eggs this
morning." Despite feeling very well used, I got out of bed, donned my nightie,
slipped into my heels and went to the kitchen. I put on the coffee, then went
to the bathroom to wipe away the goo leaking from my ass. I freshened my
lipstick before returning to cook. Three fried eggs over easy for James and one
for Mary along with orange juice, toast and jelly made up their breakfast. As
soon as the coffee was done, I delivered a cup to each of them. Mary thanked
me, James just nodded his head. I told them that breakfast was ready, so they
took their cups to the dining room. After I had served them their meal, James
pointed towards the kitchen, so I went in there to eat alone. I refilled their
coffee a couple of times and cleared off the table.

They walked naked out to the pool to go for a swim, I hurried out with
towels for them. They sent me back to bring them cocktails. Clearly they
considered me back in my maid role now. Only a couple of hours ago he had
screwed me, and now he only had eyes for Mary. They enjoyed themselves swimming
and sitting by the pool most of the afternoon. I gave myself an enema,
showered, lubricated my ass and touched up my nail polish before starting
supper. They walked in wrapped in their towels and holding hands. When they
sat at the dining room table, I served their supper. Since they made no offer
to join them, I ate in the kitchen. Once they'd finished eating, James decided
that he'd better get going. " Carla, come in here.", James ordered. I went to
the dining room and saw him stand up, drop his towel, and point to his cock. He
smiled and said, " Just a quickie this time my sissy bitch." I knelt before him
and sucked his cock until he shot his load into my mouth. He patted me on the
cheek and said," Good job girl, you learn fast." He got dressed, picked up his
bag, kissed Mary goodbye and left. As soon as he drove away, Mary gave me a big
hug and told me how proud she was of me for pleasing her Jimmie this weekend. "
It was so nice of you to take my place, but you will only have to do that during
my periods.", she told me. " But Mistress," , I pleaded, " Couldn't he have had
anal sex with you, instead of using me?" She looked at me sternly and replied,
" Don't be silly dearie, you know I don't do anal sex." She walked off to her
room, leaving me standing there dumbfounded.

Our life continued in this pattern for two more months, Mary went to work
and I kept the house. My hair had grown longer by now and Mary had styled it
into nice feminine pixie cut. My breasts had grown noticeably and I now would
fill a B cup bra. James would spend every other weekend with us, making love to
my wife and dominating me. The weekend his out of town job was finished, he
moved in with us and became truly the man of the house. Weekdays they both left
for work leaving me to tend to the household chores. Cleaning the house and
doing the laundry was routine for me by now, but the grocery shopping still made
me feel very uncomfortable. Going out in public dressed as a female was far
more difficult than wearing such things at home. They usually came home around
6:oo pm, and I planned supper accordingly. Each night they still had sex, with
me sucking James hard before and licking them both clean afterwards. I was used
to this routine by now and no longer felt degraded by providing this service.
At least I was being included in their sex play. The weekends were filled with
more emphasis on sexual activity and often involved me giving James a blow job
on demand. He never seemed to run out of sexual energy. Mary smiled and
laughed a lot these days making it clear that he satisfied her needs much better
than I ever had. Since I loved her so much, I was delighted to see her happy,
and had come to realize that being a maid was easier than working at that fast
food joint. James still intimidated me, but as long as I was cheerfully
obedient, he treated me decent.

A couple of weeks after James moved in he told me one Sunday morning that
he had some of his friends coming over to watch football and that I should
prepare some munchies for them. He warned me, " Don't you embarrass me in front
of my friends Carla." I assured him, " No Sir, I will be very obedient and
serve your friends with a smile." Wearing my black skirt maid outfit, I
answered the door and escorted each of the arriving guests into the home theater
room. There were two couples and five single guys that showed up. The white
wife of one guy and the black wife of another went to sit and talk with Mary,
the men congregated in front of the big screen television. I served them each a
beer, and then passed around a tray with finger food. It was very humiliating
to serve these men wearing a maid outfit. One of them fondled my ass as I
walked by him and told James, " Nice maid you have Jimmy." I blushed when Jimmy
replied, " Yes and she's very obedient too." To emphasize his statement he
ordered, " Lift your skirt Carla and show my friends how you keep yourself for
me." Turning crimson, but afraid of incurring his wrath, I lifted my skirt to
expose my shaved genitals. " Damn Jimmy one of them said, you sure know how to
train a husband." Another guy asked, " Does she service your friends too?"
James Laughed and told him, " Not yet, but if I decide to allow it, I'm sure she
will." He looked at me and asked," Isn't that right sissy?" All I could do is
meekly answer, " Yes Master James." They all had a good laugh at my expense.
My humiliation was complete. Standing there in high heels, holding my skirt up
and exposing my small equipment in front of these men made me realize how far I
had sunk. The rest of the afternoon I alternated between serving the three
ladies and the six men. Even Mary had me expose myself to the other two ladies.
The black lady felt my genitals and remarked, " Cute, tiny, but cute." If such
a thing had happened to me before James arrived, I would have been embarrassed.
Somehow that didn't bother me as much as doing that in front of the men. I
suppose I knew that the women had no desire to use me, whereas a couple of the
men would have if James had given his approval. Men can be such animals.

The afternoon seemed to last forever before the games were over and they
all sat down to eat the meal I had prepared. Laughter and happy chatter seemed
to be the dominant theme as they ate. As I served each course, a couple of the
single males felt me up. I merely smiled sweetly and moved on, being very glad
that James hadn't given them permission to use me. Even though he had changed
my life completely, he was my protector. After they finished their meal, they
started leaving and I helped those who had worn jackets put them on. I noticed
James in private conversation with the two single guys who had molested me.
Even though they occasionally pointed at me, I ignored them. When they had all
left, I cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. James summoned me to
their bedroom to perform my nightly sexual duties, which were by now, as regular
a part of my life as nightly prayers for many people.

There came a time close to my wife's Birthday when James wanted to take her
to Las Vegas for a long weekend. I was left at home alone, feeling neglected.
Just as they were leaving, he told me, " Stay dressed sweet Carla, a couple of
my friends may be coming by to keep you company. They were very taken with you
on the football weekend." " Yes Sir.", I replied. The entire time they were
gone, I was in fear of the doorbell ringing. His friends would be using me as
their gay whore. Serving James as his bitch was more than I wanted, let alone
being used by virtual strangers. Saturday night about 11:00 pm, they showed up.
Both of them had been drinking, probably to get their courage up to use me as
their woman. I had showered, shaved, given myself an enema, and lubricated my
ass with KY jelly, just in case. Nevertheless when the doorbell rang, I opened
it with much trepidation. They never even introduced themselves, just shoved me
inside and took control. Against two big black men I knew I was powerless and
decided to please them and have them leave quickly. It turned out to be an
ordeal from hell for me.

The first thing they had me do is to get them a drink. They whistled at my
wiggle as I walked away. They sipped their drinks and one of them told me, "
Take off your clothes sissy, I want to see your naked body, leave the shoes on."
I shuddered, but stripped of all my clothes except for my heels. The second man
asked me, " Do you like cookies girl?" It was the first friendly thing either
of them had said to me, so I smiled and said, " Yes Sir, I do." He laughed
loudly and told me, " That's good because we are going to make an oreo of you."
My puzzlement must have showed, because he quickly added, " Black at both ends
and white in the middle." Inwardly I was shocked, but I managed to smile
weekly. " Since you're naked, it's only right that we should be naked too." the
first one said. They both stood up and took off their clothes. They both had
muscular bodies and were well hung too. The first one pointed at his cock and I
went over and took it in my mouth. He chuckled and said, " Jimmy was right,
this bitch is well trained." As soon as he was hard, he ordered, " Turn around
and grab your ankles sissy, it's time to get a dose of this black snake." I
bent over and grasped my ankles. As soon as I was in the position, the other
man moved in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. At almost the same
instant, the first man shoved his erect cock up my ass. There I was naked,
holding my ankles with a big black cock in either end. The thrusts of the man
behind me shoved the cock in my mouth deeper, and the thrusts from the man in
front shoved me back onto the cock in my rear. They kept me rocking helplessly
back and forth between them until they both came, shooting their semen into my
mouth and ass. " What a sissy bitch you are Carla.", the man at my rear said.
The front guy told me, " Get us another drink honey." When I stood up to get
their drinks, he noticed tears running down my cheeks and said, " Don't cry
slut, we'll play some more in a bit." Feeling weak and very used, I hobbled to
the bar to make them each another drink with their laughter ringing in my ears.

The two men sat drinking and had me alternate between them licking and
sucking their cocks while they talked about me as if I weren't there. After
they'd drained their glasses, one of them ordered, " Assume the same position as
before bitch." I obediently grabbed my ankles as they stood up. Saying, " It's
time for a change.", the guy who had used my ass stood in front of me. The man
who had fucked my mouth stood behind me. " Hell, this bitch is still leaking
your come.", he told his friend. Once more they subjected me to that
involuntary ride, being pushed forward and back by their thrusts. This time it
lasted longer before they again shot their seed into me from both ends. Despite
the humiliation of being used as their whore, I also had an orgasm during this
dual rape. They noticed this and commented about how I must have loved it too.
" Jimmy wasn't kidding, this bitch likes getting fucked.", one of them said.
The other man agreed with him. They made me get down and lick up the spots of
my semen from the carpet. " Cleanliness is next to godliness.", one of them
said and they both laughed at his wit. When I got back up, he grabbed me by my
nipples and said," You have small titties sissy, maybe I should stretch them for
you." Even though it hurt to have him pulling on them, I replied," Yes sir,
thank you sir." The other man noticed my erection and said, " Look, she likes
that." I was lifted to my tiptoes by my nipples and ordered, " Play with your
clit sissy, we want to see you spurt for us." To end the pain, I began stroking
myself furiously. ' Come Carla, Come.", they chanted as I pumped my small cock.
When the second man shoved his finger up my ass, I came, shooting my load on the
floor. He released my nipples and I fell to the floor exhausted, holding my
hands to my tortured titties. " Lick up those few drops you managed to spurt
slut.", one of them ordered. I obeyed.

" Lead us to your bed Carla,". One of them demanded. I walked to my room
with them following me. One of them said, " Shit, look at those pink curtains,
this bitch is really into this sissy stuff." They had me lie between them in
what was a crowded double bed. During the night, they fondled me and slept. I
was too afraid to sleep much, but finally dozed off. I was awakened in the
morning being pulled to a sitting position by my nipples. " Good morning
honey.", they greeted me. One of them ordered, " Go take a shower, douche and
fix your hair. You look a mess." I Stepped into my heels and went to take a
shower. After the cleansing enema, the hot steamy water felt good. I
lubricated my ass in case they were horny this morning, brushed my long hair and
applied a fresh coat of lipstick. While I was putting the red lipstick on, one
of the men came into the bathroom and said, " Very nice, but something is
missing." He spun me around and took the tube of lipstick from my hand. He
painted each of my nipples bright red and stepped back to admire his work. "
That's much better, now fix us some breakfast." I went to fix them a meal of
bacon, scrambled eggs , toast and coffee, while they showered.

They both came to the table naked, which I thought was a bad sign. I
served them their food and they began eating. The guy who had painted my
nipples told me, " Come here oreo and jack me off into your mouth while I eat."
I got under the table and started stroking his cock with the head pointed into
my open mouth. He quickly got hard and I stroked harder and faster wanting to
get this over with as quickly as possible. It didn't take long before he
spurted his seed into my mouth. I swallowed his semen and started to get out
from under the table. The other man said, " My turn sissy, I'll have the same
thing as my buddy." I merely turned around and took his cock in my hand to
repeat the disgusting chore for him. As degrading as it was to be milking their
cocks into my mouth, it was still preferable to playing 'oreo' with them. They
finished their breakfast and let me out from under the table to clean up. One
of them said, " Well it's been fun, but I'd better get going." Since they had
both come in the same car, the other man agreed and they went to get dressed.
By the time the kitchen was clean they were ready to leave. They thanked me for
the great time they'd had and then one of them said, " I'll have to ask Jimmy if
he'd lend you to us again." The other man added, " We could have a few other
men over and you could serve us all." My heart sank at the thought of being the
center of a gang bang. They noticed my discomfort and laughed at me. They each
grabbed one of my breasts and fondled my ass with the other hands. " Don't fret
Carla, the way you come while being screwed, you'd be coming dry shots in the
first hour.", one said. They were still laughing as they walked out the door.
I sat on the floor and cried from the mixture of shame and fear I was
experiencing. As I cried, I cupped my breasts in my hands to comfort myself. I
thought it felt good to have breasts and to be desirable, but hated the
exploitation that accompanied them. Men didn't care a bit about my feelings,
just their own satisfaction. I stroked my small cock for a few minutes, but
then realized that it didn't get hard anymore. This realization made me start
crying all over again. Even if I did leave her, where would I go? Surely no
woman would want me and men would just use me. With no money, only female
clothes to wear, and looking like a freak, they knew it was safe to leave me
alone. Where would I go?

Monday and Tuesday mornings I slept in late, did some housework and wasted
time playing on my computer. Tuesday evening James and Mary walked into the
house laughing, a display of the great time they'd had. Upon sighting me
wearing my red skirt, white blouse, red heels with a starched white apron, James
asked, " Did you miss us Carla?" I replied, " Yes sir, it was lonely without
you two here." He frowned and asked me, " Didn't my friends show up." I
replied, " Yes Sir they did." He asked, " Did they use you for sex?" My pent
up emotions came bursting out and I started crying as I answered, " Yes Master,
they made me an oreo, black at both ends and white in the middle." James roared
with laughter upon hearing this, but Mary took me in her arms to comfort me.
She hugged me close to her and consoled me saying, " My poor sissy, don't cry.
We're home and you're safe now." She hugged me and talked soothingly to me
until I stopped sobbing. Her actions made me realize that she still loved me,
although not as before James came into our lives. James told me, " I'm pleased
that you entertained my friends Carla, and to show my gratitude you may service
me now." I gladly said, " Thank you Master.", and knelt in front of him, I
unzipped his pants, pulled out his lovely cock and took it into my mouth. It
felt comfortable and familiar to be sucking him rather than strangers. He
fondled my breasts as I worshiped his cock. It felt good to be serving such a
man, even as his sissy slave. He soon shot his semen deep into my throat and I
swallowed every drop. James being satisfied, he said, " Good job girl, you may
now jack off for us. You deserve a climax too." I fondled my small cock for a
few minutes, but it wouldn't get hard. Mary noticed my frustration and decided
to help me to get things going. She sucked on my left breast and shoved one
finger up my ass. James joined in by sucking on the other boob. With this
stimulation I got enough of an erection to manage to spurt a few drops of come.
They both applauded as I licked my come from my left hand. James commented, "
It seems the only way Carla can come now is by getting fucked, it's kinda sad."
Mary agreed saying," Yes it is, but now she can experience sex as a woman,
getting satisfaction by pleasing her man." A tear ran down my cheek as I
realized they were right. I no longer functioned as a man in any way. Carl was
gone and I was now really Carla.

They directed me to make some popcorn and serve it to them as they watched
television before going to bed. When I delivered the popcorn, I also brought
Mary a glass of wine and James a gin and tonic. They thanked me and told me
that I could turn in for the night. When I undressed, I noticed a bit of
5o'clock shadow in my pubic region and knew it was time to shave again. That
could wait until morning I decided and put on my nightie before climbing into
bed. The knowledge that I functioned best as a woman removed most of the
humiliation from what I did in serving them. I slept like a baby that night.

Wednesday morning was a routine weekday. I got up and fixed their breakfast
and stood by until they left for work. Then I took a shower, shaved my body,
put on my makeup, fixed my hair and put the laundry in the washer. I cleaned up
the kitchen and vacuumed a couple of rooms, then relaxed a bit by playing on my
computer. I switched loads and loaded the dryer before lunch. Changing the bed
linens took awhile, but had to be done. I puttered around the house for the
rest of the day, putting away the laundry and doing some dusting before starting
to prepare supper. I was a contented housewife doing her duties with a smile.
My life had been changed forever, but I was content.

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